Netflix’s 10 most-watched ‘Star Trek’ episodes totally redeems ‘Voyager’


Take that, Voyager haters. 

Ahead of the Sept. 24 release of Star Trek: Discovery, Netflix dropped a list of the 10 most-watched Star Trek episodes, and it’s filled with the adventures of Capt. Janeway, Tuvok, and the whole Voyager crew. (The survey excluded the first two episodes of each series, which would dominate with people checking them out for the first time.) 

Everyone loves The Next Generation. And Trekkies have long talked up the multi-episode story arcs and political intrigue of Deep Space Nine. 

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But hardcore fans love to hate on Voyager. Admitting you like the show, at least in some circles, is like defending Shia LaBeouf as Indiana Jones. Well, it looks like the people have spoken with their Netflix accounts — and they love Voyager.  Read more…

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