The military is shelling out $130,000 a month to rent some space at Trump Tower


The White House Military Office is reportedly shelling out $130,000 a month to rent some space at Trump Tower in New York City, which should raise a few eyebrows since that property belongs to a company the president used to control and has not divested from. 

Though The Wall Street Journal reports that the military is renting the space from a private owner likely to be the president’s NYC neighbor, the fee is more than double what such a space should rent for.

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White House Military Office does legally need to be close to the president, since they are the arbiters of information such as the nuclear codes, but the president no longer spends much time at his NYC headquarters, so $130,000 seems a bit steep. Right now, the military has a lease for the spot through September of 2018, to the tune of $2.39 million.  Read more…

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It’s Shep Smith versus Sean Hannity for the soul of Fox News


The war is on for the soul of Fox News in the Donald Trump era. 

In one corner, Sean Hannity, heir apparent to Bill O’Reilly and the undisputed champion of President Donald Trump. 

In the other, Shep Smith, among a select few voices willing to occasionally puncture the Fox News bubble.

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The two have coexisted rather peacefully for years, but with Fox News headed in a distinctly pro-Trump-no-matter-what-happens direction, Smith and Hannity have been on a collision course.

In the last couple weeks, they’ve begun to square off in a fight that shows just how far into Trump’s alternate reality much of Fox News has fallen. It was enough to cause Smith to publicly question whether Fox News might just destroy itself along the way. Read more…

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Elon Musk reveals what his tunnel under LA has to do with Mars


There’s been a significant amount of mystery and speculation around Elon Musk’s Boring Company—his effort to bore tunnels under LA to bypass traffic—and its possible connection to SpaceX. 

On Wednesday, Musk removed some of that mystery.

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Appearing as a guest at the International Space Station Research and Development (ISSR&D) Conference in Washington, D.C., Musk spent most of his time talking about the most recent SpaceX missions and his thoughts about international space travel efforts. 

But during the Q&A session, one audience member asked what we’ve all been wondering: Is the Boring Company really just practice for building tunnels on Mars?  Read more…

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Never do this on a plane. Just … never.


Anyone who’s had the pleasure of flying in the last few years knows that although it’s generally the fastest way to get somewhere far away, air travel can easily turn into a terrible experience. Horror stories range from unruly passengers to mistreatment from airlines. But what you’re about to see may scar you for life, so please proceed with caution. 

Self-described “regular person” Jessica Char was expecting to take a regular JetBlue flight from Long Beach to San Francisco on Tuesday. What she experienced was anything but normal.

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Apple is secretly funding a legal battle against a rival


Suits, countersuits, and everything in between. When Apple and billions of dollars are involved, you know things are going to get messy. 

Well, messy and interesting. Because, in what can only be read as a “don’t mess with us” play from Apple CEO Tim Cook, it turns out that the Cupertino-based behemoth is financially backing the legal defense of four iPhone manufacturers in their battle with Qualcomm — a company that just so happens to own the chip technology that allows iPhones to connect to cell data networks. 

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‘Despacito’ is officially the song of summer, and here’s why


“Despacito” is a lot of things: it’s the song you can’t get stuck out of your head, the one playing from every car or set of headphones, and thanks to it’s new global streaming record of 4.6 billion streams in only six months, “Despacito” has officially been declared the official song of the summer (sorry, DJ Khaled and Ashad). 

The infectious song from Puerto Rico’s Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee features a remix from global superstar Justin Bieber. Anything touched by the Biebs usually turns gold, but the magical combination of the three of them has launched the already popular song into another stratosphere. It is the first Spanish-language to hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart since 1996’s “Macarena,” and the remix has only fluctuated from the number one spot a handful of times since it’s initial release in May.  Read more…

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Fans come to Pink’s aid after she got mom-shamed on Instagram


People can never let Pink live. 

After Pink received backlash for a simple family photo, fans came out to defend the musician from unwarranted mom-shaming.

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On Monday, Pink posted a photo of her and her children spending time together in their kitchen. In the image Pink is cooking while cradling her infant in a hands-free baby carrier, her daughter is kneeling on the counter beside the stove.

Dinner time

A post shared by P!NK (@pink) on

The musician often shares pictures her family on Instagram, but this photo in particular touched a nerve for certain commenters. Read more…

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Bran may have already doomed Westeros in the most boring way possible


Remember how riveting it was to watch Bran hang out in a tree for pretty much all of Season 6? Remember how that was somehow more interesting than his interminable journey into Nowhere, Westeros for about two entire seasons before that? 

Well true to form, Bran might have found the most boring way possible to move forward a critical piece of Game of Thrones’ plot.

It is known that Bran is not the first Bran Stark to have been at the center of major historical events in Westeros. But some Game of Thrones fans are speculating that the events our Bran Stark is about to set in motion after finally arriving at the Wall will be a lot less popular than those of his fabled predecessor, Bran the Builder.   Read more…

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Esports moving to TV means more video games have to reckon with themselves


As esports make their way onto mainstream TV, they’re going to have to play by mainstream TV rules.

ESPN made that evident this weekend when they broadcast a portion of the Street Fighter V tournament from Evo 2017 — one of the biggest fighting game tournaments of the year. During a match on Sunday, word came down from ESPN to the main stage that one of the players needed to choose a different costume for their character, ESPN confirmed via email. Specifically one that showed off a little less butt.

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Street Fighter V pro Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue was playing as the character Cammy on Sunday, whose default costume is a green singlet that tapers down into a thong-like bottom. It reveals quite a high percentage of her butt.  Read more…

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MTV is already discussing a future ‘Teen Wolf’ reboot before the current ‘Teen Wolf’ even says goodbye


If your favorite television show comes to an end, have no fear — with our new obsession over reboots, that baby will probably get a redo not too long after going off the air. 

Need proof? Just look at Teen Wolf, which is reportedly being discussed for a revival before the current series even closes.


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The Hollywood Reporter shared on Wednesday that MTV is already discussing a reboot of its beloved werewolf teen drama, which may seem like madness considering … we’re still a few weeks away before the premiere of the current Teen Wolf‘s final 10 episodes. Read more…

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