Apple iPhone 8’s new ‘color’ might turn your phone into a portable mirror


A new rumor from leaker Benjamin Geskin says Apple’s upcoming OLED iPhone — or iPhone 8, if that’s what it’ll be called — will come in four colors, including an entirely new one: “mirror.”

Geskin shared no details about the new color, and the photos he supplied were photos of an iPhone in a mirror-colored case, not photos of the iPhone 8.

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2017 OLED iPhone – four colors. New one – mirror

— Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) July 8, 2017

We haven’t heard that particular rumor before, but it does make sense. With nearly every iPhone launch, Apple has been able to dictate the hot smartphone color of the year — with the iPhone 7 it was Jet Black, with the iPhone 6S it was Rose Gold, and with the iPhone 5S it was Gold.  Read more…

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Oculus Rift and Touch get price drop to $399, finally making high-end VR accessible


Price — one of the biggest hurdles to widespread adoption of high-end virtual reality devices — just got a temporary cheat code for anyone considering the Oculus Rift. 

Starting Monday, the price of Oculus Rift and the Oculus Touch controllers will be reduced, for a limited time, to $399 at all stores (Best Buy, Amazon, and all others where it’s available). 

This represents a huge price cut that suddenly puts the VR device on a par with popular gaming consoles like the PlayStation and the Xbox. And while the Rift isn’t solely a gaming device, that comparison may help some who have been teetering on the edge of diving into VR esports, but are put off by the price of the Rift.  Read more…

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‘Real Conversations of Grindr’ reveals there’s a long way to go with HIV stigma


There’s still much to be done on the issue of HIV stigma. 

Especially in the LGBTQ community, as revealed in a new campaign called “Real Conversations of Grindr,” put together by the HIV Foundation Queensland in Australia.

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The campaign got people to read real-life exchanges on the gay dating app Grindr on camera. It starts off with the usual titillating fare, but then descends into discrimination and hatred.

“You should be ashamed, you’re a walking disease,” reads one comment. “Blocking. Go f**k yourself, because no one else will,” reads another. Read more…

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The Rock tells us what he told early doubters in Instagram video for ‘The Defiant Ones’


The Rock might seem like an obvious Hollywood action hero success story now, but even he had moments when the world doubted him, and he shares some of that struggle in a brief Instagram video he posted on Sunday. 

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But The Rock isn’t alone, also appearing in the video are NFL star Cam Newton, NBA champion Kevin Durant, and Mashable’s own founder Peter Cashmore, among others. 

They all tell brief parts of their stories of defying the odds to achieve success in a promotional video for the four-part HBO docu-series called The Defiant Ones. When it comes to The Rock, when he met doubt about his prospects in Hollywood, sports, and pro wrestling, he simply said, “Fuck that.” (Remember that steely resolve the next time you see him flash that warm, mainstream-friendly smile.)  Read more…

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9 Donald Trump nicknames that did nothing to slow his authoritarianism


Since Donald Trump’s election, it has felt hopeless staring down the barrel of the rise of fascism, feeling as if nothing we do or say is being heard by our government. 

But I, however, will not stand down. So I came up with these rude and crude nicknames for our president that, sadly, did not have the affect on the Trump administration I imagined they would.

1. The Cheeto

I referred to Donald Trump as this in an elevator with coworkers and everyone loved it. Huge laugh. I was king of the elevator and I thought I finally had him dead to rights. But alas, he still signed an executive order as the president of the United States later that day. Read more…

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‘True Blood’ star Stephen Moyer reveals how Nelsan Ellis touched the cast with acting excellence


The outpouring of love and professional respect for True Blood actor Nelsan Ellis, who died on Saturday, has been overwhelming. 

But aside from the social media well wishes from his co-stars and fellow film and TV actors, one message stands out, and it’s from none other than Ellis’ True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, aka the vampire Bill Compton. 

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Posted to Moyer’s Facebook page on Sunday morning, the long message isn’t simply a letter to a dear departed friend, it’s the best example yet of just how much Ellis’ colleagues respected his acting skill. Describing an iconic scene from the series set in the town’s diner, Moyer remembers the hold Ellis had on the other cast members and crew.  Read more…

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RED’s Hydrogen One patent drawings reveal how it’s really a camera pretending to be a phone


We haven’t touched it, and we’re not even sure how it’ll work, but RED’s Hydrogen One phone is so mysterious that even its patent filing drawings are fascinating. And revealing. 

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The modular phone, which promises to switch between “traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content, and interactive games,” looks fairly minimalist in the shadowy photos released so far. But in the patent filing drawings, the phone looks a lot more interested in filmmaking than the photos would indicate.  Read more…

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Crafty orangutan escapes his zoo enclosure because the apes have had it with our crap


Given the current state of the world, let me be the first to say it: I, for one, welcome our new ape overlords.

The Planet of the Apes movies aren’t a reality… yet, but proof that primates are getting antsy surfaced on Sunday in South Carolina. A male orangutan at the Greenville Zoo escaped his enclosure, prompting a brief lockdown while zoo staff attended to the matter.

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All of this played out rather quickly, so — thankfully — there are no videos of an orangutan running amok and terrorizing zoo attendees. The escape itself, however, was captured on video by a witness — identified by Fox Carolina as “Emilie S.” Read more…

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Greenpeace activists charged after unfurling ‘Resist’ banner at Trump Tower in Chicago


Activists protesting the Trump administration’s rollback of U.S. environmental and climate policies are facing felony charges after unfurling a banner from Trump Tower in Chicago.

Six people, including four Greenpeace USA activists, were charged on Sunday after “causing a disturbance” during a July 7 action, according to Chicago Police Department. The 50-by-35-foot sheet they unfurled from the tower’s 16th floor caused “extensive damage to the building,” police said in an emailed statement.

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The banner, emblazoned with the words “Resist” and “Defend,” was meant as a show of defiance to the President Trump’s anti-climate agenda, Greenpeace said. Read more…

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Why is everybody so worked up about Donald Trump’s Twitter account?


A ridiculous trend I’ve noticed among the public recently is how worked up everybody is over Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Yeah, a Twitter account for cryin’ out loud. Freaking seriously? It’s just Twitter. It means nothing

Why is everybody so worked up over his Twitter account? All it is is a direct, unmediated source of his thoughts and opinions, viewable on a global scale. It’s just the internet. It’s not that big of a deal! 

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His tweets are only the thoughts and words of a 71-year-old reality TV star who rose to fame in large part for his unpredictable and bombastic behavior (who also just happens to represent the United States at its very highest level) which anyone, literally anybody with internet access, including the leaders of hostile nations, can read at any time, anywhere.  Read more…

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