Dad films wrong girl during graduation and his daughter totally calls him out


Watching your child graduate is a high honor for a parent, so naturally, you may want to capture it on video. Just make sure you film the right kid.

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Twitter user Georgia Wilde‏ was walking down the aisle at graduation when she spotted her father, except her dad was filming the person in front of her by mistake.

My dad legit filmed the wrong girl going down the isle at my graduation 😂😂😂 sums up my Dad 😩🎓

— Georgia Wilde (@GeorgiaBabyyy) July 20, 2017

Without missing a beat, Georgia calls out her dad, who then erupts in laughter.  Read more…

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Netflix bursts into Comic-Con with the first clip from Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’


If you’ve been wondering what Frank Castle’s been up to since we last saw him torching his home in Daredevil, Netflix’s Hall H panel offered some answers.

Comic-Con attendees on Friday were treated to a look at the first clip from The Punisher, which gets us up to speed with the black-clad vigilante.

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And we don’t think it’s a spoiler to say he hasn’t exactly found peace and happiness.

The clip opened with a shot of Frank Castle in happier times, teaching his young daughter to play guitar. In the present, he’s strumming the guitar all alone and looking very, very sad about it.  Read more…

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‘SNL’ says goodbye to Sean Spicer with the best Melissa McCarthy impressions


“Spicey out.”

That was the bittersweet caption Friday evening on Saturday Night Live’s tweet marking the probable end of Melissa McCarthy’s tenure as former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

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McCarthy’s been playing the role on the sketch comedy show since February and was hands down a fan favorite. She could imitate Spicer’s bumbling and short temper like a pro. Now with Spicer’s resignation, McCarthy’s impressions are probably doomed.

But we have SNL’s recap to entertain us one more time:

SNL packed in all the memories in their 45-second tribute to the comic genius that was McCarthy’s Spicey. There are fire extinguishers and leaf blowers, roving podiums, so much reporter mocking and of course, “Moose-lambs.” Read more…

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Pissed Netflix subscribers accuse Verizon of throttling video


Pour one out for net neutrality. Oh, and your Netflix binge sessions while you’re at it. 

As the FCC prepares to gut the regulations that require internet providers treat all online content equally, Verizon Wireless apparently decided to just get on with the damn thing and appeared to begin throttling the speed of some users’ video downloads. And, as no one likes the threat of their favorite show stuck in buffering hell, you’d better believe Netflix subscribers are pissed.

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On July 19, internet sleuths noticed something fishy was going on and took to Reddit to share evidence of what they saw as Verizon Wireless’s plan to ruin their stream-life. Specifically, it appeared that the company was capping video-download speeds at 10Mbps. Read more…

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Navy SEALS and other real-life heroes have patrolled Comic-Con in cosplay


No one wants to interrupt a Navy SEAL on duty — but radioactive turtles? Not a good way to blend in at Comic-Con, dude.

The Wrap reported Friday that Comic-Con security detail — including Navy SEALS, who are stationed at the base nearby — tried patrolling the halls of the San Diego Convention Center in superhero getups, like Superman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as recently as last year.

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“Problem is, they wanted to blend in, and people kept wanting pics,” an insider with knowledge of the security efforts told TheWrap. “Made it hard on them.” Read more…

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10 thoughts we had while watching the new ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer


The new ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer released during San Diego Comic Con today, dropping hints of the terrors and triumphs ahead. Much like one of Dany’s 747-sized dragons, we’re breathing fire all over it.

Here are 10 extensive thoughts, theories, and analyses we gleaned from just a single minute of the new Season 7 footage:

1. Cersei’s lobbying hard

Cersei called Daenerys the “Mad King’s daughter” who must be stopped because she will, “destroy the realm.” But, as the woman who launched a terror attack on her own city last season using the Mad King’s favorite chemical for mass destruction, we’d suggest she stop throwing stones from her glass house. The ‘Mad Queen’ sure has a lot more in common with the Mad King than Dany these days. Read more…

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The ‘Twin Peaks’ cast loves David Lynch so much it’s almost uncomfortable


From the way David Lynch treats his poor tortured and haunted characters onscreen, you would never guess how much real people love everything about being around him.

The love expressed Friday for the co-creator, director and star of Twin Peaks isn’t just your garden variety Hollywood glad-handing from a Comic-Con panel. Everyone always says how much they love working with each other here. 

But this is different. Actors really revere David Lynch. 

And of course Lynch is one of those directors who works with some of the same actors over decades — entire careers even. That inspires some mighty warm waves of praise and damn fine loyalty Read more…

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U.S. bans tourists from traveling to North Korea


The administration of President Donald Trump may have done something that people on all sides of the political spectrum agree on: American tourists will soon no longer be able to set foot in North Korea.

The State Department issued the new North Korea policy nearly one month to the day after the death of Otto Warmbier, an American citizen who was detained in North Korea for around 18 months before being released in a coma. He died soon after returning to the U.S., and he had evidently been brutalized by North Korean officials while he was detained.

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5 weird, and very expensive, space artifacts sold at auction


From a flight computer to a toy Snoopy, a space-themed auction on Thursday did not disappoint when it comes to strange outer space paraphernalia. 

The Sotheby’s auction had everything a space nerd could want, including the chance to bid online live through eBay. 

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But perhaps the best things about the auction were some of the truly strange items put up for bid. 

Here are five of our favorites:

An Apollo 11 bag stained with moon dust

Image: Sotheby’s/EBAY

Sold for: $1.5 million

What is it? This bag was probably the most controversial item up for auction. The bag — used by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to collect samples on the moon — has a long and storied history, which includes being effectively lost by NASA and sold at auction for only $995 in 2015, according to the space history website  Read more…

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