Don’t forget about these beautiful political bromances, too


Some would argue that the word “bromance” does not belong in the world of politics, but they’d be wrong. It’s hard not to get swept up in the budding friendships of international leaders with all the photo ops and viral videos. 

You may be familiar with Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s solid relationship, but that’s not the only political bromance you need to know. Here are some friendships that have lasted through the rumble-tumble of public affairs. 

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Barack Obama and Joe Biden

I mean, this one is a given. 



Image: Getty Images Read more…

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Bollywood’s take on Shakespeare is still one of the best adaptations out there


Dear filmmakers: If you’re going to remake an old story, you better damn well do it right.

That isn’t a targeted statement so much as a PSA (though it stings freshly of ABC’s abominable Dirty Dancing), and a direct product of the fact that I was spoiled in 2006 by Omkara, an Indian film version of Othello.

Omkara was the second Shakespearian endeavor from director Vishal Bhardwaj, who released Maqbool in 2003, based on Macbeth. Both films — and 2014’s Haider, based on Hamlet — transpose the Bard’s classics to regional India, and Omkara remains a stunning retelling of a world-renown story that is anything but old. Read more…

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‘The Spider-Man: Homecoming’ poster was very bad, but consider the other options


The other day, we finally got our first look at the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie poster. And it was pretty bad.

I was worried that the new Spider-Man wouldn’t feature any people, so this poster is very

— Edwin Davies (@EdwinJDavies) May 24, 2017

Nothing really makes sense here. The colors are all over the place and Iron Man is on there twice. All the trailers have been electric, and all the previous posters have looked really good, so what happened on this one?

That’s right, budget issues. They blew their entire budget on the first few posters and had little to nothing left to spend on this poster. They commissioned six very inexpensive, novice graphic designers and the one they went with was the best one by a mile.  Read more…

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‘The Simpsons’ hilariously shreds Trump and his team on Day 125


The Simpsons continues to pull zero punches when it comes to the increasingly disastrous presidency of Donald J. Trump.

The animated series latest poke at 45’s White House attempts to capture the vibe 125 days in. From the dangling corpses of Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and Reince Priebus to Veep Mike Pence rubbing the “Vice” off of his nameplate to … whatever’s going on here with Jeff Sessions, “scathing” is the most appropriate descriptor for The Simpsons latest take.

Cartoon Richard Nixon might be the one who sums it up best: “I, uh, came to thank you, Donald. I’m movin’ up! Thanks to you, I’m now the 44th best president.” Read more…

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Snapchat CEO’s wedding was so secret we can’t even find photos on the internet


If there were Snaps of Evan Spiegel’s super-secret weekend wedding, they’ve already self-destructed.

The Snapchat co-founder and CEO tied the knot with Australian entrepreneur and model Miranda Kerr over the weekend in the backyard of their Brentwood, Calif. home. It was a hushed affair that lacked the public-facing lens you might expect from one of the present-day leaders in social media.

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Guests were picked up at security-heavy checkpoints and ferried to the Spiegel/Kerr abode in black vans and limos with darkened windows, according to TMZ. A video taken from outside the event shows… precious little. Read more…

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8th graders refuse to take a photo with Paul Ryan because they don’t “want to be associated with him”


Speaker Ryan is one of the most unpopular politicians in the country — and he’s polling particularly poorly among one 8th grade class.

Eighth grade students from South Orange Middle School in South Orange, New Jersey were on a school trip to Wasshington D.C. on Friday when they were given a very special opportunity: a photo-op with Speaker Paul Ryan. Under normal circumstances, many students would leap for the chance to take a photo with the third most powerful politician in the country.

Not these kids.

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Close to 100 8th graders refused to take a photo with the Speaker and instead sat in a parking lot across the street. Speaker Ryan then took a photo with the remaining class and posted it to his Instagram. Read more…

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When refugees fled war-torn Europe for havens in the Middle East


Image: Library of Congress

When Axis and Soviet forces invaded Eastern Europe and the Balkans in the early years of World War II, they sent thousands of refugees fleeing south and east to escape the chaos

Many fled across the Mediterranean, hopping from island to island in search of safety.

To manage this exodus, in 1942 the British established the Middle East Relief and Refugee Administration (MERRA) and set up a constellation of camps in Egypt, Gaza, and Aleppo, Syria, providing havens for over 40,000 displaced Europeans.

At the El Shatt camp near the southern end of the Suez Canal, thousands of Yugoslavian refugees were settled in tents pitched in the baking sands. Read more…

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A dazzling aurora borealis light show captivates the internet


Saturday evening stargazers were treated to one of the trippiest natural phenomenons Earth has to offer: a naked eye-visible aurora borealis.

The “northern lights,” as they are often called, originate with our sun. Solar storms that occur there emit streams of charged particles which help to trigger the unusual light show once they reach Earth.

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The magnetic fields emanating from our north and south poles pull the charged particles down into our upper (and sometimes lower) atmosphere, where some of them collide with the neutral particles that reside there. Read more…

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Why ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ costumes are the most powerful meme of the resistance yet


Earlier this week, 18 women dressed up in red cloaks and white bonnets, stood in pairs in the rotunda of the Texas state capitol, and began chanting, “Shame!” in unison. They didn’t stop shouting for eight minutes. 

They call themselves the Texas handmaids. You probably first saw them back in March, when images of their original protest in Austin went viral. That’s when they sat silently in the Texas senate gallery, watching as lawmakers debated bills that would make it harder for women to get an abortion.

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What you may not know is that their demonstrations, inspired by Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale and Hulu’s vivid TV adaptation, are slowly spreading across the country. Read more…

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6 podcasts to listen to if you love the internet


Not everything that’s created on the internet stays on the internet — sometimes things just might make it on a podcast.

If you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough of the memes, videos, art, and all things internet, here are the podcasts you need to start tuning into today. 

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1. Reply All

PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman host this remarkable show all about the internet —both people who create things for it, and its impact. You can listen to old episodes below or check more out here. 

Read more…

2. The Apartment with Asif and Baluch

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