What is Finder Spyder: An investigation.


Does Finder Spyder sound familiar? It should if you watch much TV. 

As I was writing an article about the fake apps and websites we come across on television, I stumbled upon the site — also known as Spyder Finder (and Finder-Spyder, Spyder-Finder, and however other many combinations of the two words there are). It’s  a fictional search engine used on multiple television shows, including but not limited to Criminal Minds, CSI, The X-Files, Breaking Bad, and Weeds

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I was intrigued. It turns out there are a number of fake websites used on television, but none with as much name recognition as Finder Spyder. It is the only website to hold a place on the Wikipedia category of “Fictional Brands,” which includes icons such as Oceanic Airlines and Duff Beer. Read more…

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