BMW and other carmakers team up to take on Waze and Google Maps


A company formerly owned by Nokia wants to create a more accurate, up-to-the-minute map of traffic conditions.  

The key? Getting multiple automakers to pool traffic data collected by their cars’ sensors. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz will all contribute to the realtime map, a first for the navigation and auto industries — but the collaboration shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, since the automakers teamed up to buy the company, HERE, back in 2015. 

The company says data collected by the connected vehicles about their surroundings will lead to “significantly higher accuracy and more precise information about traffic conditions” than other services like Google Maps and Waze, which depend on satellite data and user reports for their traffic maps.  Read more…

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Rihanna met Emmanuel Macron and her handshake was way better than Trump’s


Rihanna has been proving she’s more than a pop star or budding actress. The bad gal has been using her voice to spotlight girls education issues around the globe in partnership with her Clara Lionel Foundation. 

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Those efforts landed her a meeting with France’s President Emmanuel Macron and First Lady Brigitte Macron, and upon seeing photos of their encounter, people are ready for Rihanna’s political moment. Plus, when Macron shook her hand it was all so seemingly normal with a splash of laughter, no push-and-pull a la U.S. President Trump involved. Remember this? Read more…

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 ‘will be a go’ as soon as HBO nails down a director


True Detective Season 3 is closer to reality than ever before, HBO boss Casey Bloys confirmed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Wednesday.

Bloys confirmed that Moonlight star Mahershala Ali has signed on to star in the new season from creator Nic Pizzolatto, and that he has read five scripts from the new season so far, which Bloys describes as “terrific.” 

When asked by reporters what had changed between Season 2 and Season 3 to “recalibrate” the series after its critically-panned sophomore outing, Bloys said, “The only thing you can react to is scripts. The scripts, I think, are really great. I didn’t oversee Season 2, I know they talked about perhaps it was kind of rushed into production, but I can tell you we’re taking our time with the scripts.”  Read more…

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Disney’s Magic Bench lets you play with AR characters without headset or smartphone


Disney Research has come up with a new way to allow multiple people to experience the same augmented reality experience while in the same room — without wearing a headset or holding a mobile device.  

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The innovative approach to AR was revealed on Wednesday in the form of what Disney Research calls the Magic Bench. But the system is about more than just a “bench,” it’s an entire room that’s set up for virtual immersion in mixed reality. 

Using depth and color sensors from a Microsoft Kinect, the team was able to create a 3D reconstruction of the room’s scene, allowing real people and virtual characters to interact with each other in real time.  Read more…

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This team is helping to save the rainforest with audio technology


Deforestation is a massive problem in our world and is actually illegal in many places. That’s why Rainforest Connection has made it their business to put a stop to illegal logging. With old cell phones and solar teach combines with audio analytics, they are able to help local rangers respond to these activities in real time.  Read more…

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Angelina Jolie admits that ‘things got bad’ with Brad Pitt


In a Vanity Fair cover story released Wednesday afternoon, Angelina Jolie admits that she’s gotten good at “picking up dog poop.” 

It’s one of the few funny personal tidbits she shares in her first long interview following her divorce from actor Brad Pitt. 

The piece is filled with riveting details regarding Jolie’s film for Netflix First They Killed My Father, a movie based on the life of Jolie’s dear friend Loung Ung. It’s clear that Jolie can speak forever about Cambodia, her son’s relationship with his country, and her friend—in addition to her health (she reveals a bell’s palsy diagnosis) and women’s health.  Read more…

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Viagra costs military 5 times more than transgender medical services


President Donald Trump says his ban on trans people in the military is cost-based, but no one’s buying it after Twitter pounced on this data nugget: the Pentagon spends more on Viagra than trans medical services.

The Washington Post took a Military Times U.S. Department of Defense spending analysis from 2015 and found that erectile dysfunction drugs cost the military a lot. Like $84.24 million a lot.

Spending on Viagra alone was $41.6 million in 2014. That’s five times what a 2016 Rand study estimates transgender health care costs the military — between $2.4 and $8.4 million a year, according to the Washington Post.  Read more…

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Note from dog sitter perfectly demonstrates the struggle of owning a pup


Owning a dog Sharing your home with a dog is a life-changing experience. But when it comes down to it, pups are still animals, and they don’t always do exactly what you want. 

Redditor carlwinslow187 went out recently, and got a dog sitter to watch their pups. They returned home to a note, which perfectly sums up what a typical night is like for someone living with dogs.

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After thanking carlwinslow187 for the experience, the sitter described their experience with on the dogs, named Ella, who wasn’t very hungry but was a little gassy. Read more…

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You’ll never fight over an outlet again with this desk lamp


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If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to decide what to unplug in order to revive your dead phone, the Jelly Comb lamp can help.  

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The LED light features six USB charging ports so you can charge up with all of your closest friends. With three different brightness settings that you can decide between simply by tapping the top of the dome, this light is perfect for an office, bedroom, or living room.  

Image: jelly comb

The Jelly Comb lamp can intelligently recognize charging devices in order to expend 75% less energy than incandescent lighting with its maximum output energy of 30W. (In other words: it won’t “overcharge” your gadgets).     Read more…

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Robert Pattinson fought ‘Twilight’ producers to save us from Smiling Edward Cullen


Well, nine years later, and we finally have an explanation for Robert Pattinson’s looks of permanent constipation throughout the entirety of the Twilight movie franchise.

“I’m leaving, because I don’t stand for this frivolity.”

Image: twilight, lionsgate

A recent interview with Howard Stern revealed that RPattz’s unforgettable smolder came down to an epic battle to between his artistic vision for the teen vampire Edward Cullen, and the producers telling to him to just smile a little more:

RPatts disappointed by the limited artistic vision of Twilight's producers

RPatts disappointed by the limited artistic vision of Twilight’s producers


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