Azzedine Alaïa, known for pioneering designs and for ‘Clueless,’ dies at 82


“This is an Alaïa!”

The image of Cher refusing to lay on the ground when getting robbed at gunpoint in Clueless because of her designer dress is a lasting one. 

R.I.P. Azzedine Alaia 🖤

— Ira Madison III (@ira) November 18, 2017

The designer behind her red dress was equally iconic. Azzedine Alaïa died at 82 on Saturday. 

Alaïa was known for his independent spirit and as a pioneer of form-fitting, figure-defining fashion. Basically, he pioneered bodycon. 

“He used leather and knits to shape and support the body, transforming it into the best version of itself,” the New York Times wrote in his obituary.  Read more…

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Now we get the ‘Gilmore Girls’ joke about Katy Perry and some nuns


Remember in the Gilmore Girls revival when Lorelai Gilmore wanted to buy an old building owned by nuns to expand the Dragonfly Inn? 

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“If you’re interested you better move fast,” one of the nuns told her. “Katy Perry was sniffing around here earlier.” 

"Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" episode 4.

“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” episode 4.

Image: screenshot/netflix

If you didn’t get the joke then, here’s the explanation: Since 2015, Perry has been locked in a legal battle with a group of nuns in Los Angeles. 

Perry purchased a former convent for $14.5 million from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. A group of nuns who used to live in the convent with the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary opposed the sale and tried instead to sell the property to another buyer, Dana Hollister.  Read more…

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Australia just landed its first high performance centre for esports


Oceania’s esports industry just took a huge step forward.

Australia has opened its very first Esports High Performance Centre in Sydney, a new home base for Oceania’s leading League of Legends team, the LG Dire Wolves.

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Established in Sydney’s city sporting precinct, sitting in the side of Allianz Stadium looking towards the Sydney Cricket Ground, the facility aims to drive growth and development in Australia’s esports industry.

The facility will be stocked with new technology in eye-tracking and performance analysis, as part of a partnership with the University of Technology Sydney. Read more…

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Jessica Chastain absolutely skewers Hollywood’s sexist audition culture


Hollywood audition culture is notoriously sexist — celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Emmy Rossum have spoken out about it before. And in a new sketch from Friday’s Tonight Show, Jessica Chastain took another dig at the famously toxic process.

In the sketch, Chastain shows up at an audition to read for “Angela.” The part seems straightforward enough, until the casting director (played by Jimmy Fallon) starts asking her to “do it again, but hot” and, in a truly cringeworthy moment, to read her lines like a “spicy little peppermint with a secret.” (Of course, when a male actor comes in to audition, he receives no notes.) Read more…

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Maybe the problem with ‘Justice League’ is that it’s not enough like ‘Batman v Superman’


Justice League is fine. It’s fine! If you trust the Tomatometer, it is 13 percentage points more fine than its predecessor, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Justice League earned those points by going out of its way to address the criticisms lobbed at BvS, resulting in a film that’s lighter, funnier, more narratively straightforward. 

It’s just not nearly as interesting. And that’s a damn shame.

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Whatever its shortcomings, Batman v Superman felt like the product of a single distinctive vision. Maybe not the vision everyone wanted – maybe one that some people found annoying or unpleasant or even downright reprehensible – but a single distinctive vision nonetheless.  Read more…

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Y Combinator cuts ties with Peter Thiel


Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator has cut ties with Peter Thiel, BuzzFeed reported. 

The billionaire PayPal founder joined the accelerator as a part-time partner in 2015. Since then, he’s become better-known outside the tech world for funding the lawsuit that took down Gawker and for his support of Donald Trump. 

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Back in 2015, Y Combinator president Sam Altman said he was “delighted” to welcome Thiel and that he was “confident that Peter joining will be great for YC.” The blog post announcing Thiel’s start at Y Combinator now bears an editor’s note that says, “Peter Thiel is no longer affiliated with Y Combinator.”  Read more…

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Polarize your Thanksgiving guests by serving up a Hot Cheetos turkey


Interested in getting barred from all future family Thanksgivings? Consider bringing a turkey covered in Hot Cheetos dust to this year’s gathering.

We can all thank Reynolds (as in Reynolds wrap) for this creative and unique holiday treat. Please send all feedback to them and not to us.

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Per the recipe, all you must do to make a Hot Cheetos turkey is crush the snacks in a food processor, then use them as a coating for your bird — over a layer of butter, of course. You’ll then bake your turkey in an oven bag. Guess which brand of oven bag the recipe calls for? That’s right, friends. Reynolds. Read more…

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13 times nature was scary AF in 2017


Never underestimate the power of nature — it continues to be filled with the most alarming creepy crawlers in the world.

Every year it seems like there’s no escaping from what nature has to offer. There were 13 times (and definitely more) of nature not holding back from being absolutely terrifying.

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There’s no where to run from slithering snakes in gas pumps and bears breaking into your homes. 

1. When spider crabs ripped the crap out of an octopus

They didn’t even have one small ounce of remorse.  Read more…

2. This python attacking a hyena twice its size

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The worst questions you’ll hear this Thanksgiving and how to redirect the conversation


Thanksgiving is a time for the whole family to gather around the table and enjoy a delicious feast. But for most families, it’s not always fun and heartwarming, but rather a melting pot for questions you don’t want to answer and opinions from old people you never wanted to hear.

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So here are some of the worst questions you’ll hear this Thanksgiving, and some ways that you can try to redirect the conversation to something harmless.

“Explain your job again? It’s just temporary right?”

When this dreaded career question arises, a good diversion would be to yell, “This stuffing is really good, has anyone tried it yet?” If they ask you again, just continue repeating your question until they drop it and find that stuffing is really good. Read more…

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Use this cloud tool to revolutionize your workflow for less than $40


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What do employees at HBO, Spotify, Facebook, Netflix, MailChimp, Amazon, FourSquare, The New York Times, Tumblr, Etsy, BuzzFeed, and GitHub all have in common? Answer: They trust CloudApp with their content. Built to make collaboration seamless and easy, this all-inclusive platform allows you to share just about anything with your team while integrating productivity services like HipChat and Slack to streamline your workflow. 

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