Hodor surprises fans, holds the door one last time on a ‘Game of Thrones’ tour in Northern Ireland


Hodor, you may gone, but you will never be forgotten. Kristian Nairn — the actor who played the iconic one-line character — is making sure of it.

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Nairn crashed one of Trip Advisor’s top-ranked Game of Thrones tours in Northern Ireland. 

He ironically hid behind a door while the tour guide spoke to the group. He then popped out from behind it to surprise the unsuspecting crowd. 

Nairn recorded his stunt and shared it on Twitter. 

Had one more chance to #HoldTheDoor. Thanks @TripAdvisor for helping me surprise fans on the #GOT tour in Northern Ireland! #TripAdvisor pic.twitter.com/Ehg1WNwQLA

— Kristian Nairn (@KristianNairn) July 12, 2017 Read more…

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White Walkers invade the streets of London ahead of next ‘Game of Thrones’


It’s winter in July on the streets of London.

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Londoners casually going about their business yesterday might have looked up from their phones to see a terrifying sight — a band of White Walkers trolling the city. Thankfully, they weren’t out for blood. They were there to promote the season premiere of Game of Thrones.

The Night King and his minions toured some of London’s most popular sites to get people hyped about what is sure to be an epic seventh season.

‘White Walkers’ just rode into central London on horseback to promote new Game of Thrones season#Gameofthrones #Season7 #Whitewalkers #HBO pic.twitter.com/EMJ1XTPwTq

— Business Insider UK (@BIUK) July 12, 2017 Read more…

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Gandalf and Professor McGonagall had a magical time at Wimbledon


It really doesn’t get much more magical than Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Ian McKellen hanging out together.

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Everyone’s favourite witch and wizard pairing visited Wimbledon on Wednesday to take in some of that sweet tennis action.

Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Ian McKellen are having a good look from the Royal Box

👉https://t.co/MvTLLRNj00 #Wimbledon #bbctennis pic.twitter.com/oCYjWEbSKM

— BBC Tennis (@bbctennis) July 12, 2017

And from the looks of it, they had an awesome time.

Minerva McGonagall & Gandalf the Grey maybe great wizards,but even they were amazed by the magic a certain Roger Federer produced #Wimbledon pic.twitter.com/g5JI2vuZ8E

— ZENIA D’CUNHA (@ZENIADCUNHA) July 12, 2017 Read more…

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Company starts offering ‘menstrual leave’ for women on the first day of their period


This is something we all need, stat. 

An Indian media company is offering “menstrual leave” to its female staff, encouraging them to take the first day of their periods off.

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Culture Machine, which employs 75 women, is applying the new policy from July on, and has called on other companies in the country to implement the same policy.

The company, which makes viral videos for the internet, also produced a video of its female staff talking about the challenges they face at work while on their period, and eventually reacting to the new policy. Read more…

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Kellyanne Conway holds up flash cards, instantly becomes meme


If you’re a politician and you decide to hold up a sign, or a piece of paper, or pretty much any blank surface, there’s only one thing that’s going to happen — you’re going to get meme’d.

That likelihood doubles if you’re Kellyanne Conway.

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On Wednesday the President’s Counselor appeared in an interview with Fox News. To make things nice and simple for viewers, she brought some handy props along with her.

Pretty much everyone on Twitter had the same idea afterwards.

LET THE MEME-ING BEGIN! pic.twitter.com/HX8s0aP1z3

— Ana Marie Cox (@anamariecox) July 13, 2017 Read more…

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Professor writes rant after no one shows up to his class


Look, some of us have skipped class here and there for whatever reason. But it’s pretty bad when everyone does the same too. And in the first week.

Adrian Raftery, an associate professor at Australia’s Deakin University, was not impressed when no one showed up for his class, and wrote a LinkedIn post accompanied with a photo of the empty class on Tuesday.

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“I don’t know about you but my generation always showed up for lectures and seminars, particularly at the start of semester,” he wrote. 

“Here is my first class for 2nd semester which was supposed to have started 15 mins ago. After being pumped up to give a great class, I am deflated that they couldn’t bother their arse to show up.” Read more…

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Guy fools Google and Apple Maps into naming a road after him


One guy managed to get the government and a group of official mapping apps to list a road named after him. And he got away with it for over four years.

In 2013, Ge Yulu, an artist in Beijing, found a street that didn’t carry a street sign. So he put up an official-looking sign with his own name on it.

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Ge Yu Road's street signs, which Ge put up in 2013.

Ge Yu Road’s street signs, which Ge put up in 2013.

Image: VCG via Getty Images

The road, on Baidu Maps' street view.

The road, on Baidu Maps’ street view.

Image: baidu maps

The road, located near the city’s Chaoyang district, is about 460m (1,509 ft) long, and about a 10-minute walk end-to-end. Read more…

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26-year-old with rare skin condition is challenging beauty standards


Sara Geurts was just 10 when she was diagnosed with Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (dEDS).

dEDS is a disorder that affects the connective tissues, and is caused by a defect in collagen which results in saggy, wrinkled skin, amongst other symptoms.

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For Sara, her younger days consisted of her feeling ashamed of her skin, even taking the effort to hide it.

“I’ll start out by saying I was not always comfortable or accepting of my disorder,” she said in a self-authored post on The Mighty.

“In high school, I just tried to cover it up. I didn’t want anyone to ask me questions. As I got older, it just kind of started to show more and more,” she added, speaking to The Sun Read more…

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New Zealand lays claim to the ‘British classic’ that is mince toast


The anger from Brits over mince toast was palpable. 

Mince toast! How dare the Americans — specifically food website Eater — claim the dish was a “quintessential British comfort classic.” 

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That was according to a video it posted on Monday, in which it visited London’s Quality Chop House. But many Brits said they’ve never eaten it.

British restaurant critic Jay Rayner, who once described upscale Paris restaurant Le Cinc as being decorated in shades of “fuck you,” weighed in on Twitter.

For god sake @eater what are you on? Apart from mince on toast, something I have never eatenhttps://t.co/1zfJTI18uG

— Jay Rayner (@jayrayner1) July 10, 2017 Read more…

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