Massive cobra slithers into guy’s window, and all he can do is film it

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Major ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ spoiler may have found its way into this comic


The Star Wars franchise isn’t just about movies. Its attendant novels, comics, and games have always been important too — especially since 2014, when all new publications became part of official Star Wars canon. These days, all tales from the galaxy far, far away tie into each other in subtle ways under the guidance of the Lucasfilm Story Group. 

And that’s why you should be paying attention to Darth Vader, a new comics series by Marvel. In Darth Vader #2, published this week, we’re introduced to an old Jedi vow that may well explain why Luke Skywalker went missing before The Force Awakens — and steal some thunder from Luke’s tale in this year’s The Last Jedi.  Read more…

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Plastic pollution in the ocean is officially everywhere, even Antarctica


Given Antarctica’s extreme location on the bottom of the Earth, scientists long believed the continent was free from the plastic pollution tarnishing the rest of the world.

But not even this remote expanse is safe from our crap, a new study shows.

Plastic debris was far worse in the Antarctic than expected, researchers from University of Hull in England and British Antarctic Survey said this week. Levels of microplastics in the region were five times higher than what you’d normally expect to find from local sources, such as research stations and ships.

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MLB wants you to sit through an entire baseball game in VR


Some media analysts are convinced VR video will soon be big—even though most people still haven’t tried on a VR headset yet. 

That isn’t stopping players like Major League Baseball (MLB) from jumping into a new partnership with Samsung to provide users with all the baseball-related VR content they can handle. 

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On Wednesday, the two announced the collaboration, which will initially give Samsung Gear VR users access (via the device’s app) to 20 VR video experiences that take fans behind the scenes of MLB sports events. 

But what about live events in VR? In a separate deal announced earlier this month, MLB launched a series of live games Samsung Gear VR users can watch via the Intel True VR app. And while this all sounds great in terms of pushing VR forward, I’m skeptical about the chances of VR and professional baseball being a match.  Read more…

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‘Sea of Thieves’ is the funniest pirates game I have ever played


My first time playing Sea of Thieves, it took me all of one minute to figure out how to equip the mug of grog — i.e. “pirate booze” — in my inventory and drink it.

I then spent the next five minutes trying, unsuccessfully, to join my crew aboard our ship. They watched in bewilderment as I drunkenly stumbled off the dock and into the water, repeatedly.

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The real kicker, though? The ladder was only accessible from the water. When I finally reached the end of the dock without falling in, I still had to dunk myself in order to climb aboard. Oops. Read more…

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What’s coming to Hulu in July 2017

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10 major clues you might’ve missed in the new ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer


The new Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer is here just in time for Summer Solstice, and it’s packed with clues about the conflicts — and alliances — we can look forward to when July 16 arrives.

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The White Walkers were conspicuous by their absence in the first Season 7 trailer, but they’re back with a vengeance in the new promo, which sees Jon Snow and his wrecking crew battling the wights, while the rest of Westeros’ inhabitants glower ominously at each other. 

But as Jon points out in the trailer, the noble families of the Seven Kingdoms used to be united, and they’re going to have to get back on the same page toot-sweet, because the Night King didn’t come to play, he came to win. And we all know what happens when you don’t win.  Read more…

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Watch this majestic eagle swipe bait from fisherman in slow motion

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The internet thought Chrissy Teigen was pregnant thanks to this tweet


Chrissy Teigen caused quite a stir on the internet with a single joke on Twitter. 

Damn how’s my embryo gonna be in debt before it’s even born

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) June 20, 2017

The model, who has been outspoken about her struggles with fertility, was referring to the storage fees for the eggs she had frozen.

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However, some people seemed to have missed that very important first tweet sent Tuesday and only caught Chrissy’s second one.

PAY YA RENT, embryo!!!

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) June 20, 2017 Read more…

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