2 professional soccer players vs. 30 kids is a surprisingly close match


In the age old matchup of quality v. quantity, it’s not always the former that comes out on top.

Then again, in the above game between two professional Liverpool players and 30 members of the pre-Academy under 9s squad, everyone is high quality. It’s just that two of the players have had longer to perfect their skills.

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We don’t want to spoil the ending, but we will say this: it’s a very closely fought contest. Read more…

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This guy’s cleverly placed sign got him a new car… sort of


A very small percentage of social media users will ever know what that #spon life is all about. One Twitter user got a glimpse of it and immediately knew that he wanted more.

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British artist Hector Janse van Rensburg a.k.a. Shitty Watercolour tweeted an image of himself chilling in his bathtub next to a bottle of Radox shower gel. 

Good morning. despite the alluring exploration of the male form combined with a strong brand placement this is not a sponsored tweet pic.twitter.com/4swbw3V7E1

— Shitty Watercolour (@SWatercolour) May 6, 2017 Read more…

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Please stop driving into this house, it’s had 48 cars crash into it in 2016 alone


The first thing you see at this house is a huge yellow banner with the Chinese character for “slow.”

That’s because 48 cars and trucks barrelled into the family’s front yard last year alone.

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According to a report by the Beijing Youth Daily, the house in Heilongjiang, northern China, is situated by a road leading to a highway.

The house is by a 90-degree angled junction, so cars can’t slow down in time when taking the turn after the highway — and end up crashing through the house’s fencing.

Image: Beijing Youth Daily/Weibo Read more…

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Live out your Sailor Moon cosplay fantasies with her official phone and selfie-stick wand


Let your love for all things kawaii shine bright, with the official Sailor Moon phone and its matching wand selfie stick.

The phone, by Chinese selfie app maker Meitu, is a limited edition of its latest M8 model — an upgrade of the T8, that was just released in February.

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Meitu’s app is one of Asia’s most popular downloads. The beauty app tweaks and airbrushes photos to fix blemishes, but it’s also capable of more dramatic alterations.

Image: meitu

This phone (and wand) are no less intense. A Meitu spokesperson revealed that the officially licensed set has also received its blessing from the original Sailor Moon artist, Takeuchi Naoko. Read more…

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A Russian blogger was sentenced for playing ‘Pokémon Go’ in a church


If you happen to be in Russia, don’t play Pokémon Go inside a church. Even if that bloody Mewtwo is hiding there. You might end up in jail. 

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A 22-year-old Russian blogger, Ruslan Sokolovsky, was just given a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence after posting a video he took of himself playing Pokémon Go inside the Church of All Saints in Yekaterinburg, Russia. 

The court found the blogger guilty of “inciting religious hatred” and insulting religious believers, the same offence that sent two members of the Pussy Riot feminist punk collective to prison for two years in 2012.  Read more…

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A herd of cows stampeding into this guy’s garden is hilariously shocking


Scotland’s beautiful countryside is home to herds of different farm animals that you’d expect to find grazing on some rolling green pastures — not stampeding through your tiny back garden.

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On Monday, a Twitter user named Liam shared a hilariously shocking video of a frantic group of cows who had gotten loose and somehow crashed into his very gated back garden. 

It’s one of those sights that makes you question your vision and ask: what the hell just happened?

The video went viral on Twitter.

@LiamMcGarry67 @matt_mccallion Good for the grass that 💩💩

— Stevie Carnie (@StevieCarnie) May 9, 2017 Read more…

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Google buys VR company Owlchemy


In case you needed more proof that Google is serious about virtual reality, here’s a bit of news for you: The Mountain View company has acquired Owlchemy, as announced by both companies on their respective blogs. 

Owlchemy has been around for six years, and in that time it launched several notable VR games, including Job Simulator (the game that HTC used for its Vive demos) and, more recently, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality which is available for HTC Vive as well as Oculus. 

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The company said in a post it will “continue building high quality VR content for platforms like the HTC Vive, Oculus Touch, and PlayStation VR.” Read more…

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Weird video of a squirting clam proves nature needs to be stopped


Just when you think nature can’t get any weirder, you see a video a clam doggedly burying itself in the sand before squirting a jet of inky black water out of a rubbery little hole in its body.

The clip above was shared by the Weather Channel’s Facebook page on Wednesday, and it’s quickly racked up over 2.7 million views at the time of writing.

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It’s not hard to see why. The clip sits in that strange no man’s land between fascinating, sort of cute (at least at first), and ultimately just a bit gross.

For anyone with a burning urge to learn more, this Discover Magazine article does a pretty good job of explaining the razor clam’s digging habits. Read more…

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Woman does solo wedding shoot after she finds out she has terminal cancer


When she was younger, 27-year-old Q May Chen always dreamt of what her wedding photoshoot would look like.

But she was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer before she could find a partner with whom to make that dream a reality.

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Undeterred, she decided to fulfil her wish anyway — by herself.

Image: Q May chen/facebook



Chen, who is from Taiwan, was first diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in 2013. 

She was declared cancer-free after receiving treatment, but two years later, she received bad news, that she cancer was back — and had worsened to stage four. Read more…

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Badass grandma quits job with brutally blunt notice letter


Everyone who’s ever worked in a bad job will have dreamed of handing in a notice letter like this one.

Not many people are as brave as Marlene, though.

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On Wednesday, Kaitlyn McGrory from Glasgow, Scotland, shared a picture of what she claims is the letter her grandmother handed in when leaving her job.

Nah man my grans notice for leaving her work 😭😭 wish a was kidding on pic.twitter.com/kHJkSEsrY6

— kaitlyn (@_kaitlynmcgrory) May 10, 2017

“Yee Ha”.

Obviously we have no way of proving that Marlene’s letter isn’t just a glorious fabrication — McGrory could always have typed the thing herself for sweet, sweet internet points after all (we’ve reached out to her on Twitter and will update this article if we receive a response). Read more…

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