Snapchat buys a company to help it better track your whereabouts


Snap may have lost a bunch of money last quarter, and by a bunch we mean $2.2 billion. But it’s just a young company trying to build a sustainable business model—and that means adding some “creepy” advertising. 

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Placed, its latest acquisition first reported by GeekWire Monday and confirmed to Mashable by Snap, may help on that mission. 

The Seattle-based startup is focused on tracking and measuring consumers locations via their smartphones and using those insights to empower mobile advertising. 

Snapchat already offers a “Snap to Store” product that helps advertisers track sales from online to in-store, but that product is limited to only Snapchat and snap data. For example, 80 percent of Snapchat users take snaps in restaurants, according to a study by Greenberg Strategy that Snap commissioned.  Read more…

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Someone’s already been arrested for allegedly leaking an NSA report to The Intercept


The story of a leaked NSA report detailing Russia’s alleged attempts to infiltrate US voting infrastructure ahead of the 2016 presidential election just took a sharply unexpected turn. 

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, has been arrested and is in custody, with officials saying they have identified her as the source of the documents leaked to The Intercept.

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The Intercept broke the story of the National Security Agency report on June 5, noting that it “indicates that Russian hacking may have penetrated further into U.S. voting systems than was previously understood.”  Read more…

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Chill bear breaks into family home to play their piano


A black bear broke into a Colorado home and used the opportunity to play the family’s piano.

After coming home to a trashed kitchen, a family in Vail, Colorado, suspected that a burglar broke into their house. After checking their security footage, they discovered it was actually a bear and not a robber, Fox 5 reports. 

According to the family, the bear broke into the home through an open window, and fortunately, it left before anyone arrived home. Read more…

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Apple’s macOS update finally opens up VR, HTC Vive to Mac developers


With all the recent talk from Tim Cook about Apple’s focus on augmented reality, it came as a bit of a surprise on Monday at WWDC when the company unveiled new support for virtual reality content creation. 

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Along with the new High Sierra version of the macOS, Apple introduced Metal 2, the company’s advanced graphics technology that will support VR rendering and external GPUs (Apple’s new 27-inch iMac and iMac Pro will support VR right out of the box).

And this wasn’t a mere “hat tip” to VR at the event, Apple actually gave a full demonstration of VR creation using a Mac live on stage. Led by John Knoll of Industrial Light and Magic, we got to see an HTC Vive user dive into a demo of a Star Wars experience (the title wasn’t identified, but it appears to be ILMxLab immersive content the team has been working on) that was developed using the Unreal engine.  Read more…

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Daenerys will have a ‘frightening’ journey in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, and she’s not alone


There’s only room for one Mad Queen on Game of Thrones, and currently, Cersei Lannister seems to fit that description perfectly — right down to her penchant for burning her political opponents with wildfire. 

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But no House produces crazy monarchs like the Targaryens, and Daenerys is finally heading to Westeros in Season 7. Some fans have speculated that — despite her desire to “break the wheel” and stop the endless war between the Great Houses —  she might follow in her father’s footsteps and go a little power-mad once she gets a taste for battle.  Read more…

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OMG the best thing Apple unveiled at WWDC is a $29 Apple Pencil case


Apple has done it again. 

The Macintosh, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad all forever changed the personal-computing landscape, but the visionaries over at 1 Infinite Loop are not about to start coasting on their space-gray laurels. At the June 5 WWDC in San Jose, Apple once again elicited a collective gasp of amazement from the world when it unveiled its latest groundbreaking advancement: a $29 case for the Apple Pencil. 

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Coming in saddle brown, taupe, midnight blue, and black, the “beautifully crafted” leather case is sure to turn heads and win hearts.   Read more…

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New leaked NSA hacking report is ‘House of Cards’ IRL


New top secret National Security Agency (NSA) documents reportedly surfaced Monday, and they brought with them the alarming suggestion that Russian military intelligence officials attempted to hack into the U.S. voting system ahead of the November election.

The report, which was dated May 5 and obtained by The Intercept, details how hackers from the GRU, or the Russian General Staff Main Intelligence Directorate, attacked an elections software and hardware company just before the November election.

It’s terrifying stuff—and it sounds just like a plot point from the political drama House of Cards. Read more…

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What Apple’s new HomePod looks like, according to the internet


Apple finally announced its new smart speaker, the HomePod.

The Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor promises better sound and uses Siri to do things like play music, control smart devices, and answer questions for $349. 

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While it just revealed Monday at WWDC, the internet already has some thoughts on what the HomePod looks like.

A trash can

HomePod somehow looks more like a trash can than the Mac Pro

— Michael Steeber (@MichaelSteeber) June 5, 2017

A Mac Pro + trash can

Włóż śmietnik do śmietnika i masz głośnik 😀 #HomePod

— Jakub Mróz (@kubamroz) June 5, 2017 Read more…

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Hero teen has the perfect senior photo, to the eternal embarrassment of his mother


Your senior year of high school tends to be a year of unabashed rebellion, from the first day of classes up to the senior picture in your yearbook. 

Redditor OrangeGills is a teen who knows what he likes, and that includes heroic poses and bad Photoshopping. So naturally, he took a glorious picture combining the two. His mother told him to not use this photo as his senior picture. Wrong move.

Not only did he use it, but he found the perfect quote to go with it.

Luckily, his classmate shared the masterpiece with the world.

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Alphabet, Google’s parent company, joins the $1,000 club


What could you buy with $1,000? A new MacBook? A pair of Louboutins? How about one share of Alphabet stock?

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, crossed a major threshold Monday by passing $1,000 per share, just six days after Amazon reached the same milestone. 

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It’s nothing to sneeze at; only one other stock on the S&P 500 index (Priceline) has a stock price in the quadruple digits. Alphabet’s stock price has been surging this year, and the company’s market value, about $680 billion, is second only to Apple. 

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Stock Hits $1,000. Should You Buy?. #Tech #stocks

— Top Tech Stocks 🇺🇸 (@Top_Tech_Stocks) June 5, 2017 Read more…

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