Android will now show you exactly which apps are draining your battery


Tired of your phone battery draining so fast, and for no apparent reason? Android has a solution.

A new update to the battery menu in Android O helps you easily identify and exit the apps that are depleting your battery life — without ever leaving the menu, Android Authority reports. The company announced the new redesign along with several other Android O features at Google I/O earlier this week.

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The current battery menu allows you to toggle to the battery saver mode and shows usage stats per app, but it’s not actionable. The new version is more intuitive and also more useful, bringing related features like adaptive brightness and the battery percentage icon into the battery menu.  Read more…

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One of ‘Destiny’s most iconic abilities won’t be coming back


Yesterday’s long-awaited Destiny 2 reveal was undeniably awesome, but for the game’s enthusiastic hardcore community it was also bittersweet. Yes, there’s a new Destiny adventure on the horizon, but that also makes the old one history. And moving forward means leaving things behind.

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Bungie keeps saying that Destiny 2 will be a “fresh start” for old and new players alike. All the precious trophies we’ve earned over the last three years — the flamboyant armor, the outrageous guns, the rocket launchers and giant lasers we pined for and sought after endlessly — will be gone. And so will Destiny’s two most unique abilities, the Defender Titan’s bubble shield and the Sunsinger Warlock’s self-resurrection. Read more…

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What Snapchat vs Facebook means for the media


In Snapchat Vs. Facebook, the gloves are off and the competition is heating up. 

As the fight for advertising revenue intensifies between the two social media giants, the tactics will get dirtier, and the prizes will become bigger. Yet, in the midst of all this, one question remains: what will the fighting mean for journalistic publications that use these platforms to boost their profile across social networking sites?

Facebook on top

As things currently stand, Facebook dominates the dispersal of news, but that’s not to say Snapchat isn’t innovating. In fact, one of the major developments in dissemination of media articles on social media was spearheaded by Snapchat’s story feature that allows publications to provide readers with a form of digital magazine. This was adopted by Facebook-owned Instagram, and the effect on journalism has been revolutionary.  Read more…

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Twitter was pretty devastated by ‘I Am Heath Ledger’


It’s been nine years since the shocking death of Heath Ledger, and a stirring new film composed largely of the actor’s own footage brings back a lot of old emotions. 

Directed by Adrian Buitenhuis and Derik Murray, I Am Heath Ledger premiered May 17 on Spike, and to no one’s surprise, hit audiences right where they felt it most.

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Reactions ranged from your average dose of tears to proper devastation and rumination on Ledger’s tragically short life — he was 28 when he died of a drug overdose.

Ok. I am Heath Ledger just ruined me. He was so full of life 🙁 He radiated happiness 🙁 He was taken too early 🙁

— Nicole (@sweetothesouI) May 19, 2017 Read more…

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Take a sneak peek at four new ‘Overwatch’ skins coming next week


Blizzard revealed four new Overwatch hero skins last night on the official Korean Overwatch Twitter and they look pretty slick.

The new skins for Bastion, Pharah, Soldier: 76, and Zarya will be available during Overwatch‘s anniversary event starting May 23 and running into mid-June. 

Zarya is getting a helmet for the first time in Overwatch (complete with an opening for her colorful hair to stick through) and Soldier: 76 appears to have some new cyborg limbs. Meanwhile, Bastion has gotten all pipe-y and Pharah’s armor has a cool new falcon theme reminiscent of the Egyptian god Ra.

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Tim Cook reportedly spotted wearing a revolutionary Apple Watch prototype


Apple CEO Tim Cook will be the first to tell you — he loves the Apple Watch and its health tracking capabilities. So if there’s anyone who would serve as a high-profile guinea pig for a breakthrough new feature for the device, Cook’s a top candidate.

Which is why it may come as no surprise that Cook has been spotted out and around on Apple’s campus sporting a specialized version of the Watch, according to a report from CNBC. Connected to Cook’s Watch is a new device that is said to be a prototype of a glucose-tracker, which is rumored to be in development for a future version of the wearable. Read more…

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Muggle science teacher blames J.K. Rowling for this magic-inspired mistake


Is there such a thing as too much Harry Potter?

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Science teacher Neil Baker asserted that there is when he tweeted this picture to J.K. Rowling.

I blame you for this @jk_rowling #mugglescience

— Neil Baker (@NeilBaker1980) May 19, 2017

In the image of a science exam, a student answered a biology prompt with a Harry Potter inspired misspelling. The student wrote the word “disaperates,” which (when spelled correctly) is the magical ability to transport oneself anywhere in a matter of seconds. Read more…

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Katy Perry’s new song about karma could be directed at anyone who happens to be named Taylor Swift


Katy Perry sort of denied there’s no response to “Bad Blood” on Witness in a rambling answer on the subject to Entertainment Weekly. She did, however, leave us with the following warning: “But, let me say this: Everything has a reaction or a consequence so don’t forget about that, okay, honey.”

She premiered “Swish Swish” last night, and it really seems to be a response to her feud with Taylor Swift. 

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Taymerican citizen Ruby Rose, who has stuck up for Swift on Twitter in the past, is not a fan. She said her song “Chained to the Rhythm” is “purposeful poop” — which I think we can all agree is funny regardless of our pop star alliances — and suggested Perry’s “woke” rebrand is insincere.  Read more…

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Jake Gyllenhaal throws serious shade at Trump’s treatment of the environment


Jake Gyllenhaal is clearly not happy with his country’s political situation.

The Hollywood actor didn’t directly mention Trump during the Cannes press conference for his latest film Okja on Friday, but really he didn’t need to. His feelings were clear.

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Okja is a film about a little girl’s friendship with a large creature — a “super pig” — which has been specially bred by an American corporation. Directed by Bong Joon Ho, the film’s message about society’s mistreatment of the environment is unambiguous.

When asked about the film’s treatment of environmental issues, Gyllenhaal said that the timing of the film is very important. Read more…

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