Instagram can’t stop flood of grisly photos from teen’s murder so users step up


Instagram users are stepping up to stanch the flow of photos showing a popular teen e-girl’s murder as the platform fails to quickly remove the images.

As bad actors upload grisly photos showing the teen’s slit neck with certain hashtags, some users are working to bury those posts under images of pink clouds and cats wearing flower crowns with those same hashtags and tagging the victim’s account. The inventive approach makes it harder to search for pictures of Bianca Devins’ dead body. 

Devins, 17, who used the Instagram handle @escty, was allegedly murdered by Brandon Andrew Clark, 21, on Sunday. He then, according to authorities, took photos of her dead body, posting a gruesome image of her brutally cut neck and bloodied face to his Instagram story, 4chan, and Discord. Police identified Clark as Devins’ boyfriend, but a mutual friend told Rolling Stone that their relationship was “strictly platonic.” They originally met online, but met in person for the first time about two months ago, according to the Daily Beast. Read more…

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Awesome Prime Day deals on home security: Blink, Ring, SimpliSafe


TL;DR: Home security systems, cameras, and alarms are on sale this Amazon Prime Day — and you can save big on popular brands like Ring, SimpliSafe, and Arlo.

Not to go all Debbie Downer on you, but all that cool stuff you’re buying during Amazon’s annual Prime Day sales event could be gone as soon as it arrives if your house isn’t protected from thieves and porch pirates. 

Thankfully, everyone’s favorite retail overlord is offering some seriously amazing deals on home security systems and equipment. Here are the best ones we found, sorted by brand name. (Need a brief rundown on some of the more popular companies and their starter kits? Be sure to check out Mashable’s roundup of the best home security systems.) Read more…

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Google WiFi system is $30 off for a 3-pack during Prime Day


TL;DR: The dead-zone-dropping Google WiFi system will replace that old router of yours, and you can get a set of three for $229 during Prime Day, saving you $30.  

Not having working internet where you live is a painful experience. Home is supposed to be a happy place, not one where you shout obscenities because Netflix just won’t stop buffering no matter how many times you turn your WiFi router off and on again. We think it’s time for you to get rid of that old piece of junk — and don’t worry, we have the perfect replacement for you. 

The Google WiFi system will quell your connectivity woes with its seamless coverage, and you can get a set of three WiFi points for $229 during Amazon Prime Day (that’s $30 off).  Read more…

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HTC Vive Pro stuff is never on sale, but it’s $200 off for Prime Day


TL;DR: The mind-blowing HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit is on sale for $899.99 for Prime Day, saving you $200.

Weeknights be like: Come home from work, make food, watch The Office reruns, eat more because you’re bored, go to bed.

If your nightly cycles look anything like that, you’re in need of some life-changing entertainment. A VR headset can transform the way you interact with games and the world around you, and a few are on sale for Prime Day. 

The Oculus Go is an amazing “baby’s first VR headset choice,” but if you’re willing to go all-in on something more immersive, this HTC Vive Pro Kit will not disappointIt’s $899.99 after the $200 discount, which is rare to begin with — HTC Vive stuff is never on sale. Read more…

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Best Amazon Prime Day TV deals: Save on Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio


TL;DR: Prime Day 2019 has a monstrous collection of 4K smart TVs on sale, saving you up to $1,000 on TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, and more.

Amazon did not come to play with Prime Day TV deals this year, meaning you no longer have an excuse to have a crappy TV — or complain about shows being too dark.

4K TVs are one of the shopping event’s most awaited items, and Prime members have been waiting all summer to finally pull the trigger on that big adult purchase. (Dropping $1,000 just feels more justifiable on Prime Day, right?) S

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TVs from 43 to 86 inches are in on the action, including some of the best 4K TV models like Samsung QLED and “The Frame,” Sony X900F, and Vizio P-Series Quantum.  Read more…

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Amid ICE raids, ‘#KnowYourRights’ efforts share vital information


A meme making the rounds on social media has turned out to be a vital piece of information for those vulnerable to being arrested under the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown. 

SEE ALSO: Racist Border Patrol Facebook group confirms all your worst suspicions

The new wave of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids that began over the weekend, targeting undocumented migrants in major cities around the United States, weren’t as large as initially feared, Still, the #KnowYourRights meme being passed around on social media proved to be helpful, if not essential, for those at risk, as additional raids and arrests could continue throughout the week. Read more…

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Best Prime Day deals: Instant Pot, iPads, 4K TVs, Samsung Galaxy phones, and more


The longest Prime Day in history is just about at the half-time mark. Are you staying hydrated? Do you need a minute away from your screen? Have you seen sunshine today?

If you’re looking for the best Prime Day 2019 deals, you’ll be glad to know that we scoured the spotlight and lighting deals to consolidate a mega list of all the best ones. (There will be no shortage of fake deals, but we’ll weed them out for you.) All deals listed here are currently live at time of publication, but be sure to keep checking back — more deals spawn as fast as every five minutes and we’ll be updating with the best deals like our jobs depend on it. (Because, uh, they kinda do.) Read more…

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Dyson vacuums and fans are up to $250 off for Prime Day


TL;DR: Select Dyson fans and vacuums are on sale for Prime Day, up to $250 off.

Prime Day is basically Black Friday in July, and instead of stocking up on winter gear, we’re in total summer mode. You don’t have to spend the next month or two sweating like crazy when you can invest in a powerful Dyson fan that will keep you cool.

For Amazon Prime members, Dyson fans are up to $199 off. And if you’re bringing your spring cleaning into summer (which you totally should — cleaning is not a once-a-year thing), check out a couple Dyson vacuums on sale for up to $250 off. Read more…

Dyson Cool AM06 table fan — Save up to $138.91

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Furbo dog camera is $64 off for Prime Day


TL;DR: The treat-tossing Furbo pet camera will be your dog’s new best friend (after you, of course) — get one for just $134.99, saving you $64.

If you’re a dog owner, you know what it’s like to imagine your pup trapped at home all day while you’re toiling away at work. And while you probably shouldn’t quit your job just so you can stay home with them, you can buy yourself a high-tech pet camera to help cushion the blow for you and your dog a little bit (and it’ll go a long way).

One of the most popular pet cameras around today, Furbo is just the thing you need — you can get one for $134.99 during Prime Day, which will save you $64 (and a whole lot of pet-parent-related stress).  Read more…

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Prime Day 2019: Save up to 42% on SodaStream products


TL;DR: The bubble-producing SodaStream should be the newest addition to your lineup of kitchen appliances — a bunch of their devices are on sale for Prime Day, with up to 42% savings on select models. 

Sure, most of us could crush a dozen cans of La Croix in one day like it’s nobody’s business, but what if you never had to buy another can of sparkling water again because you had your own endless supply at home?

Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, you better believe it, because the SodaStream is exactly the device you need to keep your fridge stocked with your favorite bubbly beverage for as long as you have running water. Seriously, all you need to do is supply the H2O, and the SodaStream does the rest.   Read more…

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