Kid makes adorable case for why he should be NASA’s planetary protection officer


There’s one kid who wants to be NASA’s planetary protection officer more than anyone in the world.

He’s a fourth grader named Jack Davis who believes he’s up to the task of protecting our planet. And he wrote NASA a letter to prove it.

(No, the job doesn’t really involve defending the Earth from evil aliens.

Reddit user millamber, a friend of Jack’s parents, posted the letter online to show off just how talented he is and maybe even get NASA’s attention. 

He very clearly lays out in his letter just how qualified he is for the job—perhaps even more elegantly than a grown adult. 

Some of Davis’ experience includes having seen “almost all” movies about aliens and space, and being good at video games. He also hopes to see Men in Black and learn how to think like an alien.  Read more…

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