IKEA’s super cheap smart bulbs will soon work with all your favorite assistants


IKEA is pushing to make your home smarter — so it just teamed up with some of the biggest players in the connected home space. 

The Swedish home design retailer’s TRÅDFRI smart lighting system will soon be compatible with some of the most common smart home hubs on the market: Apple Homekit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. The company announced the news in a Swedish language press release, which was spotted by Mac Rumors.

The bulbs will work alongside other connected devices in the smart home and answer to the voice commands, according to the release. The TRÅDFRI system will also be far cheaper than other connected lights on the market, making the platform an enticing gateway for homeowners holding off on smart appliances because of their high cost. There’s no specific date for the new compatibility, with broad target of “summer and autumn” teased in the announcement. Read more…

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This hot MacBook replacement is from a company you’ve never heard of


Laptops are hot fire once again.

Microsoft announced its first laptop, the Surface Laptop, earlier this month, and now Huawei, the world’s third-largest phone manufacturer, is getting into Windows 10 laptops, too.

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Though Huawei is known mostly for its budget and midrange phones (more recently with its Honor sub-brand) in the U.S., the Chinese tech giant has made more concerted efforts to be seen as a premium device maker.

The company’s flagship P10 phone sits with the best Android phones. Hell, Huawei’s even hired former “Get a Mac” actor Justin Long to push its products. Read more…

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UNICEF launches free app that converts your daily steps into life-saving nutrition


UNICEF is ramping up its efforts to help American kids get active and save lives, and it’s using tech to do it.

Two years after it officially launched its Kid Power fitness bands, which help kids convert their daily steps into life-saving nutrition for malnourished children in the developing world, the organization has launched a free app for people of all ages to use their physical activity for good. 

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The UNICEF Kid Power app, now available for iOS and Android, tracks your activity through your smartphone — the iPhone’s Health app, for example — or through your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or other fitness tracker connected to your phone. Every 2,500 steps you take earns you a point, and 10 points “unlock” a ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) package that UNICEF, through the program’s sponsors, will deliver to a child with severe acute malnutrition. Read more…

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Pinterest is making food porn work for you


Want a recipe to make that great salad you bought at the deli? Pinterest can help.

Ever since its inception, food has been a large and important category for Pinterest. Food is the most searched category on Pinterest, and most frequently marked as “tried,” a tag that indicates what DIY projects users actually tried out at home. ​Now Pinterest is introducing dedicated features to help pinners find recipes.

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Using Lens, the company’s visual search and image-recognition feature, Pinterest can now help you find recipes simply by taking photos of your food. Using “dish recognition,” Lens analyzes the photo you took to recognize what the dish might be and then suggest related recipes.  Read more…

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8 fun ‘Bachelorette’ contestants who unfortunately didn’t make the final cast


As Rachel Lindsay narrows her search for a fiancé from a field of 31 men to one, in the thirteenth season of The Bachelorette, fans can be sure that all the romance, contestant in-fighting, and incredible moments they’ve come to expect from the show will be present.

What many fans don’t realize, however, is that The Bachelorette‘s field of potential future husbands is rigorously trimmed over dozens of rounds of close inspection by producers.

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Take a look at just a handful of the men who just missed the cut for this seasons roster of bachelors below. Better luck next year, fellas! Read more…

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Katy Perry brings the Taylor Swift feud to Carpool Karaoke because nowhere is safe


Carpool Karaoke is an innocuous institution of a pop star’s press tour. “Hey, they seem fun,” we say every damn time. But now the carefree affair is tainted with bad blood. 

Katy Perry took a ride with James Corden during his primetime special, and after an endearing rendition of “Firework,” he couldn’t resist asking her about Taylor Swift.

“I want to talk to you about some famous beef. Because there’s Taylor beef,” asked Corden, in all his aw shucks wonder. “When are we going to clear that beef up?” Corden just wants all his best friends to be best friends, you see! 

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Shep Smith shuts down former Trump advisor for politicizing the Manchester attack


Shep Smith has absolutely no time for people looking to talk politics in the face of tragedy.

This became abundantly clear when James Woolsey, a former Trump advisor attempted to use the the deadly attack at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night as a means to bash Barack Obama’s time in office. Woolsey’s efforts were swiftly shut down by the Fox News anchor, who adamantly reminded him the investigation had not yet determined the cause of the explosion.

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When Woolsey, a former CIA director who advised President Trump during his campaign, spoke with Smith about the heartbreaking explosion that left 22 dead and 59 people injured near in Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom, it quickly became clear he was looking to politicize the incident. Read more…

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10,000 bitcoin bought 2 pizzas in 2010 — and now it’d be worth $20 million


It’s a big week for bitcoin — and for pizza. 

Monday marked Bitcoin Pizza Day — the date seven years ago when Laszlo Hanyecz completed the first ever purchase with bitcoin. Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin, a quantity of the cryptocurrency that is now worth more than $21 million. 

Bitcoin aficionados use that milestone every year to track the growth of the cryptocurrency. 

The #Bitcoin pizza is worth $20,509,958 today. (-0.15% from yesterday) Today is Bitcoin pizza day!

— Bitcoin Pizza (@bitcoin_pizza) May 22, 2017

The #Bitcoin pizza is worth $21,453,066 today. (+4% from yesterday)

— Bitcoin Pizza (@bitcoin_pizza) May 23, 2017 Read more…

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Justin Trudeau waving to prom goers gets the Photoshop battle we’ve been waiting for


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knows how to throw the internet into a frenzy. Whether it’s making everyone swoon by wearing a cool firefighter jacket, showing up to a meeting wearing Star Wars socks, or challenging Matthew Perry to a fight, he knows what the people want and gives it to them.

Now, Trudeau is taking over prom season. The Canadian prime minister surprised a group of prom goers when he jogged passed their group photos for the big night. And of course, he stopped to take a few selfies before running off. 

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