NYC subway riders will get their dogs on board no matter what anyone says


A new NYC transit rule went into effect last October, which bans dogs from riding the subway — unless they fit inside a “container.”

What the powers that be didn’t realize, though, is just how many dogs fit inside containers. In fact, judging by these photos … it seems like most dogs fit inside bags.

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here’s my dog-in-bag on subway photo

— Hanksy (@HanksyNYC) June 7, 2017

Not just a dog-in-a-bag. It’s a pibble-in-a-bag. Not an easy feat#nycsubway

— Martha Dedrick (@NYCmixology) June 7, 2017

That’s a dog. In a bag. On the

— Steven Christoforou (@scchristoforou) November 3, 2016 Read more…

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