Tools For Installing Quartz Countertops In Phoenix

How To Install Quartz Countertops And The Tools Used

new quartz countertops installed in phoenix homeQuartz countertops are created from walnut and resin binders, they are a popular option to solid rock countertops like granite and marble that are frequently utilized in high-end home settings. Quartz countertops are produced from a manufactured substance and are a lot more affordable than the marbles and granite you’ll find out there on the market. The resin on the counters provides additional waterproofing, reducing the requirement to seal the quartz countertops and reducing maintenance requirements. Installation of Quartz is a simple procedure requiring little cutting of the actual counter and some gluing and positioning. We buy the best Quartz countertops Phoenix sells in their local market, and no real special installation tools are needed, general contracting tools typically get the job done. For many DIY homeowners, this can be accomplished in a day or two depending on the size of the counters you are trying to install. Here are some tips of the trade to help you get your quartz countertops installed in a timely manner efficiently.

Four Basic Steps To Installing Quartz Countertops Phoenix


• First, like anything else you install, accurately measure the area where you would like to install the countertop using a measuring tape. Buy your quartz slab to match the dimensions as close as possible to prevent the need to cut the quartz countertop to match the space available. Make note of some backsplash ideas if you decide you want to install that also.

• Next, test place the countertop into the measured area by installing the counter as you will be doing permanently. Take into account any additional space for cabinetry. Leave space in the back to allow for the mounting brackets of the countertops. If trimming is necessary to match the space available, then mark cutting lines using a tape measure and carefully make your cuts. Be sure you double check the measurements before you start. Once you cut, you can’t go back. Fortunately, there are scrap yards that stock miscellaneous pieces of quartz countertops phoenix contractors dispose of.

• Spray the quartz with water to cool the saw blade. Wear a pair of work gloves and safety goggles to guard against potential quartz chips. Use a circular saw with a diamond blade attached to decrease the potential damage caused to the quartz countertops. Begin the cut out of the edge of the counter in a clockwise direction, pushing the blade across the line gradually with minimal pressure. Let the blade work it’s magic, just guide it, and let it cut through the quartz for you. Keep the surface of the countertop moist by spraying it with water as you move along till you have completed the cut you want. Examine the new cut against the space you will be installing it in. Make sure that the dimensions are accurate.

installing quartz countertops in az home• Mount the backsplash into the wall with construction adhesive brushed on the rear of the backsplash using a paintbrush. Examine the degree of the backsplash using a carpenter’s level and make any alterations necessary. Apply a coating of the building glue to the tops of the cabinets in which the countertop will lie and across the back of the countertop where it moves against the backsplash. Put the quartz countertop on the cabinets and slip it back from the backsplash. Fill out the seams between the backsplash and the countertop with silicone caulk and then wait immediately for the caulk and glue to dry.

Installing quartz countertops is not difficult if you take the time to do it right. Hiring a professional is always suggested, but you can do this yourself if you take the time to learn the process and have patience when completing the project. New countertops can turn an outdated kitchen or bathroom into a refreshing area in the home.

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Gardening Tips And Tools For Pest Control

10 Ways to Maintain Pest Control In Your Garden

pest and rodent control for your garden

There are plenty of rodents wondering amongst the shrubs in Arizona, so how do you keep your Garden free of them, and what tools should you use to accomplish proper pest control? Some of them are cute, but it’s not cute when they start munching on your freshly planted vegetables and chow down on your cactus root. Like it or not, these pests are not selective about what is yours and what is theirs. Your lawn and garden are a part of a bigger system, and it’s called the great outdoors. The animals were there first, now you need to eco-friendly ways of protecting your gardens from these Arizona pests.

While it’s not possible to make your garden 100% pest-proof, here are a couple of ways to minimize the nibbling and live peacefully with the wild rodents and pests of the Arizona desert. Here are some tips from our friends at Green Home ( that has plenty of experience handling rodent and insect infestations.

#1 Find Out What The Pest/Rodent Is

Picking the right type of pest control will be easier if you know what is destroying your garden, maybe you need a trap and relocation mechanism, or maybe you need a trap that exterminates the rodent completely? Rodents that seem to create the fastest damage are rabbits, deer, and groundhogs. You can look for signs on the shrubs themselves to help better identify what it is that’s eating away at your garden. Deer can leave trails in the dirt and bite clean snips on crops or rip away at woody plants. Rabbits make sharp cuts on plants and might leave pellet droppings. Groundhogs leave big mounds of dirt 10″ to 12″ in diameter at the entry point of their burrows, typically eating greens, not woody shrubs. Birds peck holes in fruit or sneak it before you even know it is ripe.

#2 Fence The Garden In

Fencing is the most successful (and at times only!) way to keep unwanted rodents and pests out of your garden. Put a fence up from day one to keep them from discovering the food source at the first place. A fence that is a couple of feet tall will do the job for many rabbits, even, however, persistent bunnies and groundhogs may dig under. To stop that, bury it about 10″ deep. Chicken wire, hardware cloth, or bunny fencing would be the cheapest alternatives for smaller mammals. A stake post that is at least 4 ft tall will do the job for many deer looking to jump over and grub on your garden. However, if your area is overrun by deer, then you might need one that is 8 feet tall. Vinyl bird netting can be placed over trees with edible berries a few weeks before they ripen, to safeguard the fruit.

#3 Pick Plants The Animals Don’t Like

pest eating plant leafs in gardenEasier said than done. But if you know beforehand that there are roaming deer and rabbits wandering the property than a little research before planting your garden is highly recommended. When they are hungry enough and competition for food is large, animals will consume anything. But there are particular types of plants which are less attractive than others, particularly plants which are highly aromatic, fuzzy, or have prickles. Look around your area to find out what’s fared well, speak to nurseries, and consult some local farmers that have had success or battled the same pests in their gardens.

#4 Protect Your Plants

Those new nursery plants, that are pampered and fertilized until you purchased them, provide yummy, tender new growth. Whether a plant is yummy or a deterrent to creatures has to do with all the nutritional supplement and compounds a plant generates. Plants recently bought from a nursery are superior in quality and are a preference for roaming animals. The animals can sense those micronutrients, and they are naturally attracted to them. New plants can’t take as much grazing harm as established plants, so fence off your new plants to protect them from the rodents and insects that may sense the new crops. Having proper pest control in place will be important for the survival of your young plant life.

#5 Elevate Your Plants With Risers

At times you may be able to eliminate the nibbling from rodents by elevating containers or planting in raised garden beds. A raised bed two feet or taller will restrict rabbit damage, and stop most smaller rodents from jumping up into the raised containers. While this is not necessarily pest control, it does act as a deterrent.

#6 Do Clear Out The Surrounding Foliage

If you can, allow the grasses and shrubs around the borders of your lawn/yard to go a little crazy. When there are other varieties of plant life available, your garden won’t be as appealing. Animals will not be as inclined to come out to your garden and expose themselves to predators when they can find food to eat in the outer perimeter. They would rather eat sheltered than in the open, so give them the option.

#7 Keep Your Mulch Contained

Open mulch piles attract all sorts of animals that then find the other delicacies growing in your garden. Use an enclosed compost bin with a lid to keep rodents and pests away. And should you feed your pets outside, make certain to bring their bowls indoors after they eat so that you won’t attract unwanted rodents and pests to your property.

#8 Scare Them

Metallic streamers, or bird tape, or an old-fashioned scarecrow can keep birds out of your garden, even though you may need to relocate and adjust daily as the birds wisen up. You can not let it just sit there. Otherwise, as soon as they get used to it, this technique loses its effectiveness. Also, try motion-activated sprinklers or lighting to detour rodents from your yard.

pest control - rodent repellent#9 Repellants Work

Odor repellents are an option and can be sprayed on crops to keep animals away. Taste repellents can be sprayed on plants as well. When ingested these repellants create a foul experience and detour rodents from nibbling on your plants.

#10 Take It All In And Relax

The weather patterns change year to year, temperatures change, and life happens. Take a look around, make note of the changing earth that surrounds your property and understand it for what it is. Relax, don’t let pest control consume you, make an effort, move things around if needed, but don’t stress about it. After all, isn’t gardening supposed to be a stress reliever?

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Plastic Surgery Procedures Performed On Celebrities

In today’s world, where social media rules and celebrities are emulated and worshiped, it is no surprise that many of us regular folk strive to look like our favorite celebs, even to the point of having plastic surgery to do so. Have you ever dreamed of having a more voluminous bust line or a perfect pout, on par with your favorite stars? Simulated perfection is as close as the nearest plastic surgeon.

So which famous people have the most coveted body parts, according to plastic surgeons? Well, much depends on who you ask, but the following celebrities are named most often when people decide they want to change a feature—or features—to improve their looks:

Jennifer Aniston’s name is often mentioned when women visit the plastic surgeon. Known for her youthful, girl-next-door look, many women ask for the “Aniston nose” as well as Natalie Portman’s nose and Nicole Kidman’s nose. A skilled surgeon can determine if the nose shape you request fits with the rest of your face, otherwise, no matter whose nose you have, you won’t be happy!

Men also request rhinoplasty, the technical term for a nose job. Men often request the noses of famoplastic surgeryus gents like Ben Affleck, and Ryan Reynolds but truth be known—a nose like theirs doesn’t suddenly transform you into a superhero!

So what’s it take to achieve a sniffer like your favorite actor or actress? Undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure can include removal or addition of bone or cartilage, skin grafting, and essentially ‘molding’ the nose to a new shape. Performed by a surgeon, the procedure can be complete either in an outpatient setting or in a hospital for more complicated procedures. Expect a nose job to set you back anywhere from $3000 to $6000.

With a steady rise in popularity, butt lifts and butt implants are all the rage. Which famous ladies have the best backsides, according to the inquiries received by plastic surgeons? It looks as if Kim Kardashian derriere has eclipsed that of beauties Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé—but just by a shadow. And how can you have your very own Kardashian? Either a Brazilian butt lift, where fat is transferred from another part of your body to your rear or with the insertion of butt implants. Both will enhance the roundness and fullness of your backside, but it comes at a cost: the procedures start at around $4000 not including additional fees.

Another very popular plastic surgery procedure is breast augmentation. Many women seek breast augmentation surgery to fill out their form or to even out their proportions. As far as celebrities with envied assets, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Simpson are oftentimes mentioned as having the perfect balance of fullness and firmness while not appearing too fake. The newest twist on breast augmentation is much like the Brazilian butt lift, where fat from another part of the body is siphoned off and injected into the new site. Expect to pay anywhere from $3000 to approximately $10000, depending upon the doctor’s experience, the type of materials used for the implant, and assorted costs, including anesthesia.

Want to have pillow-y lips like Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie or Kiley Jenner? Prepare to spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars for lip augmentation fillers to several thousand dollars for synthetic lip inserts or fat grafting. Lip augmentation can be achieved by using any one of several dermal fillers such as the popular Restylane and Juvederm. These fillers can plump up your pout but not permanently. To achieve an everlasting look, you’ll need to go the lip implant route, like the silicone lip implant PermaLip, or to have fat grafted from another part of your body and injected into your lips. It is recommended that you try the fillers first to ensure you love the plumped up look before you decide to permanently change your appearance.

If you are looking for perfect cheekbones, look no further than superstars Jennifer Garner, Beyoncé, Ashton Kutcher or Will Smith—they are the celebrities with the most sought after cheekbones. Accentuating your cheekbones will give you a younger, more contoured appearance to your face. But be prepared: silicone cheek implants will cost you a few thousand dollars.

Want amazing abs but don’t want the hassle of working out? A few options can possibly give you a six pack like Janet Jackson, Fergie, or Channing Tatum, the most requested sets of abs on the planet. To achieve the envied abs, you can undergo an abdominal etching, a form of liposuction that gives you a flat, tight stomach with greater muscle definition. The surgeon removes excess fat, and then creates grooves in remaining fat layers to simulate the appearance of toned abs. The other option is abdominal implants that are designed to replicate the look of the six-pack, and they can provide an even more defined appearance than abdominal etching. Hopefully, you’ve been saving your pennies; the average cost for abdominal etching runs about $6500 while abdominal implants cost upwards to ten grand.

Obviously, many famous people have appealing physical features, ones that regular people pay good money to try to duplicate. Plastic surgeons everywhere caution their patients trying to mirror their favorite star’s look: these procedures will not change your life; just your appearance. Don’t expect to be starring in movies after receiving a nose like Jennifer Aniston’s or landing a promotion just because your breasts are as ample as Scarlett Johansson’s—it just doesn’t work that way. And recognize that while your doctor—while skilled and aptly trained, no doubt—is not a magician. Keep your expectations realistic. Take, for instance, people who were born with beauty, and decided to forge ahead with plastic surgery anyway. Heidi Montag, for one, was a gorgeous girl who opted to have ten plastic surgery operations in one day—and morphed into a Franken-babe. She regrets all her surgeries and says she will always feel like Edward Scissorhands from the movie of the same name. Kenny Rogers, of “The Gambler” fame, gambled on a facelift to look younger for his kittenish wife and wound up discontent with his outcome. Just goes to show you, you can have fame and money, but it doesn’t guarantee the outcome of your plastic surgery. Be careful; do your research and keep your expectations in line.


Questions To Ask a Moving Company

Just like trying to find a new job or a loved one’s passing, moving can be a really stressful period in an individual’s life. Many professional moving companies understand this and thus attempt to create their clients moving expertise stress-free and exciting. They eliminate each negative emotion by managing every intricate feature of the move. Moving mid-month, instead of the start or end of this month, can save you a significant quantity of money. The majority of the movers are incredibly active towards the start and end of this month. But prior to employing a plumber execute a background check to ascertain their reliability. A few of the questions to ask a plumber before hiring their support include:

Do they have testimonials?

It is very important to seek the services of movers from Lawton, OK which have over a dozen references. Additionally, the mover ought to be eager to provide you contacts of those references. When you get in contact with several of these, you may discover their expertise in the palms of the agency. You need to avoid as far as possible to employ services of unidentified businesses. Small businesses can be well worth the time in case you check them out. The ideal supplier ought to have offices in your region. Additionally, they need to have been operating for at least 5 year.

Can they tackle an in-house quote?

You shouldn’t select an organization which purports to provide cost estimates over the telephone or through email. In-house estimates permit the service provider to find out the quantity and weight of your products before making up a trusted price. Moreover, learn in the firm whether the cost quotes are binding or non-binding. Low prices don’t necessarily imply low closing bills with a flat-rate quote. Moreover, learn what the prices include to assist you consider alternative courses of actions to decrease the bill. You have to understand that a great standing equals to great rates because nobody gets excellent reviews and wins awards by overcharging.

Will the firm be tackling the movement or will it employ a subcontractor?

It is extremely important to understand who will be managing your merchandise to be able to take on a careful history check to the service supplier. When the movers use a subcontractor, request their name, contacts and location. The standing of this subcontractor is something which you might have to learn as you can’t afford to entrust your precious items to somebody that has a suspicious character. By studying the neighborhood small business agency and client testimonials, you may find out more about the support supplier.

Will the relocation need particular arrangements?

To browse the city roads, movers from Lawton are time to time needed to transport things from a bigger truck to the house. This often impacts the expenses of moving and raises the odds of precious items being ruined. For that reason, it’s very important to discover if any special arrangements are needed.

Advancement In Digital Hearing Aids Helping Seniors

Today everyone uses credit/debit card to make purchases online or in store. Same thing applies when someone is choosing to buy electronic hearing aids, be it middle aged people or seniors. People of this generation have the capability as well as the wish to use the internet easily, which enables them to study hearing-aid technologies on their own.

Back in the days, when patients required changes for their digital hearing aid, or discuss any problems concerning the hearing-aid efficiency, they had to travel to an audiologist’s or representative’s office. The audiologist would makes adjustments along with the patient would abandon the office, trying out the new options in the world out. Each time a change is needed, an individual would need to revisit the audiologist’s office and perhaps spend cash in an event the vendor limits the number of changes that are free, or could require a substantial amount of time.

However, hearing-aid technologies has transformed, and programming computer software is accessible that may be used by both the buyer or the audiologist. Patients can decide to plan the system themselves within their own properties utilizing customer-pleasant computer software, where the hearing aid could be altered for the individual, or else they can have the programming PC software deliver the results of queries through the internet to the audiologist’s office. This newest hearing-aid technologies, enables the software to be much more user pleasant and more intuitive than plans before.

earThis latest alternative in hearing-aid technologies is of excellent gain to several of today’s tech savvy middle-aged people. It allows them to be more earnestly a part of their electronic hearing aids – especially these fascinated in being capable to function with programming computer software that runs on their computers. Additionally, they will not have to take faraway from time function to visit an office for changes. Should they do have queries about changes or hearing-aid engineering, they are able to simply select up the telephone and contact the seller for mo-Re info.

Another big change in hearing-aid technologies is the support versions don’t require the same method that is fitting from the past. Older digital hearing aids at the same time as some that are nonetheless obtainable today require to be fit together with the development of a silicon mold. Today, seniors with gentle to average hearing reduction can make the most of new electronic hearing-aid engineering and and buy open-match and speaker-in-the-ear hearing aids. These gadgets may be placed on anybody’s ear with no need to get a custom ear mold. With really minor tweaks to the bodily human anatomy of the hearing-aid, an open match could be customized for the person. By enabling sound to to feed to the ear-canal unprocessed by the help, and after that combining it with indicators that are amplified, fit aids that are open block or don’t occlude the ear canal.

Unlike generations before them, middle-aged people are much more comfortable obtaining details about digital hearing aids on the web or on the telephone, other than face-to-face. Consequently, they might never go to the office of an audiologist at any given point in the getting method. Instead, they’re able to begin by studying articles that are educational and found on the internet talking about hearing support technologies. They’re also able to call different audiologists to request queries – equally particular and basic – before building a purchase.

That also might be done on the internet when it takes time to acquire electronic hearing aids. They finally make the purchase on the web or within the phone after which can get several costs before creating a decision. As formerly mentioned, today, buyers get tech support team on the phone, or can alter their electronic hearing aids online.

If you’re located in the Oklahoma City market- here’s direction for one of the best places to get your ears checked.

Foundation Repair Tools

Tools Needed For DIY Foundation Repair

foundation repair - injecting solutionsFoundation repair can consist of multiple processes and multiple tools. Depending on the severity of the damage done to the foundation, a simple fix could be required, or a more sophisticated approach may be needed. Having the proper to knowledge to repair cracked or damaged foundation is only part of the remedy, the other part is having the right tools. Below I will list 5 tools we recommend using when repairing your foundation. If you are not a DIY individual and do not intent on repairing the foundation yourself then consider hiring a foundation repair contractor.

• Low Pressure Crack Injector System

If there is a crack in the foundation, you will need to inject to properly fill the crack. It’s possible that while injecting you will notice that the injection solution is leaking out the other side of the wall. If this is the case you will need to seal that side up before proceeding with any more injections. Sealing the other side will also prevent water, insects, rodents, and any other exterior element from penetrating the wall barrier into the interior of the structure.

• Injecting The Proper Solution

Identifying what solution you want to inject into your foundation will be extremely important. Various solutions provide various results and depending on how you want the foundation treated this will be important to determine. Do you want a flex in the crack or are you looking for a more solid result that doesn’t allow that foundation to move? There are injection solutions on the market for everything. Some solutions will react with water, while some expand in water. Some will stop water, while some react and bond with it. Contact your local hardware store and ask an expert for assistance when purchasing your injection solution.

• Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiver is commonly used in foundation work, both for new structures and for the repair of existing structures. There is carbon fiber mesh material and carbon fiber sheets on the market for whole wall repair, and carbon fiber staples for crack repair. Carbon fiber is a great tool to have and works best in conjunction with other foundation stabilization products and systems.

• Wall Bowing Toolsfoundation repair - bowing walls in the basement

If you conduct business or live in a region with concrete block foundations, you will need to have a solution for bowing walls. There are several systems on the market that accomplish the same thing, however personal preference comes into play for most of it. Typically to repair bowing walls you will want to choose an interior steel beam system or an exterior wall anchor system you should have a solution to fix bowed walls.

• Underpinning

Underpinning is an important skill to have when repairing foundations. Make sure that if you are offering underpinning to your list of services that you have the proper training and certifications in place for you and your employees. Every manufacture offers proprietary installation instructions and training for their products.

With Full Self-Driving available on demand, be wary of any and all Teslas

In the past week, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta program went from about 2,000 select drivers testing it to almost any Tesla owner in the U.S. willing to cough up at least $200.

U.S. drivers make up at least half of the more than 1.4 million Teslas worldwide, so there’s a lot more opportunity to encounter someone with the hands-free, not-quite-autonomous driving mode engaged. Other drivers likely won’t know when a nearby Tesla has FSD is turned on, but if they see one struggling on busy city roads, that might give fellow motorists and pedestrians a clue.

The electric car company released last week a monthly $199 subscription option for open access to the feature that auto-steers, -accelerates, and -brakes, all while the driver looks at the road ahead, hands on lap, ready to take over. Hopefully.

During the FSD beta period, which launched in October, only a carefully selected group of early adopters had access to the feature. Now anyone who has bought a Tesla vehicle made since 2015 qualifies to use the powerful driving assistant. Hardware limitations on some early Tesla models mean they can’t upgrade to use FSD. But the majority of Teslas in the U.S. were produced and bought in the past few years, so if you see a Tesla, it’s almost certainly eligible.

Tesla has made it clear that drivers must be paying attention, but there’s no driver monitoring system or sensors to enforce proper behavior. It’s a frightening prospect. At least with Tesla’s simpler Autopilot driver assistance feature drivers have to keep hands on the wheel at all times. That’s not the case with FSD mode.

As Consumer Reports published this week, the review publication is “concerned that Tesla is still using its existing owners and their vehicles to beta-test the new features on public roads.”

It sure seems like Tesla owners are part of a precarious experiment. During a recorded drive in downtown Chicago, funky street markings and atypical lane dividers threw off the not-so-autonomous system. Other videos have flooded in this week, like one taken in San Francisco that shows the car hitting a bush and almost colliding with another car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is well aware of Tesla’s “advanced driver assistance system” and requires anyone using FSD to stay in control at all times. The regulatory group doesn’t consider FSD (or its simplified version, Autopilot) an autonomous system.


14 Tesla features your regular car definitely doesn’t have

But it also doesn’t require Tesla (or other carmakers with advanced driving systems like General Motor’s Super Cruise) to mark or indicate that the mode is on. When a Waymo or Cruise autonomous vehicle turns the corner, it’s clearly marked that it’s a self-driving vehicle. With Tesla, not so much. That could be a Model Y with FSD engaged, or not.

Until the NHTSA forces Tesla to make clear that FSD mode is turned on, assume any Tesla could be driving under robot control.

How to create a Group Session on Spotify

Friends enjoying their group session on Spotify!

If you want to listen to a new album or podcast with all your long-distance besties, and you don’t want to just hold your phone up to your speakers, try creating a Group Session on Spotify.

Last year Spotify unveiled Group Sessions for Spotify Premium users. Group Sessions allow Premium users to listen to music or podcasts simultaneously with up to five friends who also have premium accounts, no matter where they are in the world. All users in a group session can pause, play, skip, and queue music.

Follow the steps below to listen to music at the exact same time as your friends.

How to create a group session on Spotify:

1. Open Spotify

2. Play a song

3. Tap the icon in the bottom left hand corner

Tap the icon in the bottom left hand corner.

Tap the icon in the bottom left hand corner.
Credit: screenshot / Spotify

4. Scroll down and select “Start Session”

Tap "Start Session" to create your group listening session.

Tap “Start Session” to create your group listening session.
Credit: screenshot / Spotify

5. Have friends scan the Spotify code or invite them via text message

The Spotify QR code is found in a brown rectangle at the bottom of the session and scanning it will add a user to the session. The other way to add friends to the session is to tap “Invite friends” to share the URL to the group session over text message. You won’t get a notification when someone joins your group session, but you can see if anyone is in your group session at anytime by tapping the computer and speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Select "Invite friends" to message your friends the link to the group session or have friends scan the QR code to join.

Select “Invite friends” to message your friends the link to the group session or have friends scan the QR code to join.
Credit: Screenshot: Spotify

6. To end a group session tap the icon in the bottom left hand corner again scroll down and select “End session.”

Tap "End session" to end the group session.

Tap “End session” to end the group session.
Credit: screenshot / spotify

Try out other fun Spotify features!

How to connect an Xbox controller to your iPhone

You can play iPhone games with one of these.

Since it’s always in your pocket, purse, or hand, there’s no question that an iPhone is a much more convenient gaming platform than any PlayStation or Xbox could ever be. But that convenience comes at a price, especially for those of us too old to have grown up using touchscreens.

Simply put, some games are just plain better with a controller. You can play Fortnite with a touchscreen, and many people do, but come on. That can never be as precise as aiming with analog sticks, which itself is admittedly not as precise as a mouse and keyboard. But something is better than nothing, and if you have a wireless Xbox controller lying around, you can connect it to an iPhone with almost no effort. Here’s how.

Make sure you have the right controller first

If your Xbox One controller looks like the one on the bottom, you're good to go.

If your Xbox One controller looks like the one on the bottom, you’re good to go.
Credit: xbox

This may seem obvious, but you need an Xbox controller that’s actually compatible with iOS if you want to use it for mobile games. Apple’s support website lists the four Xbox controllers that fit the bill, but unfortunately, this actually isn’t quite as simple as it should be. If you’ve got one of these, you’re golden:

  • Xbox One Wireless Controller with Bluetooth (Model 1708)

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2

  • Xbox Adaptive Controller

  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Series S/X edition)

You might be wondering about the “Model 1708” designation on the first option. That distinction exists because the controllers that shipped with the Xbox One console at its launch in 2013 didn’t have Bluetooth functionality. Microsoft didn’t build that into Xbox One controllers until the Xbox One S revision came out in 2016, so if you have an older Xbox One controller, it won’t work with your iPhone.

As demonstrated by the photo above, you can tell which is which by looking at the plastic that surrounds the Xbox logo button at the top of the controller. If it’s the same plastic texture as the part with the face buttons and the analog sticks, it has Bluetooth. If it shares a texture with the plastic surrounding the shoulder buttons and triggers, it does not.

Put simply, if you got an Xbox controller after 2016 or so, you’re fine. If not, it’s time to upgrade. The good news is that this is, by far, the most confusing thing about connecting an Xbox controller to an iPhone.

As easy as pairing headphones

If you know Bluetooth, you'll be fine.

If you know Bluetooth, you’ll be fine.
Credit: Jakub Porzycki / NurPhoto via Getty Images

By now, you’ve probably gathered that Xbox controllers connect to iPhones via Bluetooth. If you’ve ever connected anything to your iPhone with Bluetooth, you already know how to pair an Xbox controller, even if you don’t think you do. It’s the same as connecting a Bluetooth speaker or a pair of headphones.

Hold the Xbox logo button to turn the controller on. From there, hold the Bluetooth pairing button (situated between the two shoulder buttons on the top side of the controller) to put the controller into pairing mode. Open the Settings app on iPhone, navigate to the Bluetooth menu, and scroll down until you see the controller on the list of available devices for pairing.

Tap it and, God willing, it should pair with your phone. See? Easy. You can do the same thing with a PlayStation controller too in case you were wondering. Whether or not your favorite games will actually support the controller will vary from game to game, but if they do, congratulations on entering a world of more precise controls for your mobile games!

Unbound’s Pep is a great vibrator for beginner and experienced users alike

Pep in melon/violet.

As online consumers, we’re hit with waves of enticing branding every day — and many of us are understandably wary. We’ve fallen for too many Lisa Frank-esque social media posts and packaging only to find out that the actual product doesn’t live up to the hype.

These disappointments, however, make it that much sweeter when the quality of a company’s branding does match the quality of its product. Unbound’s newest sex toy, Pep, is one such product.

Unbound, the online sex toy retailer founded in 2014, has a pastel pink website and pastel toys to match with cutesy names like Puff and Stellar. The company’s Instagram account, boasting 150,000 followers, showcases its Gen Z-focused style with scrapbook photo layouts and cunnilingus memes.

Pep, which launched on July 15, is designed for beginners, and the reasons for developing the introductory toy were twofold, according to Unbound CEO and Co-Founder Polly Rodriguez.

Unbound’s team used customer feedback to develop Pep

The pandemic caused a spike in sex toy sales and ushered in first-time users, for one, and Unbound’s first beginner sex toy, Bean, left customers with something to be desired. It was too big for some to handle and wasn’t as powerful as users wanted, so Unbound wanted to improve the experience of a first-time vibe, said Rodriguez.

Unbound chatted with more than 50 customers to discuss what to change. Users wanted a more compact size yet versatility of use; a toy that could provide both broad and targeted external stimulation; and a vibrator with more intense vibration. The price had to remain affordable, too.


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Over the course of 14 months, Unbound developed Pep with these features in mind. Does the toy measure up to what the team wanted to achieve? Given Unbound’s social media popularity and the (literal and figurative) buzz over the toy, we had to try it out.

The Pep experience

Unbound’s toys are inexpensive, and Pep is no different. At $40, it’s less expensive than my (and my Mashable colleague Jess Joho’s) favorite affordable vibrator, the Maude Vibe ($45).

“We’re able to offer higher quality products at a lower price because we do not sell to distributors,” explained Rodriguez, “who take a pretty big chunk of the margin in our industry.”

The price of this toy is unbeatable, as is its compact body: 3 inches by 2.5 inches, weighing less than 3 ounces. The toy comes in two color choices, melon/violet and aqua/teal. Users maneuver Pep with three buttons: An on button that looks like Unbound’s logo, and plus and minus buttons to switch between intensities and patterns.

Pep is waterproof, making for easy cleaning, and it can be fully submerged in water up to three feet deep for 30 minutes. Pep can be used with a water-based lube. (This goes for most sex toys — never use oil-based lubricant on body-safe silicone!).

The vibe is USB chargeable with a magnetic port. I’ve talked about how magnetic port chargers aren’t my favorite (they can sometimes be tricky to manage), but they enable the toy to be fully dunked in water, so I don’t mind it at the end of the day.

Powerful vibrations and a helpful guide so you know exactly how to use it

Due to customer reviews about Bean’s lack of powerful vibrations, the team at Unbound set out to source a motor with a heavier metal to achieve those stronger vibrations. They also added more speed variety, so the lowest setting is rumbly but “still packs a punch,” Rodriguez said. Pep is tiny but mighty with five intensity settings and three vibration patterns, all laid out in a booklet included in the toy’s packaging.

Pep is an easy introduction into toys without sacrificing quality of sensation.

Unbound gets points for this intensity/pattern breakdown alone. I’ve used many vibrators in my time, and some didn’t even tell me how many settings there were, let alone explain them.

Rodriguez understood my frustration: “​​I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened a product I didn’t know how to use,” she said, “only to find a product manual with confusing diagrams and instructions (looking at you, Ikea).”

Pep and booklet.

Pep and booklet.
Credit: mashable

The refreshing sense of joy I felt flipping through Pep’s booklet carried over to actually using the vibrator.

Pep is egg-shaped, with the top for targeted stimulation — say, on your clit. Its body is for more general stimulation, like on the outer labia or elsewhere to tease your body. While there’s no technical break-down of Pep’s speeds, the toy revs up as much as bigger vibrators in my arsenal do.

Intensities two and three (medium-low intensity and medium intensity, respectively) were enough to get me over the edge, but there are numerous intensities and patterns to cycle through when using Pep; there’s lots of room to explore.

Pep’s body is pretty “squishy,” so it feels good on even the most sensitive areas. Besides non-stop rumblings, the other patterns are start-and-stop bursts and rev-up-to-slow-down waves.

The size was also perfect. I’ve been told by family, friends, and nail techs alike that I have small hands, and I was able to adeptly maneuver Pep while using it.

The toy wasn’t silent, but it wasn’t jackhammer loud like bigger toys — perhaps due to the size. Given that it’s not at all cumbersome — yet provides strong vibrations — Pep would be perfect for partner use if one partner wants to use it directly while the other does their own thing. I’m not sure if two people would be able to use it directly at the same time; I haven’t tested that.

Is Pep really good for beginners?

Pep is an excellent vibrator option for beginners. Given its affordable price, small size, and waterproof body, Pep is an easy introduction into toys without sacrificing quality of sensation.

The usefulness of Unbound’s booklet can’t be overstated. Not only does the pamphlet detail the different settings, but it also offers a thorough how-to for a masturbation session as well as a pep talk for users. The latter explains that the goal of self-love isn’t orgasm, which is a reminder everyone from sex toy novices to practiced users need.

All Unbound products come with instructional booklets, said Rodriguez, and the team strives for them to be straightforward, encouraging, and genuinely educational. Even as an experienced sex toy user, this was much appreciated.

My sole disappointment with Pep is that it didn’t come with a travel pouch. Because it’s so small, I envision traveling with the toy, whether on a plane or just to a partner’s place. This is easy to work around, as I can purchase a satin pouch online or even use an empty Glossier bag, but I would’ve loved a color-matching bag from Pep.

This one con doesn’t damper all of Pep’s pros. If you’re a beginner in the market for your first sex toy or a long-time user that wants an affordable, small-yet-powerful vibe for your collection, Pep is a great choice.

Look to sound quality and battery life when shopping for new headphones

There are literally thousands of different headphones, earphones, and earbuds out there to choose from. All have the same idea at heart — to provide you with audio without having to play it out loud for everyone to hear. But some achieve this result so much better than others.

You could just search for the cheapest pair, but in our experience, budget earbuds are not typically a great idea since they will most certainly fail you right when you need them most.

Instead, you’re going to want to get the best headphones for you, and that means you’ll have to think about how you plan on using them after you buy them. Are you planning on listening at home? Taking them on your commute? Is noise cancellation a requirement? Do you want to avoid lousy battery life? Go completely wireless?

We’ve checked out numerous pairs of headphones and have narrowed them down to our favorites to make your life easier. Regardless of your budget or requirements, there’s a perfect pair of headphones for you out there.

What to consider when buying a pair of headphones

The big thing before any purchase is to consider what you’re going to use them for. Are you going to be using them to listen to music quietly at home? Then it doesn’t really matter if they’re wired or not, since choosing the best headphones for this scenario really boils down to comfort and sound quality.

However, if you’re heading to the gym or going for a run, then you might want to consider a wireless option (or perhaps some bone conduction headphones.) Going wireless — even if they’re not true wireless earbuds in the sense that they’re wired together — means you won’t have to worry about wires getting tangled up when you’re working on beating your personal best.

Long battery life is great if you’re planning on using your headphones for hours on end, but how many of us really need to worry about that? As long as it covers the daily commute, most users will be fine.

Similarly, noise-cancelation features will depend on your needs. Passive noise-cancelation is fine if you’re not too worried about zoning out at the gym. If you’re keen to avoid all the background noise on the train or subway to work, however, then active noise-cancelation is a must.

Do you notice every fine nuance in the music you listen to? Or do you just know what you like? The musically minded will hate budget offerings with weak bass, mids, and highs, but plenty of average users will be just fine with these. If you’re keen on music sounding perfect, expect to pay more.

Hulu’s debuts creepy and star-studded ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ trailer

“It’s perfectly safe,” croons Nicole Kidman in a vaguely Eastern European accent in the trailer for Nine Perfect Strangers — but watching the trailer, it does not seem very safe! The series, based on Liane Moriarty’s novel, takes place at a health and wellness resort run by Masha (Kidman), whose mysterious demeanor hides more sinister motives.

The eight-episode series comes from Big Little Lies‘ David E. Kelley and also stars Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall, Samara Weaving, Melvin Gregg, Asher Keddie, Grace Van Patten, Tiffany Boone and Manny Jacinto.

Nine Perfect Strangers will hit Hulu with the first three episodes on August 18.

‘Old’ review: Why be subtle when you can be M. Night Shyamalan?

You can have subtle, or you can have M. Night Shyamalan.

Old isn’t subtle — but a movie about a magic beach that makes you age extra fast doesn’t really have to be.

In the latest supernatural thriller from writer-director M. Night Shyamalan, visitors to a serene island resort become imprisoned by a mysterious force. Eleven hotel guests, headed to a picturesque nature reserve for a day oceanside, find themselves unable to leave a remote cove after a woman’s body washes up onshore. Though each of them attempts to go back the way they came, painful headaches keep them from getting far. Soon after, they realize everyone on the beach (a group that includes three children) is suddenly aging at rapid speed.

Based on the graphic novel Sandcastle by Pierre Oscar Levy and artist Frederik Peeters, Old’s premise sounds like a Twilight Zone setup, and for the first 45 minutes or so, it plays like one. Unhappy couple Guy (Gael García Bernal) and Prisca (Vicky Krieps), along with their children Maddox (Alexa Swinton) and Trent (Nolan River), act as the story’s emotional center as we’re introduced to a cast of characters resembling one spectacularly screwed-up Gilligan’s Island.

Yeah, good luck huggin' this one out, folks.

Yeah, good luck huggin’ this one out, folks.
Credit: universal pictures

The potential for a hollow kill fest becomes glaringly apparent as we get to know the rules of the beach through its myriad victims. Of course, watching what happens to these poor people forced to live on fast-forward is what we’re all here for — but keeping audiences reasonably invested in any horror movie requires emotional finesse that has eluded Shyamalan in the past.

Making a premise this outrageous into something believable requires more of the director’s Signs-era stylings and less of his Lady in the Water side. Even as the film’s second act began to heighten, which end of the artist we’d wind up getting felt like anyone’s guess.

But as luck would have it, Old proves to be far more than its trippy schtick. Light on the jump scares but heavy on more complex fear, this particularly thorny nightmare plays with elements your average slasher or survival horror movie can’t. Portraying death’s inevitability as an immediate threat — by the group’s estimate, they have roughly 24 hours before they die of natural causes — Old builds its excruciating tension by accelerating life’s most inescapable horrors.

Yes, there’s sickness and pain experienced in record time. But there’s also loss of innocence, loss of beauty, loss of love, even loss of faculties. The result is a deeply uncomfortable experiment in cinematic suffering that allows for some gut-wrenching scenes sure to stick with you long after Old’s surprisingly straightforward final act. An existential haunted house that finds new ways to terrify throughout its 1 hour and 48-minute runtime, the setting makes for a consistently entertaining and satisfyingly unnerving watch.

Oh hey, Paimon.

Oh hey, Paimon.
Credit: universal

While the stark excellence of Sixth Sense’s “I see dead people” evades Shyamalan’s exposition here, Old manages to make even its clumsiest components work.

Unintentionally awkward dialogue bounces off intentionally disorienting visuals, beautifully crafted by Us and It Follows cinematographer Mike Gioulakis. Self-aware humor — like having a therapist (Nikki Amuka-Bird) hysterically screaming “Maybe we should talk about what just happened!” and actually naming a rapper character “Mid-Sized Sedan” (Aaron Pierre) — smoothes out Old’s more under-developed characters and storylines.

Even as some of its child actors struggle to keep up with the material, Old’s committed ensemble consistently delivers the frantic emotion the movie’s plot demands. Chilling performances by Hereditary’s Alex Wolff, who plays an older version of Trent, and Neon Demon’s Abbey Lee Kershaw, who plays a vapid young mother named Chrystal, cement the pair’s credentials as horror heavyweights. An especially likable turn by Lost veteran Ken Leung, who plays ER nurse Jarin, serves as a kind of Easter egg for fans of the desert island subgenre. And Rufus Sewell shines in a role better left unspoiled.

Well, seems like you've got it handled here.

Well, seems like you’ve got it handled here.
Credit: universal pictures

Sure, some of Old‘s rougher edges will rub certain viewers the wrong way. But for longtime fans of Shyamalan’s work, the film marks an exciting development for the iconic director. Fearless and fun, Old doesn’t bother to waste time apologizing for the audacity of its bonkers premise. Instead, it lets Shyamalan create with reckless abandon, giving audiences something altogether new.

Old is in theaters July 23.

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Say hello to Yats: Why investors are paying thousands to ‘own’ emoji

Get 'em while they're hot.

The emoji gold rush is on.

Scores of people are quietly paying tens of thousands of dollars to buy emoji, lured with the promise that they, and only they, will forever own the emoji in question.

Say hello to the hidden world of Yats, the latest online speculative craze. Built on the belief that the familiar cute icons will supplant traditional online handles, the currently invite-only Yat marketplace offers investors a chance to lock in their emoji of choice now — before it’s too late.

And if CryptoKitties and NFTs are any indication, the early adopters stand to make, or lose, a fortune.

Yats to the 🌕

On an extremely basic level, a Yat is just a string of emoji that, for the right price, can be yours.

“Imagine being known as 🔥🐍 or 🤖👻👑 instead of coffeequeen98 or,” explains the team behind the project. “By owning a Yat – let’s say 🌊🔱🌴 – it’s yours forever. You are the ~only~ one on earth who owns these emojis.”

Despite how absurd that sounds on its face — after all, how can only one person own an emoji? — people are scooping up Yats in droves.

A nice day at the emoji beach.

A nice day at the emoji beach.
Credit: screenshot / yat

Built by the blockchain protocol company Tari Labs, Yats represent an attempt to unify all your online handles — be they for communication, payments, or whatever else — in one carefully selected combination of emoji. With the goal of moving Yats onto the blockchain (more on that later), Yats offer, at least in theory, a censorship-resistant form of pseudonymous identity for the internet era.

Instead of sending bitcoin or monero to a long cryptocurrency address, the argument goes, you could send it to 🌊💨☁️💦.

At present, would-be Yat owners need an invite code to purchase the emoji. Tari Labs prices Yats based on when they were created (referred to as its Generation) and a hidden algorithm dubbed a Rhythm Score. At the time of this writing, all Yats are Generation Zero.

“The price is based on its Rhythm Score (RS), which is a measure of its rarity and uniqueness,” the Yat marketplace explains. “The RS is determined primarily by a Yat’s length. Other factors include the average popularity of the emojis used in the Yat (based on current worldwide usage) and the Yat’s pattern (i.e. repeating emojis or ‘bookend’ emojis).”

Yats with a lower RS, like 🌊🐾🐍😈, cost in the range of $4 to $6. More unique Yats, like 🚀🌕, have, according to Yat’s auction site, sold for six figures. The 🔑 emoji is listed as having sold for $425,000.

Owning forever.

Owning forever.
Credit: screenshot / yat

While the idea of throwing down $200,000 for a rocket and moon emoji (as one Yat owner supposedly did in an April closed auction) may sound like a joke, the team behind Yats is serious.

Cofounders Riccardo Spagni and Naveen Jain (who is not, it should be noted, the same Naveen Jain who ran the infamous InfoSpace) have a long list of cryptocurrency projects and investments behind them. Spagni is perhaps best known as the former lead maintainer of the privacy coin Monero, and is not the type of fly-by-night operator that has plagued the larger cryptocurrency industry for years.

A current job listing on Yat’s careers page shows the project is backed by numerous venture firms, including Blockchain Capital, which lists Tari Labs on its portfolio page. As a point of reference, Blockchain Capital’s other investments include Coinbase, Ripple, Diem, and Kraken — in other words, serious, if sometimes problematic, players.

And yes, this all has to do with the blockchain. Or, at least a blockchain. The current Alpha release of Yats is centralized, but Spagni has publicly claimed that the end goal is to move Yats onto the blockchain.

In other words, as things currently stand, if Tari Labs abandons Yats for any reason, Yats go with them. If Tari Labs can successfully decentralize Yats, however, then the project has the potential to live on regardless of what happens to the company.

This, according to Spagni, is very much in the works — though he declined to provide a specific timetable.

“No one should be able to be canceled by big tech companies, governments, or anyone else.”

“Yat will eventually live on Tari,” Spagni said via direct message, which is a “default-private digital asset protocol.”

Basically, Yats won’t live on the company’s servers, but be distributed on a blockchain.

We reached out Yat’s listed press contact with a host of questions, but the company did not respond. Spagni explained that the Yat team isn’t yet ready to speak to the press.

This future promise of decentralization via Tari is crucial, however, as it’s a fundamental part of Yat’s “censorship resistant” appeal.

“We believe that it’s critical for people to control their own identities, and that no one should be able to be canceled by big tech companies, governments, or anyone else,” explains Jain in a promotional video. “We believe that Yat is an important part of making this goal a reality.”

And maybe that’s true. But even so, it’s worth asking one key question: Can anyone actually even “own” emoji? Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is yes.

Sort of.

Companies like Apple own their own emoji set. On the other end of the spectrum are open-source emoji libraries. Yat has its own list of emoji. More broadly, however, emoji are governed by the Unicode Consortium, a non-profit funded by donations.

We reached out to the Unicode Consortium to ask what, if anything, it thought of Yat’s promise of owning emoji. We received no response.

Yat can only deliver on its grander promises if online service providers integrate with Yat’s API, thus tying those platforms to what is essentially a DNS for emoji. The web browser Opera has, according to Yat, already done this.

“Opera has 380 million users (!!) and now a huge percentage of them can simply enter Yat emojis into the URL bar to visit a Yat Page, or be redirected anywhere a Yat Creator chooses to send them,” explains Yat.

In other words, Yat owners haven’t exactly bought the emoji per se, but rather what is analogous to an emoji domain controlled by Yat. Yat does, however, make clear that a Yat is not limited to being a domain — again, it’s meant to represent an all-encompassing online identity.

That’s not all. There are also plans to permit the minting of Yats as NFTs — which would, at least in theory, turn emoji into non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dropping serious 💰 for ❤️, 🖼️, and 📈

Technical questions aside, the reasons people give for buying up Yats vary as widely as the Yat combinations themselves.

We spoke with six Yat owners over digital chat and email — some of whom asked to remain anonymous or be referred to by their online handles — in order to learn about what Yats they’ve purchased, how much they’ve spent, and why they believe in the project.

The answers to the latter question range from financial speculation, to creative expression, to a true belief in the idea of emoji as a universal online identity (emoji don’t need to be translated, though emoji-based puns might).

“My bet in yats is very speculative,” explained one Yat owner, going by the name loomdart, who told Mashable they’d paid $55,000 for 🦋🐝 and $30,000 for 🐱🎩, “but I am speculating that this new take on identities will take off worldwide.”

Another Yat owner, who described himself over chat as a late forties Canadian man working in the video game industry, explained why Yats appealed to him.

“The idea of a single online identity that ‘just works’ feels a bit like the Holy Grail to me.”

“I’ve always been fascinated with online identities and frustrated with having to recreate my same username and image on so many different sites, in so many different games etc. that the idea of a single online identity that ‘just works’ feels a bit like the Holy Grail to me,” he wrote.

The Canadian said he’d made around 500 different Yats — some of which were intended as gifts for family members — with the most expensive Yat in his collection costing approximately $900. In total, he estimated that he’s spent between $8,000 and $10,000 on Yats.

Another Yat owner, a 37-year-old man from Houston who claimed to own more than 150 Yats, explained what he sees as Yat’s potential.

“I work in B2B marketing and I’ve seen first hand how emoji has gone from a ‘we would never do emoji, it’s just silly’ to ‘let’s do a whole email subject in emoji’ in less than 18 months,” he wrote over direct message. “So I can see a future where CNN uses 📺📺📺 as their URL or Cirque du Soleil using 🎪.”

Some of the Yats the Houston resident says he owns include 🍽️😵💃♻️ (“eat sleep rave repeat”) and 🐍✈️🐍 (“snakes on a plane”).

Another Yat owner, Matthew Callahan, described himself as a “Yatcolyte,” and wrote via email that he has more than 500 Yats — his favorite being ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

“I plan on reselling many of my Yats in the future, but I would have a hard time selling ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️,” wrote Callahan, a 37-year-old living in New York City. “It’s my online identity, my brand — it’s really special to me.”

Beyond Yat’s ostensible use case, at least one artist, Skye Nicolas, is incorporating Yats into their work.

“This highly personal approach in intimately sharing my story, echoes the blockchain’s promise of transparency and openness, metaphorically,” Nicolas said of his Yat art series over email.

Perhaps surprisingly, when asked why they’d gotten into purchasing Yats, none of the Yat owners spoke exclusively in terms of pure market speculation. The man from Houston, for example, said he bought around 25 of his 150 or so Yats for “investment potential,” but that the ones he loved the most have much lower Rhythms Scores (i.e., are potentially less valuable).

Some version of this sentiment was echoed by all the Yats owners. Sure, getting rich would be nice, but it’s all about the big picture.

“I believe the true beauty lies in how this is all done on the blockchain, and the end user won’t even be aware of it,” wrote the owner of 🦋🐝 and 🐱🎩. “I view it as kind of like a gateway drug. If yats can pull it off, it’s giving users an uncensorable self-sovereign identity that they see as just some emojis!”

📈 or 📉, it all depends on 👐

Yat’s success depends on adoption.

For Yats to be anything other than a brief online craze that leaves the relatively few early adopters bitter and broke, both average internet users and online services need to see value in the project.

Thankfully for Yat, it has some high-profile advocates.

The rapper Lil Wayne has a Yat in his Twitter profile, for example, as does Wiz Khalifa.

Alien music indeed.

Alien music indeed.
Credit: screenshot / twitter

Check the Yat in the Twitter profile.

Check the Yat in the Twitter profile.
Credit: screenshot / twitter

And on July 20, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington tweeted about Yats — suggesting that he was the one who plopped down $200,000 for 🚀🌕. Indeed, that Yat links to Yat’s default landing page, which then points toward Arrington XRP Capital. Yat’s official Twitter account tweeted about the sale, tagging Arrington, back in May.

We reached out to Arrington XRP Capital in an attempt to confirm that Arrington really did spend $200,000 on 🚀🌕, but received no immediate response.

As of the time of this writing, the Yat marketplace is still invite only. It won’t remain so for long. Generation Zero ends July 30, and Yat promises that owners will be able to mint their Yats as NFTs by the end of the month.

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In other words, get ready to hear a lot more about the internet’s Next Big Thing. Just be careful with the FOMO.