Genius Best Buy employee explains the difference between having ‘the juice’ and ‘the sauce’


You probably didn’t expect Best Buy to be the place where some of the deepest philosophical conversations of our time were occurring, but now we have video evidence.

Twitter user LukeG2017 uploaded this clip on Tuesday discussing a question that you didn’t know you needed the answer to with his coworker Gino_Russ.

Rappers brag all the time about how they got the sauce and often how about how they have the juice as well, but really what’s the difference?

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What’s the difference between the juice and the sauce? @Gino_Russ

— LB (@LukeG2017) June 28, 2017 Read more…

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JAY-Z’s much-anticipated new album ‘4:44’ is out right now


It’s out.

JAY-Z’s — note the return of the hyphen and the capitalization — much-hyped, much-advertised new album 4:44 has been released as a Tidal exclusive, the rapper’s first in four years.

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The 10-track album leads with the cheekily named track “Kill Jay Z,” which points to his recent re-hyphenation. There’s also listed collaborations with Frank Ocean, Gloria Carter (JAY-Z’s mother), and Damian Marley. 

4:44 is reportedly only available to existing subscribers to Tidal, unless you’re a Sprint user, according to The Verge Read more…

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Amazon’s Whole Foods deal pretty much sunk Blue Apron’s IPO


A giant wall of lettuce, crates of vegetables, and gourmet food stands adorned the front of the New York Stock Exchange building on Thursday morning as meal delivery service Blue Apron celebrated its debut on the trading floor.

Produce-related festivities aside, enthusiasm for the once hotly anticipated public offering has wilted in the past couple days as the company lowered its target opening stock price from between $15 and $17 to just $10. 

A stale day of trading that left shares stagnant at a time when young companies usually look for fresh momentum didn’t do much to lift the mood among investors. Read more…

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Fearless Australian dude throws himself into a hole to catch a massive mud crab


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The 8 best new Photos features in MacOS High Sierra


Apple dropped the first public beta for MacOS High Sierra on Thursday and, as many have already pointed out, many of the biggest changes to the software are ones you can’t easily discern.

That’s because Apple spent more time on improving core technologies and performance than on flashy new features.

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That said, Apple did pay particular attention to its Photos app, which is getting a ton of upgrades with High Sierra. Here’s a look at the eight of our favorite new feature coming to Photos.

1. Refreshed user interface

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Photos app is how much easier it is to navigate with the new persistent sidebar on the left and the new editing panel, which allows you to see all the adjustments you can make in one place. Read more…

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Ransomware has been around for almost 30 years, so why does it feel like it’s getting worse?


Ransomware is not new. The malware, which encrypts data and demands payment in exchange for decryption keys, has been with us for almost 30 years.

So why does it feel like it’s getting worse? Well, that’s because it is getting worse. 

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In seemingly no time at all, ransomware has gone from an obscure threat faced by a select few to a plague crippling hospitals, banks, public transportation systems, and even video games. Frustratingly, the explosive growth of ransomware shows no signs of abating — leaving victims wondering why them, and why now?  Read more…

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‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 finally, finally gets a release date and a new trailer


After months and months of teasing on the internet, Season 3 of Rick and Morty finally has a premiere date.

The new season will debut on Sunday, July 30. The news was announced on Thursday evening, during a livestream hosted by Adult Swim. 

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The first episode of Season 3 was already streamed online for April Fools’ Day. 

Co-creator Justin Roiland said there will be 10 episodes in Season 3, and also dropped hints of another season after that — although he stopped short of confirming it. 

“Not to say there’s a Season 4. There’s a PR person freaking out right now,” Roiland said. Read more…

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An NBA star shared his phone number with the world and boy did fans have fun with it


NBA star Jimmy Butler was recently traded from the Chicago Bulls to the Minnesota Timberwolves, which prompted some nitpicking and criticism. Can a team really win big with Butler? Is Butler a good guy to have in the locker room? That sort of thing. 

So in a press conference Thursday, Butler gave his critics a special treat. That treat? His phone number, in case they’d like to have a personal conversation. 

@timberwolves Jimmy Butler gave out his phone number at his introductory press conference & told his critics to call him directly.

A post shared by @nbatv on Read more…

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Developer of PC survival game ‘Rust’ shrugs off $4 million in refunds like it’s nothing


Imagine a $4 million loss sliding off your back like it’s no big deal. Well, Rust developer Garry Newman doesn’t have to imagine it at all. 

On Wednesday, he casually tweeted this: 

Added sales stats to our backend today. These are Rust’s real Steam Refund

— Garry Newman (@garrynewman) June 28, 2017

All told, Facepunch Studios gave out $4 million in refunds — which is only 6 percent of the total sales Rust has made since its soft launch release on Steam’s Early Access platform three and a half years ago, according to an interview Newman did with PCGamesN. 

The whole point of Rust is to survive its world, and you’re not given a lot of tools to help you do that. Here’s how the game is described on its website: Read more…

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Intense clip shows a woman trapped in her car as a bear roams around her garage


A Colorado woman was briefly trapped inside her vehicle after a bear snuck into her garage, following her as she pulled her vehicle inside.

“Ahhh!” Denielle Backstrom can be heard yelling before beeping her car horn. “Freakin’ bear, get out of my garage.”

According to The Gazette, the bear made its way inside the garage when Backstrom opened it after returning home.

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Despite laying on her car horn, and even some movement from her car, the bear was completely unfazed by the woman and her attempts to scare it. When bears aren’t afraid of humans, things get scary.  Read more…

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