This very good bug-sniffing dog will protect fine art from pests


Meet Riley, a very good dog with a very good nose.

Riley is now in the employ of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, having been hired to sniff out bugs and other annoying critters that may be harming pieces in its collectionPer the Boston Globe, the 12-week-old Weimaraner (they’re known for their keen sense of smell), is the first dog to hold a position of this kind. Pressure’s on, Riley!

We’re joking. He can totally handle it.

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A treat for a good boy after his first public appearance 🐶 You may not see him roaming around the galleries, but he’s got an important job to do behind the scenes. We look forward to sharing Riley’s progress!

— Museum of Fine Arts (@mfaboston) January 10, 2018 Read more…

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