Rudy Giuliani has no idea how the internet works


We regret to inform you that yet another Baby Boomer doesn’t understand websites. 

Last week, someone turned one of Rudy Giuliani’s Twitter typos into a website that declares, “Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country.” 

But Trump’s lawyer and informal cybersecurity adviser doesn’t understand how the internet works and seems to be convinced that “Twitter allowed someone to invade” his tweet with a “disgusting anti-President message.” 

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Giuliani inadvertently added a live “.in” link to a tweet complaining about Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign as the president traveled to the G-20 summit. Then a brilliant soul got hold of and turned it into a page calling out the president (.in is the internet domain for Indian sites). Giuliani finally responded to the sneaky move on Tuesday — and he desperately needs a lesson on how website domains work. Read more…

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