Self-driving cars could create a massive new $7 trillion economy


The race to create self-driving cars is on—but what happens when they’re everywhere and nobody has to drive?   

That could lead to a “passenger economy” worth $7 trillion by 2050, according to a new report by Intel and analyst firm Strategy Analytics.

While the name of the potential new market is lame, the amount of cash it’s estimated to drive is not: the study predicts self-driving cars will free up 250 million hours of commuting time per year, providing the backbone for a thriving $800 billion industry by 2035, when the study predicts fully autonomous vehicles will begin to proliferate globally.  Read more…

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Link-saving site Delicious is dead. But let’s remember the good times.


Delicious must have saved so many links in its nearly 14 years on this planet. 

The bookmarking web service was slowly fading away the past few years, but on Thursday, it officially entered the great beyond. Social bookmarking competitor Pinboard announced it acquired Delicious. By June 15, the old site will be in read-only mode, so users won’t be able to save new bookmarks.

RIP Delicious.

RIP Delicious.

But before we completely forget about the social bookmarking pioneer that arrived in 2003 as, let’s remember the good times it brought us all.

anyone remember

— David Kaczynski (@davidkaczyn) May 22, 2017 Read more…

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The ‘blood boy’ doctor doesn’t seeeeeeem like a vampire


The blood of America’s teenagers supposedly has the power to make you young again. 

No, this is not the plot of a horror movie, but the belief of a California doctor studying the little-known field of parabiosis— and you better believe Silicon Valley is eating it up. 

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The rough idea behind the science, which has been tested in mice and is now undergoing human trials, is that by transfusing plasma from a healthy young individual to an older person doctors might be able to reverse the latter’s symptoms of aging. Read more…

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Mysterious figure walking across a golf course perplexes the internet


There’s no doubt about it — people love a good internet mystery.

A seemingly innocent gender reveal video has started an entertaining conversation after someone noticed a mysterious figure in the background. 

Check out the course in the background of this clip after this father-to-be hits the ball and reveals that his future child will be a son.

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Some people suggested the figure moving across the course was possibly a giraffe. 

There is a giraffe running across the field lol

— Casin Rymel (@rymel_casin) June 1, 2017

Ok I’ve watched this 10x and am 99%sure that there is a giraffe running across the course

— ➵Aymond, Megan (@aymond_) May 31, 2017 Read more…

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‘Wonder Woman’ is finally here and Hollywood’s most powerful women are stoked


Seventy-six years, hundreds of male-dominated superhero films, and not a moment too soon.

It’s taken nigh on a century to bring Wonder Woman, first published as a comic book in 1941, to the big screen. There are men mad about a few sold-out women-only screenings, positively glowing critics’ reviews, and fans excited for the film’s opening weekend — even A-list celebrities who have nothing to do with the movie.

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In male-dominated Hollywood, women don’t helm superhero movies — Iron Man, Superman, and Batman helm superhero movies. Hell, even Ant Man got a movie.  With a few exceptions, women don’t lead or direct summer blockbusters or straight-up save the day so much as get saved. (Tip of the hat to Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, Moana, and Imperator Furiosa of Mad Max: Fury Road, of course.) Read more…

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‘Doctor Who’ fans can take this real-life TARDIS to other worlds


Doctor Who fans, rejoice. A man in Detroit built a real-life TARDIS, and it can take you across galaxies and back in time. 

If you like to read, that is.

Dan Zemke built a real-life version of the Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine (TARDIS) from Doctor Who, except he calls it a “Totally Awesome Reading Dispensary,” which will function as a free library. 

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Zemke built the TARDIS with the help of his father, W. John Zemke.

Zemke built the TARDIS with the help of his father, W. John Zemke.

Image: daniel zemke

Zemke, whose brother rehabs homes in Detroit, according to The Detroit Free Press, said he’s always wanted to fill up a vacant spot in his neighborhood with something “cool” to attract people. So, as a big fan of the hit British sci-fi series, Zemke settled on a TARDIS. But he put his own spin on it — or in it, rather.  Read more…

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Bear rudely interrupts a round of golf and robs the golfers

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Pornhub streams documentary on Russian corruption. Yes Pornhub.


Russian censorship just met its match: Pornhub. Yes, that’s right. Pornhub.

Activist Alexei Navalny, known for his consistent opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was told by a Russian court to take down a video he created that was critical of the country’s leadership, Newsweek reported.

But he found an ally in what some might consider an unlikely place — Pornhub, the popular adult video website.

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The video, which was entitled “Russian Corrupted Politician Fucked Hard,” has since been taken down from Pornhub’s site, but Navalny was still thankful for the exposure.   Read more…

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Why the Finals aren’t the most important story in the NBA this week


While the NBA Finals dazzle us all, there’s another story playing out in pro basketball, a sinister tale revolving around Turkish center Enes Kanter. 

Kanter’s Oklahoma City team was eliminated from the playoffs long ago. But what’s happening with him right now is dark. It’s troubling. 

And it’s something we should all be paying attention to, no matter how seductive it is to simply tune out the real world while we slip into the sweet embrace of these hotly anticipated NBA Finals. 

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Like LeBron James’ powerful comments this week, Kanter’s story shows there’s really no way of “sticking to sports,” as the saying goes, no way of separating these games from a political world that lately seems set to a raging boil.  Read more…

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Donald Trump hasn’t acknowledged it’s Pride Month and people have definitely noticed


Despite what you’ve heard — or rather, have not heard — from the White House, June is Pride Month.

To celebrate and show support for the LGBTQ community, Twitter has released a custom heart emoji, Instagram added some fierce AF stickers to its app, and Google even dedicated a Doodle to the honor the American artist and LGBTQ rights activist who crated the rainbow flag. President Trump, however, has done nothing.

We’re already two days into June and have heard complete silence from the White House in regards to Pride. Needless to say, people have definitely noticed — and they’re not happy about it. Read more…

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