This is how NASA spots potentially dangerous asteroids near Earth


Ever wonder how NASA is able to find and track possibly hazardous asteroids near our planet? Well, this video explainer has you covered. 

It was released on World Asteroid Day, which is devoted to raising public awareness of the dangers of asteroids and comets in our cosmic backyard. NASA has actually discovered tens of thousands of asteroids floating around our part of space.

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Asteroid Day takes place every June 30, on the anniversary of the Tunguska event, which occurred in 1908. On that day, researchers think a 40-meter-wide space rock entered the atmosphere over Siberia flattening trees for about 800 square miles.  Read more…

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Brilliant dog hack keeps pups safe but makes them look ridiculous


Even the most loyal of dogs can’t resist the lure of the outside world. 

Redditor Gallowboob (gotta love Reddit usernames) shared an inventive dog hack that just may keep your own best friend from straying too far.

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The spoon technique may not be new, but spreading awareness about this trick could keep puppers everywhere safe.

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Here’s how to use Facebook to find a Wi-Fi connection anywhere


Facebook is rolling out a new feature to help us save on data and locate open Wi-Fi networks, no matter where we are. 

It’s called Find Wi-Fi, and it shows network-needy users a tailored hotspot map of their immediate area, highlighting locations where they’ll be able to find a connection. The feature was tested for iOS in a few countries last year to positive reviews, so Facebook is releasing it to all users around the world on both iPhone and Android.  

It’s not all wide-open public Wi-Fi — the maps are made up of businesses that have shared with Facebook from their Page — but it’ll help you pick out which coffee shop would be best for a pitstop if you’re in an unfamiliar place.  Read more…

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Retro-inspired text adventure puts a twist on using Wikipedia


Reading Wikipedia just got a whole lot more fun.

A new game called “Wikipedia: The text adventure” helps you navigate and learn more about the world using a clever modification of the online knowledge database’s API. You can start your journey with a suggested location or choose your own, and from there on the game dynamically generates options of places to explore.

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For example, I started with my home state of Maharashtra in India. From there, the game gave me a few choices of other places in the state to explore.

People have discovered classic text adventure features like the ability to pick up items, examine them, and keep them in your inventory. Read more…

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Palmer Luckey gives monetary middle finger to Facebook and Oculus


Palmer Luckey, co-founder of Oculus virtual reality, gave his old employers at Oculus and Facebook a huge middle finger this week by donating thousands of dollars to a VR project that makes Oculus-exclusive VR games playable on its competitor’s VR device, the HTC Vive.

The creator behind Revive, a pet project aimed at breaking down exclusivity barriers for VR systems, confirmed Thursday that the big jump in donations per month on his Patreon came from Luckey.

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Luckey parted ways with Oculus and Facebook in March following the revelation that he was a Donald Trump supporter and had previously said some negative things about Hillary Clinton. He later denied this after his departure. Read more…

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These are the Fourth of July sales you’ll want to know about


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The Fourth of July is a time for pool floats, copious hot dogs, and shopping – yes, shopping. Thanks to a host of sales offering discounts on big ticket items, you could save some serious cash this weekend.

Let’s get down to business, people.

From kitchen appliances and tech, to that tablet you’ve been eyeing for weeks, this list has all the sales you’ll need to save big over the holiday weekend.


Image: hp

HP is giving up to 50 percent off products storewide and coupon codes for specific selections. From laptops and tablets, to curved desktops – and all with free shipping and returns. Take a look here before the sale ends on July 8. Read more…

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The world has come up with the worst names for Crayola’s new color


Finally, the madness is almost over. 

Since March, Crayola — yes, the art supply company that ran your childhood — has been stringing the world along on a troublesome and emotional journey to replace the Dandelion crayon — an OG member of the 24-pack box. But rest assured, the end is near.

All you have to do is vote on the new blue crayon’s name from five extraordinarily cheesy and embarrassing options. Sounds GR8. Very simple.

Except they are so so bad how will you choose?

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After killing off off Dandelion, the company held an elaborate ceremony announcing that in the coming weeks Crayola fans would be invited to choose the name of the new addition to the box. Read more…

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7 portable grills to have a BBQ everywhere you go


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We can all agree that summertime means three things: ice cream for dinner, an unhealthy obsession with air conditioning, and the ubiquitous weekend barbecue. But keeping a grill in your backyard to facilitate those get-togethers isn’t always feasible.

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If you have space constraints or are looking to grill on the go, this roundup features wood, propane, and charcoal options that can be stowed away until you need to use them. None of these are super powerful three-burner gas grills, but will get the job done without all of the bulk.   Read more…

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