Please stop sharing photos of Justin Trudeau at Pride, it’s making the world jealous


Who needs lengthy speeches and thoughtful public statements when you can say all you want to say with a pair of social justice socks?

Sporting a pair of Ramadan-themed socks, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family demonstrated their support for both the LGBTQ community and the Muslim community at Toronto’s Pride celebration yesterday. Not everyone could attend Toronto’s Pride, but that didn’t stop the internet from sharing photos of him and otherwise trying to tweet the envy away. 

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While there, Trudeau made sure to wish the crowd a happy “Pride Mubarak,” referring to Sunday’s end-of-Ramadan celebrations. Trudeau, who is the Hamilton musical made human, charitably disguised his dimples to make room for a maple leaf Pride tattoo on his right cheek.  Read more…

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Forever spinning kid on a go-kart is basically a human fidget spinner


There is more to this clip of a child spinning out of control on a go-kart than meets the eye. 

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The video starts with two kids on go-karts slowly crossing the finish line, and a third kid helplessly spinning behind hem. 

But the internet took the video and transformed it in the perfect meme. 

Here’s xCirrex2 doing a “Shooting Stars” remix titled “Forever Spinning Kid On Go Kart” which exploded in popularity on Reddit: 

The internet, so glorious

— Mark Whitelegge (@Mark_Whitelegge) June 24, 2017 Read more…

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Ethereum price drops 20% after a pile of fake and old news reports


Ethereum has quickly recovered from a flash crash last week, in which the cryptocurrency went from the price of $317 to $0.10 in a few seconds. 

But now, after several unsubstantiated — or just plain old — news reports over the weekend, Ethereum seems to be experiencing a real correction. 

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Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and a payment system, just like the better-known Bitcoin, but it’s also a decentralized platform that allows developers to build and run applications. Its currency, ETH or Ether, soared in value in the last six months or so, jumping from about $10 per ETH token to about $380 last week.  Read more…

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Two koalas fight it out on the highway, because this is Australia


Koalas seem cute and cuddly on the surface, masking the fact that they’re still wild animals.

Such as these two koalas who had a brawl in the middle of a highway in southwestern Victoria, Australia, who narrowly missed being hit by a truck. 

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Sharon Bercely told 9 News she was driving home when she saw the two marsupials fighting. While most people might drive on by, she stopped and got out of her car to help shoo the angry koalas off the road.

“Off the road you stupid animals,” Bercely told the koalas in the video. Read more…

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John Oliver explains why he’s clearly anti-anti-vaccination


“Accidentally contracting polio” is the hottest new American fad.

John Oliver went after anti-vaccination activists in his latest segment on Last Week Tonight. Oliver carefully debunked every one of the anti-vaccination myths some parents refuse to drop and noted that would be vaccinating his son, who was born premature.

Surprise! Life-threatening illnesses don’t have to be life-threatening. Read more…

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John Oliver calls Trump’s tape admission for what it is: ‘extraordinarily stupid’


Word to the wise: if you’re under investigation and seeking to refute a witness’ testimony, don’t confirm it in a tweet.

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver slammed President Trump for doing exactly that. By falsely suggesting that he had recorded Comey, Trump had likely committed “witness tampering,” an act that Oliver called not just “stupid,” “but extraordinarily stupid.”

When they go low, we go WTF. Read more…

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‘Silicon Valley’ said goodbye to Erlich in the most Erlich way possible


This post contains spoilers for Silicon Valley Season 4, episode 10, titled “Server Error.”

Much like everything Erlich Bachman has ever attempted, T.J. Miller’s Silicon Valley exit was kind of ridiculous.

In the Season 4 finale, after venturing to Tibet to catch up with former Hooli CEO Gavin Belson for a fresh start, Erlich wasted no time going back to his old habits — literally — and getting cozy with an opium pipe. 

As Gavin left to rescue Jack Barker from a hostage situation in a Chinese factory to try and curry the favor of the Hooli board, he encouraged Erlich to come with him, but the curly-haired miscreant was too high to pay any attention to him. Instead of dragging him along while stoned, Gavin paid the owner of the drug den enough cash to allow Erlich to stay there for five years, and left him giggling up at the ceiling in a fugue state. Read more…

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Michelle Obama helps make Chance the Rapper’s BET Humanitarian Award historic


The BET Awards featured a surprise guest on Sunday: Michelle Obama. And she taped a special message for none other than Chance the Rapper. 

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The occasion for the visit from the former first lady was Chance’s acceptance of the BET Humanitarian Award. 

Michelle and Barack Obama both called Chicago home before moving to the White House, which explains why Michelle was able to reveal to the audience that her family knew the Chicago rapper since he was “a wee little baby rapper.” 

Not only is Chance now the youngest recipient of the award, he delivered a pretty damn good speech for a 24-year-old rising star.  Read more…

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‘Preacher’ Season 2 premiere proves the Saint of Killers ain’t messing around


This post contains spoilers for the Preacher Season 2 premiere, titled “On the Road.”

No series blends style, action, and humor quite like Preacher, which is perhaps the purest embodiment of a comic book we’ve ever had on the small screen.

Executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, along with showrunner Sam Catlin, have distilled everything that made Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s graphic novels so iconic into a shot of live-action adrenaline, and while Season 1 had its speed bumps, taking the show on the road in Season 2 has kicked Preacher into high gear right out of the gate. 

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AirAsia X flight shook like a ‘washing machine’ following mid-air problem


An AirAsia X flight bound for Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back on Sunday, after a mid-air technical issue left the plane’s cabin shaking like a “washing machine.”

Flight D7237 with 359 passengers onboard left Perth at 6:50 a.m. local time, then returned to Perth by 10 a.m., after what reportedly seemed to be a problem with an engine.

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“I heard a loud explosion I think on the left-side engine,” passenger Tzeyau Chung told ABC News.

“After the explosion it started to shake, it started to bounce, but overall the captain did a very good job. Of course we were a bit worried but at the end of the day … we safely landed. I think that is the most important thing.” Read more…

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