Hurricane Irma caused one of the largest natural disaster power outages in U.S. history


As Americans begin to assess Hurricane Irma’s devastation, it’s clear the storm has caused one of the largest natural disaster-related power outages in U.S. history. 

Irma isn’t through punishing the nation’s southeast, so where exactly it stacks up among power outages is yet to be determined. But the country has already seen enough to know Irma-related blackouts are far worse than outages caused by previous hurricanes that slammed into Florida.

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In 1992, Hurricane Andrew knocked out power to around 1.4 million people. In 2005, Hurricane Wilma cut off electricity to 3.2 million Florida Power and Light customers, the largest outage in the company’s history up to that point. On Monday, the CEO of that company, Eric Silagy, said Irma had crushed that record.  Read more…

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