MIT’s new drones that both fly and drive could be huge for creating flying cars


Thanks to a team of researchers at MIT, we’re one step closer to finally having the flying car technology that science fiction of the 1950s promised us. But that progress also means we’re one step closer to drones and robots taking over everything. (Which to be fair, they already kind of are.) 

A team at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) is working to help achieve all our flying car dreams by developing drones that can both drive and fly.

The team at CSAIL recently released a paper in which they lay out the plans for their project. It includes eight quadcopter drones with the ability to fly or drive through a course that includes parking lots, landing pads, and no-fly zones. The algorithm essentially lays out the base for large-scale transportation.  Read more…

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The creator of Pepe the Frog wants his meme back from 4chan


Cartoonist Matt Furie wants to wrest control of a meme away from virulent internet cesspools and turn it back into the funny, chill character he created.

We wish him luck, because he’s going to need it.

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Furie held a faux funeral for Pepe the Frog last month after his creation had warped into an international symbol of alt-right racism and bigotry, but now he’s started a Kickstarter campaign to give his character a new life on the page and the interwebs.

Furie first drew Pepe as a “chill-frog dude” in 2006 as part of an ensemble of characters in a series he named “Boy’s Club.” The frog eventually made his way to the internet, where, naturally he was memed. Then, in late 2015, racists who inhabit certain corners of the internet got a hold of him. Read more…

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What you missed at VidCon 2017, according to someone who’s been to every one


People go to VidCon to take selfies with YouTube stars. For the last eight years, I’ve gone to learn about the changing landscape and the future of video.  

What Woodstock was to music, VidCon is to digital video. I’ve attended from the beginning, so I’ve gotten to see the  event mature from 1,400 people attending taking over the Hyatt Regency in LA into an influencer marketing epicenter with tens of thousands of attendees. The secret is out: advertising and entertainment businesses are finally learning that independent creators can meaningfully move a brand’s publicity needle among their audiences.  Read more…

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Could Netflix’s new ’90s drama be the next ‘Stranger Things’?


’80s nostalgia helped put Stranger Things on the map, so it’s no surprise that Netflix is channeling another beloved era for its next new dramedy.

Described as a quirky, funny coming of age story, Everything Sucks! follows an A/V club and a Drama club who collide in 1996 Oregon. 

The show will consist of 10 half-hour episodes, created by Like Crazy writer Ben York Jones and Save the Date director Michael Mohan, who will executive produce along with Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg, Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec.

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Facebook just hit 2 billion monthly active human content-sharing servitude machines (or: “users”)


So, the world’s only got 7 billion people in it, and only 3.2 billion are online. On Tuesday, Facebook announced that they reached 2 billion monthly active users. So, yeah: Nearly two-thirds of the people on the Internet are on Facebook. Insert the You know what’s really cool? joke here.

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That scale’s something the tech journalism world, Wall Street investors, and advertisers have whispered about since Facebook has, quarter by quarter, climbed upward, towards that number. Facebook last reported in May 1.94 billion monthly active users, timed with its quarterly earnings report. Read more…

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Taco Bell actually went ahead and married a hungry couple


Yeah, I’ll have a Crunchy Taco Supreme and one wedding please. 

Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda were the first couple to get married at Taco Bell’s Las Vegas Cantina flagship restaurant and the first couple the fast food chain has married. 

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The lucky couple was selected after sending in a 30-second video to enter the Love and Tacos Contest. In the video, they explained why they deserved to be wed surrounded by crunchy, spicy goodness, and expressed Dan’s adoration for the delicious chain. 


— Dan Ryckert (@DanRyckert) March 2, 2017 Read more…

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Jake the extremely good waterboy is the star of minor league baseball


You know what would make professional baseball more exciting? If it were played with puppies instead of people. But alas…

Minor league baseball is getting something right, however, by having Jake the Diamond Dog be the best damn waterboy we’ve ever seen. Monday night at the Fort Wayne TinCaps game, the incredibly good Golden Retriever brought water to thirsty umpires between innings. Zach Groth, sports anchor at ABC21 WPTA News, posted this video of the pup doing his very important job.

Jake the Diamond Dog is at the @TinCaps game, and he’s still amazing.

cc: @Lana

— Zach Groth (@Zach_ABC21) June 27, 2017 Read more…

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Someone put Drake in a movie because his ‘Get Out’ Steph Curry parody is absolutely perfect


In addition to the new songs Drake’s been churning out, the Canadian rapper took some time to host the NBA Awards. During his hosting gig, he flexed his acting chops with hilarious skits—one that poked fun of everyone’s favorite point guard. 

Drake mocked Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry’s home-loving lifestyle with a Get Out parody, using themes from the critically acclaimed horror film to explain for why he’s never out partying with the rest of the team.  

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Kylie Bunbury from Pitch and Lil Rel of Get Out fame join Drake to poke fun at Ayesha Curry and Draymond Green, respectively. In this hilarious skit, ‘Green’ tries to persuade ‘Steph’ to celebrate his win with the Warriors, while ‘Ayesha’ has other plans (that involves tea and “the sunken place”).  Read more…

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Snapchat maps can figure out what you’re doing and it’s either cool or creepy


Snap Maps don’t just tell your friends where you are; they also disclose a few of your activities. And it’s freaking people out big time. 

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Anyone who’s found themselves lurking on Snap Maps since it launched last week might have spotted a few quirky details that occasionally pop up on people’s Bitmojis. Some Bitmojis are appearing in yellow cars, planes, and even on big armchairs. And, some people’s Bitmojis are disappearing from the maps completely without them switching on Ghost Mode. 

So, what exactly is going on? 

According to Snapchat, these Bitomojis are actually called “Actionmojis” and they appear when Snapchat pulls in things like your location, the time of day ,or your speed of travel. These Actionmojis are supposed to contextualise your friends’ placement on the maps. The feature doesn’t track any of those things while you’re off the app, only when you’re active in the app.  Read more…

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Now you can watch a slick SpaceX rocket landing in augmented reality


SpaceX keeps landing its rockets back on Earth after launching to space. But if you can’t make it to Florida for a Falcon 9 landing yourself, now you can check it out in augmented reality. 

A new 20-second video shows off what it would be like to watch a miniature Falcon 9 first stage land on a virtual drone ship in a backyard pool.

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Usually these kinds of landings happen on a square-shaped drone ship in the Pacific or Atlantic oceans, but hey, the scaled-down version is pretty awesome in its own right. 

Developer Tomás García created the augmented reality video using ARkit, a tool that allows users to create their own augmented reality videos. Read more…

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