Zuckerberg’s non-statement on Trump and fake news is a total cop out


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement Wednesday addressing President Donald Trump, fake news, and his company’s controversial role in the 2016 presidential election. And, perhaps unsurprisingly coming from a man whose idea of connecting with reality is a carefully managed 50-state photo op, his words were polished to the point of meaninglessness. 

Zuck was responding to a rambling presidential tweet that both maligned the social network-turned-advertising company and insisted it’s “anti-Trump.” Possibly sensing an opportunity to garner some public goodwill, the best dressed man in Silicon Valley assured his 96 million followers that, nah, he’s doing his very best to be fair and balanced. And that he’s trying. Like, really hard.  Read more…

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Dave Grohl trolled Christopher Walken and no one ever noticed, until now


Chistopher Walken is well known for his distinct delivery, and musician Dave Grohl is well known for being a jokester.

During an interview with Grohl and Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters on Radio X, the subject of the band’s name came up. That’s when Grohl revealed a little trick he played on Christopher Walken back in 2003, when he introduced the band on Saturday Night Live

“He asked us if the accent was on Foo or Fighters,” Grohl said.

Knowing Walken’s way of speaking, Grohl told the poor man the accent was on Fighters, and well, just see for yourself. 

Read more…

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So about that ‘firebrand’ Roy Moore …


Newspapers settled on an interesting adjective for Roy Moore on Tuesday night after he beat Donald Trump-backed Luther Strange in Alabama’s Republican primary.

That word is “firebrand.” Which sounds fun! Who wouldn’t want to be a firebrand? 

Well, let’s just see what that incorrigible rabble-rouser has been up to over the years:

  • Referring to people of Native American and Asian descent as “reds and yellows” during a campaign event. 

  • Claiming some towns in the United States live under Sharia law (which is extremely not true).

  • Comparing the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf while arguing why a person of Muslim faith shouldn’t be allowed in Congress.

  • Suggesting 9/11 was punishment for turning away from God. 

  • Saying that “homosexual conduct” should be illegal.  Read more…

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Fishermen get a dose of surprise sea lion after reeling in a fish


Surely the only thing better than a sea lion is a surprise sea lion.

Although we’re not too sure if this sea lion was particularly happy with these fishermen reeling in its lunch, as witnessed in a video by Alycia Giglio and uploaded to the 7 News Adelaide Facebook page on Tuesday.

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Captured on Browns Beach in South Australia, the footage shows someone reeling in a fish from the water, only to have a sea lion hot on its tail. The fish is pulled away, only resulting in one vexed animal.

“He’s so mad,” a woman can be heard saying off camera. Read more…

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Whoops, a hacker found a way to steal your passwords from macOS High Sierra


Apple’s latest and greatest operating system, macOS High Sierra, hit the digital airwaves on September 25 — promising a free upgrade to Macs around the world with at least 2GB of memory. And while the OS is chock-full of exciting new features, it’s the vulnerabilities that have at least one security researcher excited. 

That’s because it turns out that, with just a little bit of effort, hackers can steal all your passwords off a computer running High Sierra. Which, frankly, is not a good look for Apple. 

SEE ALSO: Apple is cleaning up account security in macOS High Sierra

According to security researcher Patrick Wardle, he was able to run an unsigned app on the new OS that could steal plaintext passwords. He posted evidence of his proof of concept to Twitter, and included a link to a video demonstrating an app he dubbed “keychainStealer.”  Read more…

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Sly dog makes a very chill escape through a gate


We already know dogs are super smart, but this one in Thailand is a particularly sly little fella. 

At first glance, the dog looks like he’s just taking a super casual walk. But then, without hesitation, he leaps through a very small opening in a gate, and succeeds in making a break for it. 

Alas, if only the rest of us could be that smooth all the time. Read more…

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Google now lets you mute an ad because it ‘knew too much’


Google is in the business of knowing all it can about you, and sometimes, it can come off as a bit creepy.

The search giant now lets you tell it as much through a muting tool built into each of its third-party display ads. As one Reddit user pointed out, the feature includes an option to report that a given “ad knew too much.”

This ad, for a report that I've downloaded in the past, definitely knew too much.

This ad, for a report that I’ve downloaded in the past, definitely knew too much.

Image: screenshots

The company says it uses this feedback to avoid showing you the same ad again across any device or browser on which you are signed into your Google account. 

Google, the web’s largest ad company, commands around 42 percent of the online ads market as a whole. That share includes display ads placed on millions of third-party sites through Google’s various ad platforms. Those ads are targeted based on your browsing history, your perceived interests, your personal account information, and other attributes Google’s algorithms have ascertained. Read more…

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Kind man pulls a 6-foot snake out of his elderly neighbor’s toilet with his bare hands


What the world needs is more people willing to stick their bare hands in their neighbor’s toilet to extract a snake like this good man from Lattimore, North Carolina. 

Mike Greene’s 88-year old neighbor asked for a bit of help in August, and like any good neighbor, Greene answered the call. Unfortunately, the neighbor needed a bit more than a cup of sugar.

Turns out the neighbor had a bit of a snake problem. The man discovered a 6-foot snake inside his toilet, and reached out to Greene for assistance. This is a nightmare come true for anyone with a fear of snakes, and surprisingly happens more than one would think. Read more…

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NFL fans who can’t handle protests are canceling their DirecTV sports package


Ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to free speech at football games. 

That’s what Trump supporters and other football fans who can’t handle sports activism seem to think.

For the football fans who claim they are bothered seeing athletes standing up (or rather, kneeling) for the right to protest, DirecTV is caving with refunds to their sports package, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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The cancellations stem from 49ers Colin Kaepernick kneeling in protest last season during the national anthem in response to police brutality disproportionately affecting the black community. The protest has since spread through the league and president Donald Trump used strong words for anyone taking a knee at a rally last week.  Read more…

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Data, Riker, and, yes, Wesley get Honest Trailers treatment for ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’


Red alert! Star Trek nostalgia has hit maximum warp with the premiere of a new series, Star Trek: Discovery, over the weekend. 

So Honest Trailers decided to pay homage to Star Trek: The Next Generation, which hit the airwaves 30 years ago. 

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Relive the adventures of the USS Enterprise (“An awkward hybrid of cutting edge space battleship and a Marriott convention center”) as people tell Data and Wesley Crusher to shut up. 

Enjoy, and try not to obsess over William T. Riker stepping over things. Read more…

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