Is George Lucas damning ‘The Last Jedi’ with faint praise?


Although on the script page George Lucas is a man of too many words, in real life he is a man of too few. Those of us interested in the life of the shy Star Wars billionaire must make do with the tiniest of insights into his thinking about what Disney is doing with his former intellectual property.

So news that Lucas told The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson his movie was “beautifully made,” according to a THR report that quotes his private secretary, needs to be carefully parsed. It may not be the full-on compliment it sounds like. 

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This ‘Harry Potter’ activewear will guarantee you the House Cup


Someone give us a Triwizard Tournament to win, as we need an excuse to hand over our galleons for this new Harry Potter-inspired activewear.

A new range from Australian label Black Milk, “Team Hogwarts,” is something we’d actually wear — and maybe exercise in (or just rewatch the Prisoner of Azkaban).

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Choose your house, whether Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, then pick from tank tops, leggings, tunic dresses and sweatshirts emblazoned with your colours. Each piece ranges from A$70-120 ($53-91), so it won’t empty your entire Gringott’s vault. Read more…

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Journalists are being jailed for ‘fake news,’ and critics blame Trump


A record 262 journalists were jailed in 2017 simply for doing their work, according to a report published Wednesday by the Committee to Project Journalists. That figure is higher even than last year’s historic peak of some 259 journalists behind bars.

The nonprofit’s annual census found that, of those arrested, an astonishing 21 were arrested on “false news” charges. Others have been jailed for vague “anti-state” charges.

In an era of regular “fake news” accusations from Donald Trump, many have pointed a finger at the president for exacerbating the situation.

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Black women who blocked Roy Moore need your support, not your tweets


After Democrat Doug Jones upset his opponent Roy Moore in the election to choose Alabama’s next senator, the celebration on Twitter featured a recurring theme: white people thanking black women for voting en masse to deny Moore a victory. 

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Exit polls show 98 percent of them cast a ballot for Jones, and many election observers credited his surprising win to black women’s turnout. Most black men also voted for Jones, but two-thirds of white women and nearly three-quarters of white men chose Moore. 

Black women, in other words, became the symbol of resistance in an election that captured our attention with the horrifying prospect that Alabamians would send to the United States Senate a racially divisive candidate accused of predatory sexual misconduct with teenage girls.   Read more…

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‘The Last Jedi’ characters have landed in ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’


Fight the First Order as Finn or destroy the Resistance as Captain Phasma when The Last Jedi characters come to Star Wars Battlefront II.

Released on Wednesday, the game’s new DLC content features a single-player story called “Resurrection” alongside new multiplayer goodies.

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Since Dec. 5, you’ve been able to take part in special challenges that grant your faction, the Resistance or First Order, rewards.

But starting Dec. 15, Finn and Captain Phasma will be available as characters in single-player and multiplayer modes in exchange for in-game credits. You’ll also get to explore more of Commander Iden Versio’s story.  Read more…

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Vegemite ice blocks are here to ruin summer, probably


The yeast spread Vegemite is iconic as they come in Australia, but it’s probably the last thing you want to mix with anything remotely sweet.

Too late: Now there’s Vegemite icy poles (a.k.a. popsicles), and you can make them yourself according to a recipe on the breakfast spread maker’s website. 

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For those unfamiliar with Vegemite, it’s a bitter and salty yeast spread that’s ideal on toast or crackers — but only in small doses. The concoction is not too dissimilar to British Marmite, but Australians will convince you their version is better.  Read more…

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Seas may rise by 8 feet this century, inundating land that’s home to 236 million people


The amount of sea level rise that many of us will experience in our lifetimes may be more than double what was previously anticipated, unless we sharply curtail greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new study that factors in emerging, unsettling research on the tenuous stability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. 

Importantly, the study highlights that cuts we could still make to greenhouse gas emissions during the next several years would significantly reduce the possibility of a sea level rise calamity after 2050.

Published Wednesday in the open access journal Earth’s Future, the study is the first to pair recently discovered mechanisms that would lead to the sudden collapse of parts of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, such as the disintegration of floating ice shelves and mechanical failure of tall ice cliffs facing the sea. The study also goes a step further by showing how the new projections could play out city by city around the world. Read more…

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Target sets sights on Amazon with same-day delivery plans


Target plans to step up its delivery game in a big way come 2018.

The retailer announced the $550 million acquisition of Shipt on Wednesday, adding a company that specializes specifically in same-day delivery to its asset portfolio. In the same announcement, Target also confirmed plans to — wait for it — offer same-day delivery to its customers. 

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The company’s announcement lays out a plan to offer speedier deliveries at “about half” of its stores in early 2018. The program is then expected to expand by the 2018 holiday to include most Target stores, in all major markets. Read more…

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DJ Earworm’s ‘United States of Pop 2017’ is the only mashup we care about


DJ Earworm just dropped “United States of Pop 2017,” known to everyone on the internet as the only music mashup that actually matters. 

This year’s track title, “How We Do It,” references Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito,” our song of the summer and the single Earworm’s mashup most leans on. 

The mashup also features top tracks from Migos, Future, and Cardi B, plus all your other pop faves. And though identifying the samples yourself is half the fun, a full rundown of included tracks is right in the video description. Read more…

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