I wanted a new iPhone. Apple confused the hell out of me.


I still love my iPhone 6s. The device, hailed by some as the last great iPhone (and the last one with a headphone jack), has served me well for the last three years. It runs faster on iOS 12 — the beta version, at least — than it did on iOS 11. 

But at some point soon, I’m going to have to let this old workhorse go. The main issue is the battery: even with a fresh one installed, today’s energy-hungry apps and services can grind it down. Seems like half the time I carry it around, it’s hooked up to an external battery, like a miniature iron lung. I admit to being jealous of iPhone X owners who can breeze through a whole day on a single charge — and don’t always need to remember to take a battery pack with them when they leave the house. Read more…

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