4th nor’easter this month takes aim at East Coast with jet stream stuck on repeat


The calendar may say it’s the first day of spring, but it will seem more like the movie Groundhog Day along the East Coast on Tuesday. The fourth nor’easter in just three weeks will begin to take shape across the Mid-Atlantic, as the first of two waves of low pressure spreads a wintry mix of snow, sleet, and rain from West Virginia to Delaware. 

The main show, though, appears to be set for Tuesday night through Wednesday night, possibly into part of Thursday, from Washington, D.C. northeastward to Boston. Once again, an atmospheric disturbance diving out of Canada and across parts of the U.S. will spawn an intensifying area of low pressure just off the Mid-Atlantic coast.  Read more…

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Facebook created a tool to hide your data from apps but it never launched


One of the most startling revelations of Facebook’s ongoing Cambridge Analytica controversy is just how easy it was for a third-party developer to access millions of people’s personal data without their knowledge — even if they hadn’t downloaded the app themselves.

That’s because Facebook’s policies prior to 2014 were much more lax than they are today. At the time, apps could scrape data from both their users and the friends of those users, unless you had your privacy setting sufficiently locked down.

The company actually built an “Anonymous Login” tool that was specifically created so that Facebook users could log into third-party services without making all of their data available to developers.  Read more…

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No, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer didn’t say he has Trump dick pics


Chill out, everyone. 

Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for Stormy Daniels, didn’t just claim he had a picture of Trump’s orange wang. (Sorry, allegedly orange.) 

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A bunch of people on Twitter freaked out after this tweet went viral.

Stormy’s Lawyer on MSNBC. I’ll paraphrase. “We have photos of Trump’s penis”.

— Claude Taylor (@TrueFactsStated) March 19, 2018

Even Chrissy Teigen, who is the official queen of the internet, shared her opinion on the matter. 

*vomits* we’ll semi-hard pass, thanks https://t.co/Zorr5vzvKB

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) March 19, 2018 Read more…

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VW will race its all-electric prototype in the Rocky Mountains


The “Race to the Clouds” is on and Volkswagen is putting its all-electric I.D. R Pikes Peak prototype racing car to the test.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 24 in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is a 100-plus year tradition that races vehicles on a 12.4-mile route up to 14,115 feet above sea level with more than 100 turns to navigate. Volkswagen last competed in 1987 with a dual-engine Golf.

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The German carmaker announced Monday that this year, it’ll be racing the newest concept from its electric I.D. family. The self-driving, electric concept I.D. Vizzion was presented at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month.  Read more…

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Cambridge Analytica CEO talks bribery and honeypots on hidden camera


ProTip: When discussing nefarious techniques to entrap politicians and swing elections, first make sure you’re not secretly being filmed. 

That, apparently, was a memo the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, missed. The executive was caught on film by investigators with London’s Channel 4 News discussing all the ways his company can influence elections around the world — and it’s not pretty. 

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The entire report is worth a watch (it’s embedded below), and it suggests that Nix’s own damning words will be held against him for some time. Just how bad are those aforementioned words? We’re glad you asked. In the video, Nix discussed bribing politicians while secretly filming them and sending Ukrainian escorts to the homes of political candidates.  Read more…

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Facebook’s latest scandal knocked $40 billion off its market value


It’s not a great time to own Facebook stock.

The social media company’s market valuation fell by roughly $40 billion on Monday following the revelation that the Trump-linked, U.K.-based company Cambridge Analytica harvested information from 50 million Facebook profiles without user consent.

The company’s stock price was down 6.8 percent by the end of the day, marking the worst day the stock has had since March 2014.

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The decline is one of the biggest percentage drops to ever occur for the social network’s stock, and according the Wall Street Journal, the decline also knocked Facebook out of the S&P 500’s five biggest market caps. The distinction of the S&P 500’s biggest five is now held by Apple, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and Berkshire Hathaway. Read more…

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Zuckerberg’s silence reminds us that, in his eyes, we’re all just ‘dumb f*cks’


Facebook’s getting rocked by yet another electioneering crisis, but we still haven’t heard anything from its commander-in-chief.

Mark Zuckerberg has yet to issue a public statement following revelations this weekend that a Trump-aligned data firm was able to abuse his platform to manipulate 50 million people. The Facebook CEO commands massive reach on his public profile page, and he’s frequently used it to weigh in on business matters, including his social network’s role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

But as of Monday afternoon, the most recent public post on Zuckerberg’s profile is from two weeks ago, when he and his wife Priscilla Chan celebrated Purim.  Read more…

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Daphne the giant inflatable duck is safe after a week lost at sea


You can breathe again, everyone: Daphne the duck is safe! 

A beloved member of the Cockburn Masters Swimming Club in Australia, the giant rubber duck was supposed to be the star of an annual ocean swimming competition, but strong winds pulled her from her post and into the Indian Ocean. She was last seen at Coogee Beach in Perth on Mar. 11, just before the swimming competition took place. 

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The swimming event’s organizers asked for leads on Daphne’s disappearance via Facebook, offering swim passes and souvenirs for her safe return.  Read more…

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Break out your ‘SATC’ jokes, Cynthia Nixon is running for New York governor


Aside from the (very depressing, long drawn-out) drama between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrell, opportunities to break out our best Sex and the City jokes are few and far between.

But now, loyal HBO viewers, we have our chance: Cynthia Nixon of SATC fame announced Monday that she will run for governor of New York. 

Miranda 2018!

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I love New York, and today I’m announcing my candidacy for governor. Join us: https://t.co/9DwsxWW8xX pic.twitter.com/kYTvx6GZiD

— Cynthia Nixon (@CynthiaNixon) March 19, 2018 Read more…

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