Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime for Australia


Although it’s been long enjoyed and fretted over across the globe, Australians had been anticipating the arrival of Amazon’s Prime Day for quite some time — and now, it’s officially part of the calendar.

Following the event’s 2018 debut, Amazon is bringing Prime Day back to Australia, as part of its signature worldwide shopping marathon. Being ahead of the timezone, Aussie Prime members will get first access to some pretty epic deals. 

Prime members get fast and free delivery, a range of entertainment options, early access to content as well as tonnes of deals and events like the much-anticipated Prime Day. This is all provided through an annual or monthly subscription — and so far, there’s more than 100 million paid members around the globe. Read more…

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially met (and hugged) Beyoncé and Jay-Z


Considering our current administration, the United States doesn’t have a lot to offer the Royal Family in terms of photo opps. 

At least, that appeared to be the case until the European premiere of Disney’s The Lion King, at which — I kid you not — Meghan Markle and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter hugged.

Allow us to set the scene.

Rolling out an aptly Simba-yellow carpet, the Sahara-set remake debuted to British and European press, as well as the film’s cast and crew, on Sunday at the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square Theater in London’s West End. In attendance were numerous special guests, including the royal couple who happened to be fresh off a visit to Wimbledon.  Read more…

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Mark Ruffalo’s Avengers-themed ‘wrong answers only’ meme is the best one yet


Not everyone loves the “wrong answers only” meme, but Mark Ruffalo clearly does.

The Bruce Banner/Hulk actor came up with one of his own on Sunday, and it sourced from a behind-the-scenes photo seemingly taken on the Avengers: Endgame set. It  features Ruffalo, Tom Holland (Spider-Man), and Don Cheadle (War Machine) in a moment where they’re joining hands in a bizarre, almost ritualistic manner.

See for yourself.

What’s happening here? 🤔 Wrong answers only#AvengersEndgame pic.twitter.com/UnFeeCV9cv

— Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) July 14, 2019

What is happening here? What are these grown men (and one young adult) doing? Twitter has some ideas, all of them wrong. Read more…

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Hurricane Barry photos show an otherworldly city, deep under water


For the people of Mandeville, Louisiana, the effects of Hurricane Barry continue to be nothing short of otherworldly.

On Saturday, the now tropical storm made landfall along the northern Gulf Coast as a Category 1 hurricane, leaving tens of thousands across Louisiana and Mississippi without power and otherwise cut off from drier parts of the region. 

Areas of widespread flooding varied in severity with some seeing accumulations of 20 inches, while others escaped with substantially lower-than-predicted rainfall. 

In Mandeville, just 132 miles from Morgan City where the storm first made contact with land, the shore of Lake Pontchartrain expanded onto city streets. On Lakeshore Drive, photographer Scott Olson captured dozens of residents, many of them couples and families, as they explored the transformed — and largely underwater — portion of their shared home. Read more…

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Check out this ridiculous flying jet board from France’s Bastille Day parade


On this day 230 years ago, hundreds of French civilians stormed the military prison known as the Bastille in Paris. It was one of the biggest events in the French Revolution, and its anniversary in 2019 was an excuse to show off a goofy hoverboard.

New military tech was showcased at the annual Bastille Day parade in Paris, including the aforementioned flying contraption. French president Emmanuel Macron looked on as the “flyboard” soared above the parade while its rider held a rifle in his hand.

A video of the demonstration, tweeted by Macron, was the talk of the town on Twitter on Sunday morning. Read more…

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Early Prime Day deals: Amazon Fire tablets are *really* cheap


TL;DR: Amazon’s premier line of Fire Tablets are extremely cheap for Prime Day — the Fire 7, Fire HD 8, and Fire HD 10 are all on sale (plus others), exclusively for Prime Members.

So you already have a laptop and a smartphone, and you want a tablet so you can round out your tech collection, but do you really need to shell out hundreds of dollars for the newest iPad when your other devices already do a lot of the things it features? No.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to have a tablet in your possession — we just think it’s a better idea to save the cash instead of buying something that serves the same purpose as your smartphone for such a high price.  Read more…

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Early Prime Day deal: Fire TV Stick with Alexa remote is only $14.99


TL;DR: The best-selling Fire TV Stick is on sale for just $14.99 (a $25 discount), and comes packaged with the voice-controlled Alexa remote.

It’s easy to assume that most of us have “cut the cord” with the cable companies and switched over to an all-streaming entertainment setup. And there’s never been a better time to move over to streaming — with all the exclusive shows that are packaged with Netflix, Hulu, and others, it’s most people’s preferred way to watch TV. But if you haven’t done so just yet, here’s your chance for a price that you’re not going to find anywhere else.

The Fire TV Stick is a best-selling, pocket-sized streaming media player, and you can get one for just $14.99 during Amazon’s massive Prime Day sale — it comes bundled with an Alexa remote, too. Read more…

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Fearsome kittens terrorize a defenseless goat that’s 10 times their size


Don’t mess with kittens. Ever. Not these kittens, anyway.

Here’s what this video’s Moses Lake, Wash.-based creator had to say about the surreal scene of two kittens stalking a much larger goat as the latter sprints away in fear:

“It was my kittens first day outside in the back yard. They were very curious about what goats were. They decided to run after them because they had four legs as well. I came to find out that goats are scared of little [tiny] things running at them.”

That’s especially true, I’d guess, when those little tiny things have little tiny needle teeth and little tiny razor claws. That goat made the smart choice, is what I’m saying. Read more…

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Woody Harrelson rocks Wimbledon with full display of human emotion


“I don’t watch tennis. I watch Woody Harrelson watching tennis.” 

Voiced by Twitter user @trevorstweetss, but felt by the whole internet, the new international pastime of watching Woody Harrelson bask in the glow of sports was officially established on Saturday as the beloved actor stopped by Wimbledon for the men’s doubles championship. 

As Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah took to the court against Nicolas Mahut and Edouard Roger-Vasselin, Harrelson watched eagerly from the stands. It was a grueling nearly five-hour match, wrought with edge-of-your-seat tension as perfectly displayed by Harrelson and his Emmy Award-winning emotions.  Read more…

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Why absolutely everyone should be concerned about facial recognition


The tech world moves so quickly that dystopia can arrive without us realizing it.

That seems to be the trajectory we’re on with facial recognition. Some of the biggest names in the tech space are developing advanced facial recognition systems and selling them to governments around the world, but the general public might not fully understand all the risks they bring.

With prominent politicians like New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaking out about the dangers of facial recognition, it’s time to get caught up on why so many people are so concerned about the controversial tech. Read more…

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