Lame killjoys want California’s ‘Flintstones’ house declared a public nuisance


Nothing gold can stay. 

A bunch of humorless and fun-hating jerks are trying to ruin the famous Hillsborough, Calif., Flintstones-style house by getting it declared a public nuisance. So reports the East Bay Times, which notes that it’s the latest additions to the home that have Hillsborough planning and building officials peeved.

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And what might those additions be? Why, freaking dinosaurs, of course. 

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Famous ‘Flintstone House’ gets yabba dabba doo makeover, and just when we thought the house couldn’t get any more quirky… @town_of_bedrock #theflintstones #bedrock #dinosaur #tvrealestate #cartoonrealestate #renthomes #siaglafkidesrealestate #homesweethome

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