Snap acquires drone company, may put eyes in the skies


All the pieces of Snap’s grand plan are coming together, the latest of which appears to be putting its camera technology atop drones. 

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At least that’s the obvious conclusion based on Snap’s acquisition of Ctrl Me Robotics for “under $1 million,” a deal that was first reported by Buzzfeed on Friday. Snap has not commented on the deal or the acquisition price.  

Although the report calls the Venice Beach-based company a drone manufacturer, a subsequent report from Variety indicates that Ctrl Me Robotics’ true expertise is customizing existing drones to be able to carry cameras rather than specializing in producing drones. Additionally, the Variety report claims that the deal actually occurred late last year.  Read more…

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Even Liam Payne can’t talk to Jay-Z without bringing on a bodyguard


One Direction’s Liam Payne probably has his own bodyguards, but that didn’t protect him from getting shoved out of the way by Jay-Z’s. The singer got a little too close when he tried to talk to the rapper and it didn’t go very well, Payne said on The Graham Norton Show.  

And Leonardo DiCaprio was there, too.  Read more…

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President Obama stays far away from America with Prince Harry


President Barack Obama moved on from his picture-perfect vacation in Italy for basically the next-best thing: hanging out with Prince Harry. 

The president met up with future Mr. Meghan Markle at Kensington Palace in London on Saturday, the palace shared on Twitter and Instagram. 

Prince Harry hosted former US President @BarackObama at Kensington Palace

— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) May 27, 2017

The two world leaders discussed “a range of shared interests, including support for veterans, mental health, conservation, empowering young people and the work of their respective foundations,” the palace noted.  Read more…

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LED eyelashes are the future of making your eyes literally light up


We see your glitter tears and barbed wire eyebrows, but if you really want to take beauty into the future, you’ll at least consider these LED eyelashes. 

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Dubbed F.Lashes, the illuminated eyelashes appear to change display animations depending on how you tilt your head or move your body. 

The LED eyelashes will come in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow, green, and can be applied using normal eyelash glue, no elaborate cybernetic surgery required. 

Co-creator and Arduino designer Tien Pham showed the F.Lashes off on Friday. According to Pham, the lights on the LED eyelashes are powered by a tiny 3.3 volt watch battery and last about four hours. He also claims that they hold up well when exposed to sweat and don’t emit any noticeable heat.  Read more…

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These terrible dress shirts must go


At some point between late 2015 and early 2016, the ubiquitous cold-shoulder top took hold of fast fashion and has since refused to let go. You know the ones — those dumb, otherwise long-sleeved shirts with holes inexplicably cut from the shoulder. True to name, they make your shoulders cold and your life just a little bit worse. 

Now another another unforgivable trend is creeping its way into fast fashion stores across America. 

The style: Deconstructed shirting. 

The look: Business attire made borderline unwearable. 

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‘Terminator 2’ entirely recreated in ‘Grand Theft Auto’


There are Terminator movie fans and then there are beautiful maniacs like this guy who recreated the entire Terminator 2 movie using Grand Theft Auto V

We already know that the GTA modding community is incredibly creative, but the dedication and attention to detail required by this project is mind blowing. Just about everything is there: the motorcycle chase, the flashback scenes to the robot resistance led by John Connor, the Terminator’s nude time travel arrival, and even the liquid metal effects of the new, improved T-1000 Terminator. 

Put together by a Moscow, Russia-based YouTube user calling himself Kramer’s Media, the film lasts about an hour, so it’s not an exact, minute-by-minute duplicate of the original. Nevertheless, with all the major plot points intact, this may rank as the greatest GTA mod ever made. Give this guy a movie script and some real humans, I think he’s ready for Hollywood.  Read more…

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President Trump left TripAdvisor reviews for the Middle East and just, wow


President Trump wants to voice his opinions on the Middle East and no, not through some archaic Washington-insider liberal elitist speech.

The man wants to communicate his worldview the best way he knows how — by yelling on the internet. Returning from his trip in the Middle East, the president has graciously left behind his TripAdvisor reviews for each and every country he visited. Trump got the travel bug! 

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Who needs pesky press pools when we can have the president color in fun little stars instead?

It’s about time that the presidency dumped anachronistic policy briefings in favor of going mobile.  Read more…

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The movement behind the rose emoji that you probably don’t know about


Up until 2016, the Rose emoji only had two days in the sun: Mothers’ Day and Valentines’ Day.

Since before the election of 2016, however, rose emoji began popping up in droves on social media, not as aesthetic, but as symbols.

Placed next to usernames and in bios, the rose emoji signals more than an undying love for American Beauty: it indicates membership in the Democratic Socialists of America. 

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The DSA, which boasts a Twitter following of more than 70,000, first started to amplify their social media presence after Bernie Sanders began his campaign for the presidency in 2015, a DSA spokesperson told Mashable.  Read more…

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There’s more to worry about at Etsy than just canceled internships


It’s a weird time to be at Etsy — or not allowed to start there. 

The Brooklyn-based marketplace for handmade, unique, and artsy goods — once known as one of the best places to work in tech — replaced its CEO and laid off 8 percent of its staff in early May. 

Then this week, the company told some of its interns, scheduled to start within the next few weeks, that they wouldn’t have jobs for the summer. Even worse, the company rescinded at least one full-time job offer it made to a Class of 2017 graduate last fall, people with knowledge of the situation said. An Etsy spokesperson confirmed that the company scaled back its internship program but said they didn’t cancel the program entirely. Etsy declined to comment on any full-time offers.  Read more…

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