White House staff wants to vet Trump’s tweets —good luck with that


President Donald Trump’s tweets cause crises so often we’re all just like, “Oh hey, there goes Donny T again, haha,” as some company he doesn’t like takes a stock hit or he suggests that maybe he records people who come to the Oval Office. The White House knows this is a problem. Next week, some staffers are going to try to put a stop to it. 

The world wishes them the best of luck. 

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The Trump administration is reportedly considering a host of operational changes that may take effect soon after the president gets back from his first overseas jaunt. One of those is reportedly having his tweets vetted by a team of lawyers.  Read more…

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Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron should just get matching jackets already


The seemingly already robust friendship between Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron is the toast of the internet after the two shared a nice moment in an Italian garden this week. But honestly? It’s time for these two to take their friendship to the next level.

Matching jackets. 

You know, there’s nothing like a light coat to stave off the wind as you stand on a terrace and discuss how great it is to be the politicians who are hotter than the other politicians. And decorative jackets can be fashionable, too! Just think of all the potential pins and patches.

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Elsewhere in Europe, America’s dad Barack Obama went golfing


While President Donald Trump stumbled through Europe shoving foreign leaders and showing off his wife’s $51,500 coat, former president Barack Obama is off in Scotland enjoying a leisurely round of golf. 

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Per The Guardian, America’s dad played a round at the Old Course at St. Andrews ahead of a charity dinner in Edinburgh, where he was set to address attendees. Obama arrived in Europe on Thursday, flying into Berlin to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel before heading to Scotland on Friday. 

He is, almost certainly, having a better time than his successor. Fore! Read more…

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French officials investigating if Apple devices played a role in 2016 EgyptAir crash


French officials have opened an investigation into the possibility that a deadly Egypt Air crash in May 2016 could have been caused by a fire resulting from two Apple products overheating.

The report comes from French paper Le Parisen (via Business Insider), which says French investigators are pursuing a theory that a pair of mobile devices – a iPhone 6S and an iPad Mini 4 belonging to the plane’s first officer — may have been plugged into an incorrect socket.

This, they suggest, might have led to the overheating of the devices and, thus, a fire in the cockpit that spread and brought down the plane which was traveling from Paris to Cairo.  Read more…

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RIP Scott Disick and Bella Thorne’s true love, May 2017-May 2017


Bella Thorne tweeted, “Legit nothing trolololo.” And with a keystroke, the greatest love story of our time fizzled away.  

After 10 whirlwind days, reality television star and dude who’s paid to be at nightclubs Scott Disick, 34, and Famous in Love star Bella Thorne, 19, are no longer canoodling. Not in Hollywood, not in Cannes, not anywhere at all. 

Here’s a timeline of their doomed famous not-quite-love, in which we will refer them by couple name BeSick. 

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May 15

BeSick are first spotted together on a dinner date. They hit up a few bars after the meal and the next morning, everyone who reads the news feels hungover.  Read more…

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Tea Party group tweets support after Republican body-slams a reporter


When a Republican congressional candidate body-slammed a reporter, one Texas Tea Party group celebrated on Twitter. 

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The Northeast Tarrant Tea Party tweeted “BODY SLAM EVERY JOURNALIST #Gianforte” the day after Montana Republican Greg Gianforte was charged with assaulting Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. The alleged body-slam broke Jacobs’ glasses after he was thrown to the ground. The incident was witnessed by other reporters and caught on tape, which made for some intense audio. Regardless, Gianforte ended up winning the election.  Read more…

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Reporter’s reaction to Disneyland’s new ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ ride way better than ride itself


Being a reporter for the local news basically means you’re the station’s guinea pig — which can be both terrible and amazingly fantastic, especially for those watching along at home.

Much to the dismay of hardcore fans, Disneyland recently revamped its beloved Tower of Terror ride, changing its theme to Guardians of the Galaxy. The park invited some media outlets for a first look, which means ABC 30 reporter Cory James got to test out the ride for a segment.

His reaction ranged from screaming bloody murder to maybe almost passing out. Big plus: It’s more entertaining than watching the ride itself.  Read more…

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NATO spouse photo includes a male leader’s husband for the first time


If we can take our eyes off of Trump’s horrifying shove for one second, we can see that something really amazing happened at the NATO conference yesterday.

While their significant others attended a gathering as part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization conference in Brussels, Belgium, the wives and partners of several NATO leaders gathered for a dinner and group photo opp. For the first time, the group was joined by a man – husband of Luxembourg’s first openly gay Prime Minister Bettel, Gautheir Destenay. 

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The inclusive moment marked a huge moment for LGBTQ representation. Read more…

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Saturn’s hexagon-shaped jet stream spins and changes colors with the seasons


Storms in space can take many forms. 

From Jupiter’s planet-sized cyclones to Earth’s spinning hurricanes, our solar system is filled with raging tempests of all shapes and sizes. 

But perhaps the most beautiful weather feature in the solar system is found on Saturn. 

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The ringed planet plays host to a photogenic, hexagon-shaped jet stream that circles a giant storm in the planet’s north pole. 

A new gif showing the movement of the north polar hexagon shows off the Cassini spacecraft’s view of the rose-tinted jet stream on April 25. This was just before the probe made a dive between the 1,500-mile-wide gap between Saturn and its rings.  Read more…

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