There is such a thing as too much porn. At least if you’re a guy.


It turns out too much porn can be a bad thing — at least if you’re a guy. Women can carry on enjoying as much as they like.

New research has found that unlimited access to online porn may be damaging to men’s sex lives. Looking at it too often can lead them to become less interested in their IRL sex lives, which obviously has all kinds of negative consequences for their health and relationships. Meanwhile, women are lucky enough to remain pretty much unharmed by their porn consumption. 

This new data is the result of two separated surveys that were led by Dr. Matthew Christman, a urologist at the Naval Medical Center of San Diego. The findings were presented last week at the 112th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association. Read more…

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This might be the cutest and tiniest smartphone ever


Jelly is a fun-sized smartphone that can fit into the little pocket of your jeans. Despite its size, it has the capabilities of a normal smartphone. 

Jelly supports 4G network, has 16GB of storage, and a dual camera with up to 8-megapixels. 

It’s perfect to take with you to workout or use as a backup work phone. It comes in black, white, and blue and costs $79.  Read more…

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Delta will let you drop bags at airports by just scanning your face


Delta is launching a facial recognition self-service bag drop, the first of its kind in the United States.   

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Customers with bags to check will stop at the kiosks to print their bag tags — same as now — then go to the self-service machines, equipped with biometric technology, which will match them with their passport photos through identification verification. 

“We expect this investment and new process to save customers time,” said Gareth Joyce, Delta’s Senior Vice President, Airport Customer Service and Cargo. “We see a future where Delta agents will be freed up to seek out travelers and deliver more proactive and thoughtful customer service.” Read more…

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How ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ became a speedrunning phenomenon


Like most Mario games, Super Mario Bros. 3 is a pillar of the speedrunning scene and has sparked quite the competition among players trying to beat the game as quickly as possible.

In Summoning Salt’s video above, the speedrunning historian goes through the story of Super Mario Bros. 3 speedrunning, how it grew in popularity before easy video-sharing on the internet was a thing, how today’s top runners bested a near-perfect tool-assisted run, and how the current world record holders reached their impressive times in a game that’s nearly 30 years old. Read more…

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Everyone fell for this fake story about a pastor eaten by crocodiles


British media were abuzz this morning after reporting this “story” of a pastor from Zimbabwe who was eaten by crocodiles after trying to walk on water like Jesus. 

Image: screenshot

The Independent, The Daily Mail, Unilad, Metro, the Express among others had a version of the story citing the Daily Post in Nigeria, which in turn cited the Zimbabwe Herald

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However, the Zimbabwe Herald has no such story on the website. Why? Because the story is fake:

Image: screenshot

Besides the fact that the river in question is called “Crocodile River” (LOL) and that there’s (suspiciously) another pastor-walks-on-the-water-like-Jesus-gets-eaten-by-crocodiles story from 2016, a quick search on Google reveals that the story was originally published on a satirical website in February:  Read more…

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Alison Brie’s girl squad fights it out in Netflix’s ‘Glow’ trailer


“This could either feel dinky, or it could feel epic.”

Journey to the ’80s with Netflix’s GLOW, a new comedy starring Alison Brie and Marc Maron.

Brie plays Ruth, a struggling actress in Los Angeles who auditions for “Gorgeous Women Of Wrestling,” a sufficiently daunting gig without the presence of Debbie (Betty Gilpin), who has a sizable grudge against her.

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The trailer gives us our first look at the motley GLOW crew, including Sydelle Noel, Kia Stevens, Jackie Tohn, and Sunita Mani, who work at the mercy of Maron’s curmudgeonly director SamOrange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann executive produced the series. Read more…

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Charlie Hunnam reveals what it’s like to act alongside David Beckham


Charlie Hunnam and Guy Ritchie don’t mind David Beckham stealing their King Arthur publicity thunder. Far from it.

During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Hunnam and Ritchie spoke about working with the legendary footballer — and they couldn’t sing his praises enough.

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“I thought he was terrific,” says Hunnam in the clip above. “Not only just a kind, lovely, humble fella, but showed up so determined to do a good job. 

“I mean he’s not an actor and I don’t think has any real aspiration to be an actor, but I think he’d hired an acting coach and he was so prepared and sort of nervous and determined — and I thought ‘Wow, good for you David Beckham’.” Read more…

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Marvel and Fox’s ‘The Gifted’ trailer actually mentions the X-Men, so we’re into it


The X-Men took their first tentative steps towards the small screen in February with FX’s Legion — which centers around David Haller (Dan Stevens) the secret son of Charles Xavier, who has spent his life believing that his powerful psychic abilities were simply delusions brought on by mental illness. 

The show’s last two episodes vaguely teased the connection between David and his long-lost father, but despite a few references to mutants, the show felt largely disconnected from the sprawling cinematic universe featuring Professor X, Logan and Magneto. 

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