Razer unveils a cheaper Blade 15 gaming laptop with a hybrid hard drive


Razer’s premier gaming laptop is getting a big update.

Less than six months after releasing the Blade 15, Razer is already rolling out an update to its gaming laptop line with its new Blade 15 Dual Storage edition. 

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If you couldn’t tell from its name, the Razer Blade 15 Dual Storage edition comes with two drives, a smaller SSD for performance and a larger hard drive for capacity. The Blade 15 Dual Storage edition is a little bit thicker than the earlier Blade 15 models because of this additional 2.5-inch drive, but Razer took advantage of the extra space by adding in a gigabit Ethernet port to improve connectivity. For a gaming laptop especially, this is more than an acceptable tradeoff.  Read more…

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