Researchers create a ‘battery-free’ mobile phone


Your future phone may never need to be charged. 

That’s the exciting implication of new research out of the University of Washington, where researchers have created a mobile phone prototype that doesn’t require a battery to operate.

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The astonishingly efficient prototype requires just 3.5 microwatts of juice, and it employs an innovative approach to avoid the need for a battery cell. Instead, it uses ambient power from radio signals and light — its onboard solar cell is “roughly the size of a grain of rice” — to transmit a signal back to a base station 50 feet away.  Read more…

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PSA: Letting a highly venomous spider climb up your arm will not make you Spider-Man


Critics are loving Spider-Man: Homecoming for many reasons, one of which is the highly praised decision to avoid Spidey’s tired origin story. You know, the same one we’ve been subjected to in two prior reboots released since 2002. 

In that spirit, we’d like to remind you of the following: letting a big, venomous spider climb up your arm will not make you Spider-Man. In other words, do not be like the man in this video, who lets the extremely poisonous Brazilian Wandering Spider scuttle around his wrist like a cartoon monster.

Maybe just go see Spider-Man: Homecoming instead? Read more…

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Apple iPhone 8’s wireless charging may be late for launch, report says


No, the Apple iPhone rumors are not done. You will take your iPhone rumor medicine, and like it. 

Actually, you might not like this one. 

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In a late night Twitter message on Friday, John Gruber, an Apple-focused writer and podcaster who occasionally comes up with early info on the company’s products, delivered some new details around rumors of the iPhone offering wireless (inductive) charging. 

“I’ve heard that inductive charging will (a) be sold separately, and (b) might be late, waiting for iOS 11.1 (a la Portrait mode last year),” wrote Gruber. “I’m not sure if the holdup is hardware or software. And they could catch up in next three weeks.” Read more…

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Delta in-flight disaster averted thanks to weaponized wine bottles


Wine: saving everyone’s flight experience in more ways than one. 

A Delta flight devolved into a nightmare on Thursday when a man tried to force open an exit door midair, the Washington Post reported.  The day was saved thanks to resourceful flight attendants armed with glass bottles.

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Joseph Hudek IV, age 23, was flying first class on a 5 p.m. flight from Seattle to Beijing. At one point, he left the first-class bathroom and “lunged toward the forward right exit door.” He grabbed the handle and tried to pull the door open.  Read more…

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Ivanka Trump, who ‘tries to stay out of politics,’ sat in for her dad at a G20 session


It’s fairly common practice for government ministers to briefly sub in for world leaders at summits like G20. What’s less common — and more controversial — is for the unqualified children of world leaders to take their parents’ seats.

Anyway, guess what happened! Ivanka Trump, who, as you’ll recall, “tries to stay out of politics,” did exactly the opposite at a G20 session on Saturday. 

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Ivanka, who technically serves as an unpaid adviser to the president, didn’t speak during her stint in the room. Still, a lot of people weren’t particularly pleased by her presence. The move certainly raises a lot of questions, like 1) How is she qualified to confer with world leaders? and 2) Who thought this would be a good idea? Read more…

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Turtles need to migrate across the airport and don’t care if they delay flights at JFK


Those flight delays might not actually be the result of inclement weather — for some trying to leave New York this week, it was turtles. 

About 40 turtles caused delays at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Friday when they interrupted takeoffs while migrating for a nesting ritual — aka turtle sexy time — the New York Daily News reported. 

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Apparently, this isn’t that unusual. 

Heh, showed this pal who works with Port Authority airports and he said it happens so often that JFK has staff dedicated to turtle removal.😂

— Gaurav Sabnis (@gauravsabnis) July 7, 2017 Read more…

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Prince, who said the ‘internet is over,’ finally gets his own YouTube channel


They say you “can’t take it with you” when it comes to money after death, and we now know that that applies to music as well. At least in the case of Prince it does. 

Six of The Purple One’s music videos appeared on an official YouTube channel over the last 24 hours, directly countering a stance he took on the digital distribution of his music when he was alive.  

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Hits including “When Doves Cry,” “Baby I’m A Star,” “I Would Die 4 U,” and “Let’s Go Crazy” now appear in music video form on the site. None of the videos — which include tracks from Purple Rain (the movie) and three live performances of songs from the same album — are available in high-definition formats.   Read more…

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Say hello to Lightsaber Baby, who might make you embrace the Dark Side


Think you’d never be tempted to turn to the Dark Side of the Force? Hm. That’s cute. Say hello to Lightsaber Baby.

After receiving a cool new lightsaber, Lightsaber Baby (her actual name is Zelda), was so thrilled that she began to chase her older brother around the house with it. Wouldn’t we all?

And even though she had the blue saber and not the red, she didn’t exactly stay Zen like a Jedi.

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Behold the photo evidence, shared by mom @MommaSmarsh on Twitter earlier this week:

My daughter was chasing my son around with a lightsaber and got a little too into it…

— Super Slayin Mom👻 (@MommaSmarsh) July 6, 2017 Read more…

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Someone dedicated time to creating an Instagram called ‘Celebrities in Ramen’


If we’re being honest with ourselves, Instagram is really good for only two things: food and celebrities. 

Checking up on our favorite stars “candid” moments and seeing what our foodie friends are consuming are the two peaks of content in the vast mountain range that is Instagram. So what happens when they’re combined? We’ve seen it before with @celebsonsandwiches, but why limit yourself to bread when ramen exits. 

Enter @celebrities_in_ramen, your new favorite account. 

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It’s exactly like it sounds — celebrities lounging in a bowl of ramen thanks to a wonderful thing called Photoshop.  Read more…

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Dear Silicon Valley VCs, your trite sexism apology blogs of self-regard are not enough


Venture capitalist Dave McClure is done. This one’s important. VCs come and go all the time, but McClure is out at 500 Startups, the Mountain View, California-based venture fund and startup accelerator he helped cofound in 2010. 

Seven someodd years later, and McClure’s finished there. There was no posh gig elsewhere. His ouster wasn’t a performance-based result, either. As reported by the New York Times, McClure’s on the skids because he allegedly sexually assaulted at least one woman and harassed multiple others, per testimonies from the women. 

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