Best headphones for running or working out

Best headphones for running or working out


  • Beats Solo3 — $178 (save $121.95)

  • Apple AirPods with Charging Case — $144 (save $15)

  • Bose SoundSport Free — $169 (save $80)

  • Sony Extra Bass Earbuds — $29.99 (save $20)

  • Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphone — $119 (save $80.95)

The only thing more important to runners than their sneakers is a quality pair of headphones and a killer playlist. Running without music is like some form of medieval torture: it sucks. And cheap, crappy headphones just aren’t going to cut it.

When shopping for a quality pair of headphones to wear while running, you’ll want to look at a few key factors: Are they sweatproof/waterproof? Will they stay in your ears? Are the volume controls easily accessible? If you answer no to any of these questions, then you know the headphones aren’t going to work. Read more…

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Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless

While sound quality and flexibility are always good features, a great pair of headphones will do more than that.

    $199 from Amazon

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    IMAGE: Amazon


    Jabra Elite 45e

    The Elite 45e headphones are an example of quality at an affordable price.

      $99.99 from Amazon

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      IMAGE: Amazon


      Bose SoundSport Free Wireless

      These truly wireless ear buds can charge while you’re using them, and the app can help you locate them in the event that they fall out.

        $199 from Amazon

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        IMAGE: Amazon


        JBL Endurance RUN

        These are the kind of headphones you buy in multiples so you don’t have to fret once you’ve inevitably lost a pair.

          $19.95 from Amazon

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          ROVKING Sport Headphones

          These super-cheap headphones have an earhook design that keeps them on your ears, and are also sweatproof.

            $14.99 from Amazon

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            IMAGE: Amazon


            Sony MDRXB510AS/B

            These Sony earbuds offer multiple sets of covers and hooks to hold the earbuds securely in place.

              $59.99 from Amazon

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              Bose SoundSport

              Bose SoundSport are a great set of headphones to buy when the clarity of audio really matters to you.

                $99 from Amazon

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                IMAGE: Amazon

                BEST OVER-EAR OPTION

                Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones

                The Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones deliver an affordable and reliable option for anyone who prefers over-ear headphones.

                  $29.99 from Amazon

                  Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s boxy new game console, coming holiday 2020

                  Xbox Series X is Microsoft's boxy new game console, coming holiday 2020

                  Xbox boss Phil Spencer was on hand at The Game Awards on Thursday night with a big surprise: a first look at the next Xbox.

                  Xbox Series X is its name, and it looks like a tall, black box with a small slit where discs will go. There’s a trailer. Look at it here.

                  Not much to go on! But there’s a whole, entire year for Microsoft to share more info. The presence of what looks to be a disc drive means disc-based games aren’t going anywhere with the Xbox Series X (which shouldn’t be confused with the Xbox One X).

                  It also looks the widely loved Xbox controller design isn’t changing much. The one that pops up in the trailer looks almost like an Xbox One trailer, except there’s a slightly different directional pad and a seemingly new button placed right in the center of the controller, below the Xbox button. Read more…

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                  Baby Yoda is everywhere, including the latest ‘The Sims 4’ update

                  Baby Yoda is everywhere, including the latest 'The Sims 4' update

                  Baby Yoda is everywhere and there is no escapeThe Mandalorian‘s cute alien infant has now made his official video game debut, though it isn’t in one you’d expect.

                  Added in The Sims 4‘s  Dec. 12 patch, players can now place a statue of viral sensation Baby Yoda in their Sims’ home to brighten their virtual lives. The new addition wasn’t mentioned in the game’s patch notes, so became a delightful surprise for many players diving into The Sims‘ Build Mode after the update.

                  Unfortunately, the Child Statue isn’t terribly cost effective. Baby Yoda will set your hardworking Sims back 504 Simoleons, and despite his adorably large eyes and bat-like ears, he only improves their environment by one point. Sounds fake, but OK. Read more…

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                  Lizzo and Mayor Pete Buttigieg had a painful exchange on live TV

                  Lizzo and Mayor Pete Buttigieg had a painful exchange on live TV

                  In a painfully stilted morning appearance on CBS, Pete Buttigieg declared himself “100 percent that nominee” in front of Lizzo herself.

                  Twitter users are not, to put it in the words of the queen herself, feeling good as hell about it. 

                  Both Buttigieg and Lizzo, who was recently named Time’s Entertainer of the Year, appeared on CBS This Morning for separate interviews. In the introduction segment, host Gayle King asked Buttigieg to describe himself right now in three words. 

                  “Standing near Lizzo, right now,” the candidate said. (Technically that’s five words, but we’ll take it.) 

                  Lizzo answered with “Glamorous, talented, and booty-ful.” Read more…

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                  Netflix is paying to advertise on your Roku remote and you don’t even know it

                  Netflix is paying to advertise on your Roku remote and you don't even know it

                  Take a look at your Roku remote. See those dedicated quick launch buttons for services like Netflix, Hulu, and Sling? Did you ever wonder how Roku chooses which companies are on there?

                  The answer: those streaming services pay for their own dedicated space on your remote, and they pay Roku $1 per customer for each of those buttons.

                  So, for example, every Roku remote sold with four of those dedicated buttons on it nets the company an additional $4 on top of whatever each customer paid for it.

                  A recent report by Bloomberg takes a look into the streaming battle over your living room. With set-top boxes from Amazon, Apple, and Google dominating the market in recent years, Roku still maintains the lead with 44 percent of streaming TV viewing time happening on one of its devices, according to video analytics firm Conviva.  Read more…

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                  Walmart just randomly brought back its Black Friday deal on the iPad

                  Walmart just randomly brought back its Black Friday deal on the iPad

                  TL;DR: The 10.2-inch iPad (WiFi, 128GB) is on sale for $329 at Walmart, the same deal the retailer ran on Black Friday — a savings of $100.

                  The situation: You need a last-minute gift for someone, but something like a tablet doesn’t seem personal enough.

                  We’re going to argue that an iPad is a thoughtful, personalized gift. Someone who has too many pictures on their phone but whose iCloud is messed up (raises hand) can store them on an iPadKids will want to read or play educational, AR games on an iPad, and teenagers might just want to study. Your mom can shop online without complaining about not being able to see her phone. Read more…

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                  Porsche Taycan already has 30,000 pre-orders. How does that compare to Tesla?

                  Porsche Taycan already has 30,000 pre-orders. How does that compare to Tesla?

                  The year is 2012. Elon Musk has yet to call anyone a “pedo guy” or drag the SEC on Twitter. There’s no Cybertruck with cracked windows, and no overly ambitious promises of a $35,000 electric car. Instead, fledgling electric vehicle company Tesla is just starting to deliver its first luxury sedan, the Model S.

                  Just seven years ago, Tesla’s first mainstream vehicle was just hitting the road. About 15,000 reservations for the car came in throughout the year. The first Model S cars were delivered in June and only 2,650 of the vehicles made it to customers before 2013. At the time, the Nissan Leaf was the only real all-electric contender. Read more…

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