Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s sad effort to defend a secret dinner with Trump

Watch Mark Zuckerberg's sad effort to defend a secret dinner with Trump

Mark Zuckerberg is many things, but an eloquent and reasoned defender of secret meetings with the world’s most powerful is not one of them. 

The most awkward man in tech for some reason recently decided to sit for an interview with CBS’s morning news co-host Gayle King to discuss, along with his wife Priscilla Chan, the duo’s Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative. Segments of the interview, more of which will be broadcast on Dec. 3, are peppered with what we have come to know as classic Zuckerberg moments. That is to say, the CEO stammered as he attempted, and failed, to convincingly defend controversial actions such as a recent hush-hush dinner with Donald Trump. Read more…

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