‘In A Heartbeat,’ the animated gay love story, is here to make you cry happy tears


Our hearts are so full right now that they’re about to burst.

In May, the Kickstarter-funded romantic animated short about two boys falling in love was just a 25-second trailer, but now we’re lucky enough to finally have the whole thing.

In A Heartbeat follows a closeted red-headed teen named Sherwin whose heart literally pops out of his chest and chases after his classmate and crush, Jonathan. Sherwin must track down his heart before it reveals to his crush how he really feels about him. 

Free from dialogue, the short allows the audience to feel all the confusion, heartbreak, and butterflies that come with falling in love. Filmmakers Beth David and Esteban Bravo previously told HuffPost, “Hopefully, it’ll resonate with those who identify with this character – and for those who don’t, we hope they’ll gain an understanding for people who go through this experience.” Read more…

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