George Lucas’ L.A. museum is a titillating ‘Veep’ reference


This is obviously accidental, but the resemblance is stunningly close.

The George Lucas-conceived Museum of Narrative Art just got approval to break ground in Los Angeles, and the artist rendering of architect Ma Yansong’s building looks a little familiar. Especially if you’re a Veep fan.

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The HBO series’ sixth season, which concluded on Sunday, delivered a look at Selina Meyer’s long-in-the-making Presidential Library. See it for yourself and compare it to the Lucas museum (above).

Image: hbo

If you’re not caught up on Veep, you’re probably wondering why this is so funny. I’ll let the words of President Meyer’s daughter-in-law, Marjorie Palmiotti, tell the story: Read more…

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Want to pre-order a Super NES Classic? Watch these websites


How can Nintendo be so good about building hype and so bad when it comes to delivering on that hype?

A lot of us want to buy a Super NES Classic Edition, but the sad truth is: only a fraction will actually be able to do that. Unless you actually know someone at Nintendo, you’re stuck relying on a right place/right time scenario to work out in your favor.

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As much as I don’t want any of you swooping in to buy a Classic that could have been mine, I’m also here to help you, our dear readers. So here’s my not-at-all-guaranteed strategy for throwing $80 at Nintendo in exchange for a Star Fox 2 machine. Read more…

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Britney Spears has HAD IT with your lip-syncing accusations


Attention world: Do not hit Britney Spears with lip-syncing accusations ONE. MORE. TIME. She’s so over it. 

The iconic singer whose posters decorated lockers in the ’90s and fashion statements inspired many glorious Halloween costumes through the years is well aware of all those lip-syncing accusations made about her over the course of her career. And she wants everyone to know they piss her off.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, in Spears’ recent interview with an Israeli TV show she finally addressed the rumors that followed her for decades. Read more…

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The latest ransomware attack used an alleged NSA exploit


An alleged NSA hacking tool has again surfaced to haunt the world.

Organizations across the globe — including Boryspil International in Kiev, Ukraine, a Russian oil company and an advertising company in the United Kingdom — have stalled out on Tuesday as a type of ransomware known as Petya has locked up their computers, demanding bitcoin in exchange for the return of those computers’ functionality.

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The tool the ransomware uses to get inside computers is called Eternal Blue, and it’s more of an exploit than a tool. Leaked by a group (or person) known as the Shadow Brokers back in April, Eternal Blue is an exploit that finds a way into the transport protocols (think file sharing mechanisms and such) of computers running Windows that haven’t been patched in a few months. It’s proven to be a key ingredient for hackers looking to access a lot of Windows machines. Read more…

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You’re going to want to help fund these Kickstarter campaigns, like ASAP


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

Kickstarter has created a wave of opportunity for entrepreneurs. From video games, to 3D printers, to VR headsets, the crowdsharing platform has become a hotbed for innovation, helping to launch upwards of 127,000 successful campaigns over the years.            

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But with thousands of projects on this crowdfunding site at any given time, it can be difficult to know which ones to back. You only have so much cash to spend in support of neat gadgets and creative ventures, after all.    Read more…

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The global app economy could quadruple to a whopping $6 trillion in the next four years


The global app economy is expected to more than quadruple in size within the next four years.

That’s according to a report released this week from research firm App Annie, which estimates the current $1.3 trillion market could grow to a whopping $6.3 trillion by 2021. 

That value encompasses advertising, in-app transactions, and other forms of mobile commerce as well as sales of the apps themselves. 

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Meanwhile, the number of app users worldwide will double to 6.3 billion, researchers predict, suggesting that business opportunities to squeeze maximum cash from each app user are far from fully realized. Read more…

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Kid thinks it’s a great idea to play with a garden hose, until he learns the hard truth


Summertime means finding creative ways to beat the heat and this kid seems to think playing with the garden hose will be a great way to stay cool.

That is until he actually tries it. His reaction is just too funny and too adorable. Even though he’s maybe not having the best of times, we can enjoy his experience. 

Maybe he’ll try to keep his eyes closed next time.  Read more…

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Apple wants to hire Siri a personal assistant to keep up with the cool kids


Are you tired of that awkward moment when you ask Siri to check if it’s National Awkward Moments Day and your iPhone leaves you in a lurch?

Apple’s AI assistant is tasked with answering your questions and keeping track of your busy schedule, but Siri can’t always keep up with all the events jamming the packed-out pop culture calendar. The blind spot for fabricated social media events, aka hashtag holidays, is apparently so glaring that Apple is searching for a real person to add some expertise to the AI. 

The iPhone maker recently listed a new job posting,  spotted by 9to5Mac, for a “Siri Event Maven.” The ad’s thirst is palpable, incorporating some cringeworthy recruiter-speak to describe a position that will essentially serve as an assistant for Apple’s own AI assistant to keep it up to speed on what the cool kids are buzzing about.  Read more…

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Screenshots are about to get so much better in iOS 11


Managing screenshots on your iPhone is about to get a whole lot easier.

One of the biggest changes Apple introduced with iOS 11 is the ability to quickly edit and share your screenshots as soon as you take them, without having to hunt them down in the Photos app.

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This is thanks to improvements to a feature called Markup, which is what allowed you to add doodles and annotations to photos beginning with iOS 10. But the feature was easy to miss if you didn’t know where to look.

Apple has now streamlined that process with iOS 11, putting Markup one-touch away whenever you take a new screenshot. Now, when you snap a new screenshot, the image appears in the bottom left corner of your phone. Read more…

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Car rental companies are nervous about driverless cars, so they’re doing something about it


The self-driving car race has some new entrants: rental-car companies. 

Two high-profile moves reported this week link driverless cars with Big Car Rental: Google’s Waymo entered partnership with Avis to storing and maintaining autonomous vehicles, while Apple’s self-driving Lexuses have been linked to Hertz in news that, notably, hasn’t been officially confirmed by either company.    

The two pairings will serve different purposes for the companies involved, but both point to one of the practical concerns about self-driving cars: managing the vehicle fleets once they’re free from drivers. The rental-car companies introduce a new intermediary between the companies building the autonomous systems and the riders of the fleets of autonomous cars that will eventually take over the roads. Read more…

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