This amazing ‘Game of Thrones’ infographic shows all the betrayals over six seasons


If you asked a friend “Do you watch that show with the betrayal and the murder,” chances are “Game of Thrones?” would be one of their first guesses. In six seasons, the show has killed off thousands of characters, and now there’s a visual representation of how often and severely they double-cross one another.

A team at Venngage looked critically at every episode of Game of Thrones — updated to include Season 6 — counting 77 distinct acts of betrayal (e.g. acting against one’s words or undermining a relationship/alliance) and breaking them down by character.

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Curious pup emerges from luggage to check out the subway


Nothing makes a boring, dreary morning commute better than a surprise pupper in a bag.

This curious Golden Retriever pokes his cute head up from the luggage on the train he was traveling in, and takes a look around. He just pops up to say, “Hey guys! I’m a dog on a train. Look at me! I’m cute! I love the subway!,” and we are equally delighted by him as he is by the magical train. 

According to Storyful, the doggy was happy and content checking out what all the fuss on the 7 train was about. 

Have a great trip, pup! Bring us back some presents from midtown.  Read more…

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Nobody can get their head around this woman’s unusual commuting setup


When you’re a super busy business person, it’s sometimes necessary to get a bit of work done on the train in to the office.

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You can get through a few emails on your phone, maybe. Possibly look up a few things on the iPad. If you’re in first class, maybe you could even get the laptop out and work on those spreadsheets.

Or, you could really go all out and do this:

A lady has brought her iMac onto the train! Has she not heard of a laptop?? wtf!!!

— David Hill (@davidhill_co) July 4, 2017 Read more…

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Learn to unlock the power of Google AdWords for $15


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.

The key to a successful business? Location, location, location. While this adage traditionally applies to the brick-and-mortar realm, it’s true for online businesses, too. Just as a physical store would need to be built in a convenient, high-traffic location in order to get noticed by potential customers and maintain steady sales, an online business needs to be front-and-center in any Google search in order to stay afloat.

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Tiny keychain-sized Game Boy is infinitely better than the SNES Classic


The thirst for anything Nintendo is too real.

The company can’t keep the Switch in stock and people are hyped AF for the SNES Classic dropping in September. 

But what’s better than both of those consoles? A flippin’ keychain-sized Game Boy Advance. Nintendo’s not officially “retro-ing” the GBA (yet). But who needs to wait when you can make your own mini version of the greatest handheld ever created?

YouTuber Vincent Buso did just that using an Intel’s tiny Edison “computer-on-module” designed for  wearables and Internet of Things devices. Buso’s DIY project is modeled after the Game Boy Advance SP with a 3D-printed hinge, and plays emulated NES, SNES, GB, GBC, and GBA games. Read more…

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‘Black Australia’ on Spotify celebrates Indigenous Australian musicians


It’s NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee) week in Australia, an opportunity to celebrate the work and the culture of the country’s first nations people.

While there are plenty of events around the country to check out, music streaming service Spotify has joined in by creating the “Black Australia” playlist, which features the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians on the platform.

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It’s been curated by Indigenous Australian radio presenter Emily Nicol, who helped pick the 50 songs, as part of a continuing series on the platform.  Read more…

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Dating app changes the game by adding a literal game


People have been playing the game of love since way back, but one dating app is turning finding love into an actual game. 

Happn announced Thursday that it’s launching a new feature called CrushTime. It’s an addictively simple little game that’s meant to give you a fun new way to find potential matches. It’s currently being tested in Spain and will be rolling out globally throughout the summer (first on Android and then on iOS).

CrushTime is meant to add another layer of chance into an app that already is based on helping you connect with people who you happen (hence, the name) to cross paths with IRL. It works by showing you four different profile pictures of people you’ve recently been near.  Read more…

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Snapchat is becoming the social network it never wanted to be


Even though Snapchat tends to get lumped in with other social platforms, it’s never really been much of a social network — until now.

While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like thrive off the vast amounts of (often public) frenetic sharing that happens on their networks each day, Snapchat has made no secret that its users turn to it for a different type of interaction.

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Rather than the megaphone of Twitter or the popularity contest that’s Instagram, Snap has prided itself on the large volume of private sharing it sees, its users’ “creativity” and the fact that its app enables a kind of authenticity not found elsewhere on social media. Read more…

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Adorable baby calls his dad a rather rude word, promptly falls asleep


Being a little language sponge is such exhausting work.

This little fella had enough of it after a gruelling session of repeating names.

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He cruises through “mommy,” no problem. When he gets to “daddy,” he riffs on it freestyle for a bit, then points and says … “cock” ? (Or is it “dog”?)

He doesn’t stay awake long enough to entertain questions though — clever tactic, kid. Read more…

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