‘Star Wars’ team remembers Carrie Fisher and we’re crying


There’s no Star Wars without Carrie Fisher, and everyone who’s worked with her knows it.

In a cover story for Vanity Fair, Fisher’s colleagues from Star Wars: The Last Jedi (opening in December) recall what it was like to know and work with her, to catch some of the light from a star as bright as Fisher. And though she’s in VIII and the saga will continue, there’s an Alderaan-sized hole in Star Wars universe.

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Fisher filmed her part for Episode VIII — a more significant role than 2015’s The Force Awakens — but the series’ next installment is being totally reworked to account for her absence.  Read more…

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Samsung’s new Gear 360 camera is way cheaper than the original


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If This Then That is ready for its second act


When If This Then That emerged in 2012, it was something of a curiosity, albeit a wonky one. 

The service allowed users to tie together disparate applications into “recipes.” Through IFTTT, for example, you could set up a system to get a text notification when a particular person posts to Instagram. 

It was useful (disclosure: I have an IFTTT recipe that texts me the weather every morning) but not the most user friendly service. It required a unreasonable amount of effort to set up, and it was also limited in what you could connect. Cool idea, but maybe a little early. 

On Wednesday, IFTTT announced its second act. The core is still the same — IFTTT is the connective tissue between all the disparate things in your life — but the user experience is dramatically different. If it works, you won’t need to do much with IFTTT anymore — the services you use will do it for you. Read more…

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Ridiculous news cycle leads Jon Stewart and HBO to cancel their show


Despite Jon Stewart’s many talents, he is but a mere mortal. And like the rest of us, he can barely keep up with the world’s rapidly breaking, frequently bizarre news cycle.

Because of this, Stewart’s upcoming short-form animation series with HBO, which was announced back in 2016, has been cancelled. Sad!

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According to The New York Times, neither Stewart nor the network anticipated how challenging the cable-news parody — being created with the help of 3D graphics company, OTOY — would be to carry out, and it’s been shelved. Read more…

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Laura Dern’s new ‘Star Wars’ character looks ready for the Hunger Games


Looks like the Resistance just got a little bit more colorful.

Laura Dern’s new character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi has just been revealed, and in contrast to the beiges and browns that seem to characterize most Resistance closets, she seems to favor pinks and purples.

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Take a gander below:


Laura Dern has purple hair in Star Warshttps://t.co/GS5jUsLtq5 pic.twitter.com/CCzUY70Wyl

— kateyrich (@kateyrich) May 24, 2017

Between the pink hair and that draped capelet situation, she looks kinda like Effie Trinket trying to go low-key. Read more…

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Those movie subtitles you downloaded might open your doors to hackers


If you thought movie subtitles are just benign text files you can download to your computer and use without fear, think again. 

A report from security company Check Point claims that subtitles can be extremely dangerous, potentially allowing malicious hackers to completely take over your computer. 

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The subtitles come in many different forms — over 25, according to the report — and the way media files such as VLC or services such as Popcorn Time use them is often insecure.  If a malicious user slips in a dangerous file instead of an actual subtitle, he can do a lot of damage to the victim’s computer. Check out how an attacker can take control of the victim’s machine in the video, below.  Read more…

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How I lost the first national VR gaming tournament, but saw the future of esports


My hands are shaking. But I know that these kinds of events are driven by sugar and adrenaline, so I ignore my nervous muscle twitches and stuff a couple more Oreos into my mouth, one package of many on a table laden with pizza, sugary drinks, and various packaged sweets. Familiar foods to fuel the gods of esports. 

But in this case, there’s a major difference. The gaming arena isn’t a flat screen connected to a console and a traditional controller. No, today we will do battle in virtual reality. 

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On May 13, I tested my VR gaming mettle against all comers in the first national VR esports tournament in the U.S., presided over by the ESL Gaming Network, Insomniac Games, Microsoft, Intel, and Asus. In 80 Microsoft stores across the country (and parts of Canada), VR gamers around the country strapped on the Oculus Rift and competed against each other in the VR game The Unspoken.  Read more…

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Guilty-looking dog eats rugby player’s passport, causes chaos


There are bad dogs, and then there are very bad dogs.

Mr Boots, a seven-month old cocker spaniel belonging to rugby player Matthew Shepherd, definitely falls into the latter category.

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A couple of weeks before Shepherd was due to fly out to Spain, the Plymouth Albion player decided to check the expiry date on his passport, according to a BBC report. He then made the mistake of leaving it out on the table. 

Enter Mr Boots.

Bad dog! #Cornwall #rugby star @sheppy09 had to get new passport for @EnglandCounties tour after Mr Boots ate his!https://t.co/KYLXEwra7T pic.twitter.com/sDQBZUdhbV

— BBC Radio Cornwall (@BBCCornwall) May 24, 2017 Read more…

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People are moved by this homeless man’s story of helping the Manchester victims


In the words of the UK Prime Minister Theresa May, we experienced the worst of humanity as a bomber caused devastation at an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night. But we also saw the best. 

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Case in point Stephen Jones — a homeless man who was near the scene of the Manchester Arena blast. 

In an interview with ITV News, he describes rushing to help injured people after hearing a huge bang, which he initially thought was fireworks. 

“Just because I’m homeless, it doesn’t mean I haven’t got a heart and I’m not human still,” the man said.  Read more…

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Taiwan becomes the first place in Asia to recognise same-sex marriage


After months of anticipation, protests, and campaigns, Taiwan made history on Wednesday as the first country in Asia to recognise same-sex marriage.

The ruling panel, made of 14 judges, has ruled that it is unconstitutional to ban same-sex couples from getting married. 

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Taiwan’s government has two years to implement the ruling, failing which same-sex marriages will be allowed to registered anyway. 

People from all across the region took to Twitter in celebration. 

1st in ASIA!!! Congratulations Taiwan for winning #MarriageEquality! #LoveWins! Let the proposals begin! #LoveIsLove 🇹🇼👩‍❤️‍👩💑👨‍❤️‍👨 pic.twitter.com/30aV8ZyQ1B

— Benjamin Xue (@switchboxben) May 24, 2017 Read more…

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