Facebook is about to look like a Hallmark store exploded


Those annoying colored posts on Facebook aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’re getting an upgrade.

Facebook has been quietly adding patterns, textures, illustration, and more to the status cards. Users around the world have been noticing a number of new background options in different colors. 

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The company has reportedly experienced a decline in users posting statuses and the colored cards are an attempt to turn the ship around.

Image: facebook

Image: facebook

The expanded backgrounds for comments now seem to include a range of images like hearts and flowers, textured images like silk, and patterns like polka dots and confetti.  Read more…

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Reading the Instagram tea leaves in NBA free agency


As thrilling as a clash of titans like Warriors-Cavs can be, a nearly equal joy in NBA basketball is the potpourri of endless off-court machinations, petty squabbles, and frivolous storylines. 

Where else but the NBA do you get comedy like this, this, or this? It’s a league of spectacle as much as it is a league of basketball. 

And now we’re entering the NBA’s silly season, otherwise known as its summer free-agency period. This is a time during which executives and players try to recruit stars who are between contracts — and fans obsess over what the most incidental details may or may not mean.  Read more…

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Jeff Sessions saying ‘I don’t recall’ gets remixed into a catchy song


It appears that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a very forgetful man.

Sessions testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, and for anyone watching, there was a reoccurring theme littered throughout the testimony. 

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“I don’t recall,” Sessions repeated over and over again when asked questions about alleged interactions with the Russian government and President Trump’s firing of former FBI director James Comey. 

Sessions said it so many times, some questioned how the top lawyer for the United States could possibly hold a job while being so forgetful. The repetitive phrase also got the attention of the internet, and now, Sessions has his very own song. Read more…

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We saw ‘Beyond Good and Evil 2’ and here’s what we know so far


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Gene Simmons wants to trademark the devil horns gesture, so good luck with that


Devil horns, the American Sign Language gesture for “I love you,” or Gene Simmons’ personal creation?

That will be for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to decide, because the Kiss frontman just filed an application for trademark ownership of his iconic hand gesture.

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According to the application Simmons filed Friday, the gesture was first used commercially on Nov. 14, 1974, which was during Kiss’ Hotter than Hell Tour.

Simmons wants trademarked use of the gesture for “entertainment, namely, live performances by a musical artist; personal appearances by that artist.” Read more…

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Teens spent 3 terrifying days lost in the catacombs under Paris


Two teenage boys were rescued after spending three terrifying days lost inside the catacombs beneath Paris.

The Guardian reports that two boys, aged 16 and 17, were found by a search team equipped with rescue dogs Wednesday morning after getting lost in the maze of tunnels beneath the streets. The boys were rushed to the hospital and treated for hypothermia.

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A spokesperson for the Paris fire department credited the dogs with the rescue, as if you needed more reasons to love dogs. 

Though a small section of the catacombs is open to the public, there are approximately 150 miles of tunnels that form an eerie maze beneath the streets. While being trapped in a creepy, dark maze is enough to spook anyone, the catacombs are filled with the bones of more than 6 million people. Read more…

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Conor McGregor gloriously trolled Floyd Mayweather in announcing their much-anticipated fight


Slow clap for Conor McGregor, ladies and gentleman. 

His hotly anticipated fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. was just announced Wednesday evening, but McGregor has already landed the first punch with a glorious troll of the boxing superstar. 

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Here’s how Mayweather announced the fight on social media. Pretty standard stuff, right? 

Now here’s how McGregor announced it. See if you can spot the difference. 

THE FIGHT IS ONpic.twitter.com/KhW0u3jRft

— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) June 14, 2017

Wait a minute! That’s not Floyd Mayweather Jr., folks — that’s Floyd Mayweather, Sr., the boxer’s father and longtime trainer, who’s 64 years old.  Read more…

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Tiny cat challenges big lion because she’s a brave kitty


Oh, tiny cats. You have the DNA of the big cats, so why not challenge them as if they’re your equals?

YouTube user BigCatDerek uploaded a video of his cat Baggy challenging a lion named Noey who lives in his animal rescue facility. It’s like the cat version of David and Goliath, if the two were separated by a wire fence.

“Baggy,” her owner called out. “You will lose!” 

But she didn’t listen. Because Baggy’s a brave, courageous kitty who’s just ready to pounce. Read more…

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Uber drivers aren’t sweating Kalanick’s departure


“He stepped down? No way!”

I was on my fourth Uber ride of the afternoon, trying to gauge the temperature of the contractors who are the life’s blood of the increasingly controversial startup.

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Firas, who was taking me back to Mashable‘s mid-town Manhattan office had no idea that Uber CEO and founder Travis Kalanick was taking time away from the company to focus on becoming a better leader and deal with the death of his mother.

Like most of my other drivers, Firas (none of the drivers provided their last names) is under 30, has been driving an Uber for less than two years (most I spoke to had just a year under their belt) and is not exactly connected to the day-to-day machinations of the company that pays him. Read more…

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