People are making avocado art, whether you like it or not


Latte artists, looks like you’ve got competition.

Avocado art has somehow become a thing, if our obsession with the fruit wasn’t already stopping people from being able to purchase their own homes or whatever. 

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The soft fleshy interior of the avocado might make an ideal surface for carving, but it’d surely be a race against time to ensure it doesn’t go brown. 

Which is why it’s worth admiring this mind-bendingly detailed piece of work by 26-year-old Italian artist Daniele Barresi, who carved this for Amsterdam-based restaurant The Avocado Show. Read more…

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‘Destiny 2’ players on PS4 get an exclusive exotic weapon of their own


Destiny 2 surfaced during Sony’s annual pre-E3 PlayStation briefing with a trailer featuring all the extra gear and cosmetic items that PlayStation 4 folks have access to. There’s also some new peeks at gameplay, in case you’re into that sort of thing.

Sony’s press conference focused almost exclusively on the games themselves, so there wasn’t any Bungie rep on stage to share more of the upcoming sequel’s secrets. But — of course — there’s plenty for dedicated fans to pick apart in the various screengrabs they’re sure to pull out and scrutinize.

The best place to follow along with that process is Destiny‘s most excellent subreddit. Read more…

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‘Detroit: Become Human’ lets you shape your story in an inhuman world


Detroit: Become Human imagines a future Earth in which androids are an everyday commodity. And then, those androids rebel.

This is the latest game from Quantic Dream, the French studio behind the likes of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Much like Detroit, those two previous games emphasize choice in a way that few others do. Characters die, subplots change, and all of it is your doing.

We don’t know much more about Detroit now than we did when Sony showed it off last year at E3. There’s still no release date, nor even a release window. The big takeaway from this trailer? Jesse Williams, of Grey’s Anatomy fame, appears to be in it. Read more…

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Could ‘Spider-Man’ be the Spidey game we’ve always wanted?


Though only teased at last year’s E3, Sony finally showed us some real gameplay from the new Spider-Man game, coming from Ratchet & Clank vets Insomniac Games. And boy, does it make us want to shake the hand of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The gameplay trailer, showed off at Sony’s E3 press conference Monday, highlighted how Spidey would swing around the city, how he would save citizens, and how he would beat up bad guys. There’s a great deal of Batman brawling mixed into its DNA, along with the traversal that Insomniac Games perfected with Sunset Overdrive.

When Spidey finally catches up to the helicopter he’s been chasing in the E3 demo, he’s surprised by an aggressive-looking Mr. Li, who is almost certainly Mister Negative.  Read more…

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Google wants to guilt you into installing solar panels on your roof


Google is hoping that some good old-fashioned peer pressure will push more people to embrace solar energy. 

Project Sunroof, the search giant’s solar panel mapping tool and calculator, is adding a nosy new feature, Data Explorer. Now, when you pull up an address using the tool, which visualizes how much sunlight hits each building in an area, you won’t just see which roof is best suited to harness solar energy. You’ll also be able to select an option to check out a map tracking every rooftop that’s already outfitted with solar panels in the area. 

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Sony sends shivers down our spine with its new nordic ‘God of War’


Though it was expected that Sony would spend some time to feature its new, reworked God of War, first revealed last year, it couldn’t have prepared us for the expansive father/son story that looked to expand across the northern regions of the world.

The beautiful-looking game, that appears completely different from all of the God of War games that  have come before it, follows the later years of Kratos, now a father trying to teach his son about the horrible world of monsters and myths that has plagued him all these long years. The combat is new, the exploration is new, the visuals are stunning, and it seems as if there will be at least one familiar giant boss battle ahead of us. Read more…

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‘Call of Duty: WWII’ takes a bow on the PlayStation E3 stage


Something very unusual happened during Sony’s pre-E3 PlayStation briefing: Call of Duty, usually a blockbuster presence at the annual event, was relegated to just-a-trailer duty.

What’s there looked sensational, of course. There still isn’t a first-person shooter roller-coaster quite like Call of Duty‘s. But I can’t help but feel like we could have seen… more.

That said: don’t count out WWII. The step away from modern combat is a refreshing shift for the series, and it sounds like the story writers are willing to take some worthwhile risks. Read more…

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New VR game looks like it’s going to really mess with your head


A new PlayStation VR game revealed onstage at E3 tonight really looks like it’s going to mess with your head. But, like, the good, psychological kind of messing up your brain. Not the kind that makes you want to lay down in a bunch of soft blankets.

The Inpatient comes from developers Supermassive, who did an excellent job of portraying the kind of teenage drama that can only occur in a perfectly-cheesy horror movie. Which is exactly what Until Dawn, the game in question, was going for and promptly nailed. 

This next game from the makers of Until Dawn taps into that same horror element but in an even creepier way, if this reveal trailer is any indication. Read more…

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Sony’s bringing ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ back with a ground-up remake


During their E3 press conference Monday, Sony let the big guys out to play. The big guys in this case are the many Colossi from the legendary 2005 game Shadow of the Colossus. 

However, this is no normal res’d up edition, like the HD remake that graced the Playstation 3. Judging by the beautiful trailer shown, this appears to be a ground-up remake of the classic action adventure game. 

All the trailer promised us was a release in 2018 and a longing in our hearts to ride our poor horse towards our twisted fate.  Read more…

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How Apple’s App Store turned into a scammer’s paradise


Apple’s App Store has a problem.

Shady developers are gaming the App Store’s policies and its search ads to get users to download apps that trick them into paying for subscriptions for scam apps.

While there have long been apps from less reputable developers in the App Store, one developer called attention to just how bad the problem has become in recent months. 

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Johnny Lin, a developer who once worked for Apple, published a lengthy Medium post over the weekend detailing how widespread the problem is. The whole post is really worth the read, but the bottom line is this: by buying a few strategically picked search ads and using a bit of SEO, a shady developer can make tens of thousands of dollars off a garbage app by aggressively pushing users to buy subscriptions.  Read more…

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