Travis Kalanick resigns as CEO of Uber


Shortly after taking a leave of absence from his role as CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick has now resigned from the post, The New York Times reported Wednesday. 

According to the report, five of Uber’s major investors demanded Kalanick’s resignation on Tuesday, including venture capital firms Benchmark and Fidelity. 

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The investors had sent Kalanick a letter titled “Moving Uber Forward” in which they asked Kalanick to resign immediately. Kalanick will remain on Uber’s board of directors.

The decision comes after a very tough period for the company, filled with gaffes and accusations of a misogynistic workplace culture. In one incident, Kalanick himself was caught on video berating an Uber driver; in another, more recent episode, an Uber board member made a sexist joke at a meeting on sexism.  Read more…

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