The internet’s view of Canada, summed up in one majestic t-shirt


Nothing represents Canada’s sexy sovereignty better than bears, geese, moose-riding, and Justin Trudeau’s rippling abs… at least according to one shop in Iceland that is capitalizing on the internet’s obsession with Canada’s Prime Minister.

Canadian Radio Host Bill Carroll shared the image of the T-shirt after his friend spotted it for sale in Reykjavik, Iceland (of all places).

Friend in Iceland saw this. Are you proud of how others view our country! I’m not!

— Bill Carroll (@billcarrolltalk) August 2, 2017

One cyber-sleuth managed to find it available for purchase via a San Francisco based online retailer. Trudeau stans are desperately trying to get their hands on the shirt before they run out, and before UPS stops shipping things to Canada for the winter (no, not really). Read more…

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