Stephen Colbert predicts Donald Trump Jr.’s future using genius diagram


When it comes to U.S. politics — particularly the absolute minefield that is America, Russia, and Donald Trump Jr.’s recent decision to publish that email chain — the whole thing is pretty much a web of confusion.

Luckily, Stephen Colbert is here to help us make sense of things.

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Using a handy diagram and some chalk, Colbert joins the dots on the latest Trump saga to predict the fate of the president’s oldest son.

(Spoiler: it doesn’t end well.) Read more…

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Andy Serkis as Gollum reading Trump’s tweets is as hilarious as you’d expect


Andy Serkis hasn’t played Gollum for a long time, but he’s not afraid to dive back into the role for a good cause.

The good cause in question? A quick reading of Donald Trump’s tweets.

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Serkis appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and was asked by the host to read a couple of examples of the president’s Twitter ramblings in trademark Sméagol fashion.

As you can tell from the clip above (skip to 3:45), he nailed it. Read more…

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Feast your eyes on these, uh, activated charcoal fish and chips


The Australian city of Melbourne throws up plenty of intriguing culinary creations, like the infamous “deconstructed coffee” and the $5 Nutella spoon of yore. 

Now the internet has turned their attention to these activated charcoal fish and chips, which aren’t like your average fish and chips.

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For A$19 (US$14) at the Long Story Short Café, the dish comes with a side of beetroot labneh, chips and a salad. 

But some people can’t ignore that the fish looks like, well, you can guess.

A post shared by Melbourne Food (@topfoodmelbourne) on Read more…

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KFC is releasing a smartphone, so you can show off your love for fried chicken


Die-hard chicken fans, this is the phone for you.

KFC and Chinese smartphone giant Huawei have released a new smartphone to mark the fast food chain’s 30-year presence in China.

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The limited edition KFC Huawei 7 Plus comes in a bright red casing, with both Colonel Sanders and the Huawei logo imprinted on its back. 

Image: tmall/screenshot

The phone will be available for $161 on Tmall, China’s equivalent of Amazon, from Thursday.

It has some pretty decent specs — for the price you’re paying at least. It comes with a fingerprint scanner, a 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and can support a 128GB Micro SD card. Read more…

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Pantyhose seller advertises his goods by bouncing his son up and down in one


How could you not buy your next set of pantyhose from this guy, with this sort of marketing?

A pantyhose wholesaler in Sui county, in Henan, central China, has gone viral after stuffing his 8-year-old son into one of his wares to demonstrate its quality:

In the video, he’s seen bouncing his eight-year-old son around like a kangaroo, while talking about the hosiery’s quality.

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The man, Cheng Hongwei, told Sina iPop he thought of making an ad for his pantyhoses over the weekend.

He wasn’t planning to post the video online, just to circulate via messaging to his clients. So he figured he’d whip up something to show off the quality, and got his daughter to film it with a phone. Read more…

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Illustrator beautifully reimagines what classic Disney movies would be like in 2017


Disney films are so timeless that it’s sometimes easy to forget the likes of The Jungle Book and Dumbo were actually released back in the middle of the 20th century.

Well, UK-based illustrator Tom Ward has given them an update. In a series of new illustrations, Ward has reimagined what classic Disney characters might look like in today’s world. 

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“I always appreciate visuals that feel familiar but say something new,” said Ward. “Disney characters are so iconic that I thought transporting them to our modern world could help us see it through new eyes, giving me an opportunity to communicate some issues I feel strongly about. e.g. circus animals, pollution and the ivory trade, using friendly and familiar visuals with a darker tone.” Read more…

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Free robot lawyer helps low-income people tackle more than 1,000 legal issues


Shady businesses, you’re on notice. This robot lawyer is coming after you if you play dirty.

Noted legal aid chatbot DoNotPay just announced a massive expansion, which will help users tackle issues in 1,000 legal areas entirely for free. The new features, which launched on Wednesday, cover consumer and workplace rights, and will be available in all 50 states and the UK. 

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While the bot will still help drivers contest parking tickets and refugees apply for asylum, the service will now also help those who want to report harassment in the workplace or who simply want a refund on a busted toaster. Read more…

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People, stop bringing your fridges and couches onto trains


We’re sure some people have entertained the thought of saving on the movers, and moving house with the aid of the public transport system.

Fortunately, some of us realise furniture and whitegoods are heavy. And that it’s pretty damn annoying for other commuters.

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Queensland Rail in Australia released CCTV footage on social media of travellers using its trains to carry a fridge and a couch, pleading with people to go “book a removalist.” 

In the case of the fridge, a man can be seen using a hand trolley to manoeuvre the fridge into an elevator and then the platform at Bowen Hills station. Read more…

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A Quentin Tarantino movie about the Manson murders is a disgusting idea


What I’m about to do is gross and wrong — to judge a work of art before it’s even been made — but there’s something about Quentin Tarantino tackling the Manson family murders that feels … well, gross and wrong.

The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday reported that Tarantino’s next project would be a “unique take on the Manson family murders,” and that “script details are fuzzy but one of the stories centers on Sharon Tate.”

Tarantino’s sensibilities and true crime? These things go together like chocolate and onions.

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Tate was eight months pregnant in 1969 when she and four other people were stabbed and beaten to the point of mutilation by four individuals at the direction of Charles Manson, who is still in prison for that and other grisly crimes. It ranks among the most ghastly and upsetting murders in American history, and the grief it caused still lingers. Read more…

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People bought a ton of Amazon gadgetry for Prime Day


Amazon’s marathon holiday of discount deals is coming to an end, but it’s already earned the company a permanent place in a lot more people’s living rooms.

The e-commerce giant said the Amazon Echo, its cylindrical digital assistant for the home, was the top-selling item of Prime Day in the United States as of Tuesday morning, according to CNBC. Amazon had halved the gadget’s price to $90 for the occasion.

The performance isn’t much of a surprise considering how aggressively Amazon discounts and promotes its own electronic products each time the contrived date rolls around. Other big sellers this year included its miniature cousin, the Echo Dot, and Amazon’s Fire 7 tablet. Read more…

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