Some OnePlus 5 phones might have a problem with emergency calls


OnePlus, the startup phone company behind the well-reviewed OnePlus 5, appears to have an issue with another sequence of numbers. Unfortunately, that sequence happens to be 9-1-1.  

A video shared to Reddit shows one of the sleek new phones rebooting immediately after being used to dial the three-digit distress code in a test run, making it impossible for its owner to reach a dispatcher in the event of an actual emergency. 

OnePlus owner Nick Morelli posted about the flaw on the OnePlus subreddit, noting that he was able to replicate the reboot process over multiple test calls. 

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A lawsuit filed in NYC claims Uber is in violation of human rights laws


In a dramatic turn of events (just kidding, we’re getting used to this) Uber was hit with another lawsuit this week. 

And just like the one filed in Washington, D.C., last month, this one is related to accessible vehicles for people with disabilities. 

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Disability Rights Advocates, a national nonprofit, filed a class-action lawsuit against the ride-sharing company on behalf of several groups and people. 

The suit was filed, the DRA says, because “Uber is 99.9% inaccessible to people with mobility disabilities.”  Read more…

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Looking for a vacation splurge? Consider this space hotel


Do you have a hankering for adventure and several million dollars laying around? Then this might be the perfect getaway opportunity for you, if you can hold on tight for a few years. 

NASA recently held a competition, which was won by a team of graduate students from MIT, to design a commercially enabled habitable module for use low in Earth’s orbit. 

Translation: the MIT team basically just won a competition to design a luxury space hotel.

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The hotel would float just about 100-1,200 miles above Earth’s surface, and be made up of eight inflatable rooms arranged in a circle, kind of like a ceiling fan, attached to a NASA space station at the center. Read more…

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CNN journalist Chris Cillizza’s Reddit AMA is just as brutal as you thought it would be


Sometimes Reddit AMAs are informative and fun for the people answering the questions, and sometimes they’re like walking into an asteroid field.

Chris Cillizza’s Tuesday AMA was more like the latter.

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The CNN journalist has long been a favorite hate-read for a handful of journalists as well as viewers/readers who aren’t a fan of his horse-race style of political news coverage. 

Perhaps he should have known he’d be walking into some brutal questions during his AMA. Hey, maybe he did know, and he went ahead with it anyway. We listed some of the more grimace-inducing questions, below. Read more…

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OkCupid developers just brilliantly trolled an uptight user with boring ol’ update notes


Internet trolling can suck, but when it’s done by top professionals, we are here to offer our support. 

OkCupid developers decided to have a little fun with one of their more serious users. 

“Bill from Chicago” complained about the dating app’s eccentric release notes and requested that they just cut to the chase. 

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They listened and took his advice…well, sort of. 

Curious about the added spice that Bill was so worked up about? Well, in one of their past release notes from May 9, 2017, the developers wrote, “We changed our app icon again, and we’ll probably do it again. And again. It’s just one small way we’re prepping you for future life changes. Adaption is important. Did you know Florida might be underwater one day? Crazy.”  Read more…

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Why is Ed Sheeran on Twitter anyhow?


Two Grammy awards. An album that went double platinum. An unparalleled number of weeks at the number one spot on the charts, not to mention the biggest opening week for a solo male artist in the U.K.

Why does Ed Sheeran’s Twitter account matter again?

The insanely successful English singer-songwriter deleted his Twitter on Monday, presumably following mixed reaction to his cameo in Sunday night’s Game of Thrones season premiere. Whether or not this was the catalyst for his departure from the app (despite his insistence that he wouldn’t quit), he reinstated his account in under 24 hours. 

But if we’re being honest, Sheeran’s account really doesn’t matter. He’s a giant star; he didn’t need to be on the social media platform in the first place.  Read more…

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Apple is working on a way to let you covertly call 911 in an emergency


Calls to emergency services could become just a fingerprint away, thanks to Apple’s latest innovation.

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A patent application from Apple published Tuesday, according to CNBC, described technology that would trigger a 911 call in a way that is designed to hide your actions from attackers. 

This “panic command,” when activated, would provide your location to first responders. It could also livestream audio or video from the phone.

The current means of phoning 911 are “readily apparent to someone watching,” explains the author of the patent application. With this new technology, a user could appear to comply with an attacker’s request to unlock his or her phone, but actually covertly call 911. Read more…

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Sorry, casual fans, but Captain Spip of the ‘Biowhale Deep Space’ series is NOT a woman


SIGH. Here we go again. I feel like everywhere I turn I’m hearing the question we’ve all heard since the early 2000s: “Should the new Captain Spip be a woman?”

Let me explain: no, he shouldn’t. Case closed!

That’s why when I, a red-blooded male, saw a news alert yesterday that Judy Dench will be the voice of Captain Spip in the new season of Biowhale Deep Space, I ripped my shirt off in the grocery store and screamed as loud as I could for 10 straight minutes.

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Captain Spip is many things: a cunning negotiator, a brilliant space detective, a CGI whale head on a human body that solves crimes on a low end British cable network. What he is NOT is a GIRL. Read more…

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John Legend gets real on Twitter after Donald Trump’s Obamacare tweet


John Legend isn’t staying quiet when it comes to health care.  

The latest plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act died on Monday night after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell failed to get enough support from his fellow Republicans. 

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So now Donald Trump wants Congress to simply repeal the bill without a replacement. And, as he is wont to do, our president tweeted about it:

As I have always said, let ObamaCare fail and then come together and do a great healthcare plan. Stay tuned!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 18, 2017 Read more…

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