Let a 1865 dating ad give you tips on how to woo like a Victorian lover


Are we certain that men have actually evolved in the last century or so? Sure it may seem like there are way more genuinely ~nice guys~ now, but do they offer to buy you bread and butter? 

Didn’t think so!

Max Roser, a researcher for the University of Oxford, posted a photo of an 1865 newspaper dating ad. The headline reads “Chance for a Spinster” and though “spinster” is mostly used as insult now, at the time he was just trying to call out all the single ladies. 

Looking for a wife in 1865 pic.twitter.com/5YWWag7isA

— Max Roser (@MaxCRoser) June 19, 2017

Damn, an 18-year old with good teeth and 10 acres of seeded land? Sign. Us. Up.   Read more…

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