Son fires Nerf gun at poor mom with incredible accuracy


Mother’s Day this year was all about showering our moms with love, telling them how much we appreciate them, and apparently, shooting them with Nerf guns. Moms just never stop putting up with all of the annoying things we do, even on their day.

Youtube user Brant Coltrain uploaded this video of him firing a Nerf bullet at his poor, innocent mom when she isn’t looking. She just happens to be blowing a bubble with her gum at the exact second of firing, and the foam pellet lands directly on the formed bubble and miraculously sticks to the gum. The accuracy is impeccable. 

This mom is impressed with her son’s shot, too, but moments like this are the reason why every day needs to be Mother’s Day.  Read more…

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Veterinary nurse makes colorful, custom casts for animals post-surgery


Up there on the list of “most heart-wrenching things ever” is seeing a pet in a cast. Pets, as good and pure beings, don’t deserve to feel any pain or have to go through any suffering.

But alas, animals are no more immune to illness and injury than we are. So all we can do is ease as much as possible any suffering they do have to experience.

Kate Doyle, a veterinary nurse in Perth, Australia, is doing her part for pets and pet owners by creating stunning custom casts for animals who go through surgery.

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Image: kate doyle Read more…

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Katy Perry’s new songs have been pretty terrible, and that’s a problem


Katy Perry is in trouble.

Sure, not actual trouble. Whatever happens next, the multimillionaire pop star with global legions of loyal fans will be just fine. But in terms of sizzle for her next act, well, Perry has lost her sparkle. 

There are likely some serious conversations happening at Katy Perry HQ right now. 

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The singer released her second single, “Bon Appetit,” off her forthcoming album on April 28, and instead of putting the singer back on the top of the charts, it’s already in free-fall mode, debuting at No. 76 on the Hot 100 chart (and that’s with ultra-cool Migos). That poor showing was even before the desperate cannibalism companion video that dropped Friday was met with simultaneous shrugs and disgust.  Read more…

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Donald Trump’s very own staff member handed him fake news. And Trump believed it.


Well this is awkward.

Donald Trump, the president who cries “fake news!” almost daily, recently fell victim to a doctored cover of Time Magazine … given to him by a member of his very own staff.

K.T. McFarland, Trump’s deputy national security adviser, reportedly handed the president a printout of two Time covers on climate change, according to Politico: one from 2008, and another that appeared to be from 1977, titled, “How to Survive the Coming Ice Age.” 

But thing is … the latter was completely fake.

To make matters worse, Trump actually believed both covers, getting “lathered up about the media’s hypocrisy,” writes Shane Goldmacher, chief White House correspondent for Politico. Luckily for the president, a group of less gullible staff members stepped in before Donald Trump publicly mentioned the fake, debunking the already-debunked 1970s cover before the president had the chance spread the own fake news. Read more…

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Cole Sprouse wrote pretty disturbing Mother’s Day poem when he was a kid


At least he consistently rhymed.

Moms are notorious for keeping cards and gifts from their children’s youth and it’s always nice to look back at the sweet words they wrote. However, Cole Sprouse found that his younger self had a darker mindset than most kids, especially when it came to how much he loved his mom.

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The actor turned photographer shared a poem he wrote to Twitter on Mother’s Day. It starts off very sweet and complimentary before quickly turning into a deadly threat to anyone who tries to keep him and his mom apart. Read more…

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Mom can’t stop dancing after getting Yeezys for Mother’s Day


Rare is the mom that even knows what Yeezys are (a disease? a hot new toy for kids? etc.). Even rarer is a genuinely hype mom. 

This mom knows enough to start dancing when her son got her a pair for Mother’s Day this past weekend@unOriginaal gave his mom a pair of the coveted white Yeezys, part of Kanye West’s shoe collection with Adidas, for Mothers’ Day, and living up to her HypeMom status, her reaction didn’t disappoint: 

The look on her face was priceless 😂😂😂 mum getting one of her Mother’s Day gifts @TeamKanyeDaily @KimKardashian

— . (@unOriginaal) May 14, 2017 Read more…

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Android makes a big move to power future cars


Android is coming to your car — and you won’t even need to bring your phone along for the ride. 

A year after Google teased the experience, Android-powered car infotainment systems are much closer to reality. Full Android integration is a step beyond Android Auto, where users can project car-specific versions of apps (like Maps) to a dashboard running some other software; now Android powers the entire system.

The first two carmakers to show off Android-powered cars are Audi and Volvo, and at least one of concept vehicle — Audi’s flashy R8 sport — will be on display at this week’s Google I/O developers conference. Read more…

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Pepsi has messed up again with the release of a cinnamon-flavored soda


To break up your regularly scheduled summer trends content, here we have something that definitely won’t be the hit of the summer.

Pepsi has announced a new cinnamon-flavored soda that will be in stores nationwide for eight weeks starting May 22. According to the press release, the new Pepsi Fire is supposed add “an unexpected and spicy twist to our classic cola taste.”

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Image: PepsiCo

Image: PepsiCo

This is either Pepsi’s attempt to get back into our good graces after the Kendall Jenner ad fiasco or their attempt to make a non-alcoholic version of fireball whiskey. But it really doesn’t matter what Pepsi was trying to go for because the result is just bad. Unequivocal bad. Read more…

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Get a first look at NBC’s ‘Will and Grace’ revival and ‘Menendez Murders’ trailers


It’s upfronts week in the TV world — that magical time of year when the broadcast networks announce the new shows they’ve picked up and give us a first look at the trailers for their fall dramas and comedies.

First up is NBC, which is debuting two new dramas and one new(ish) comedy for fall, with nine more that will premiere later in the 2017-2018 schedule.  

Check out the first trailers for the Will & Grace revival; the latest installment in Law & Order‘s new anthology series, True Crime: The Menendez Murders; and political thriller The Brave — trailers for the other shows will be available at a later date. Read more…

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