Apple pushes out the first bug-fixing iOS 11 update


iOS 11 has only been out a week but Apple has already released its first update.

The company rolled out the 11.0.1 update Tuesday, which includes an important fix for a bug that was causing some users a major headache.

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The update fixes a bug that prevented some people who used Microsoft email accounts from sending messages, according to the company’s support website. Specifically, the bug affected and Office 365 users who saw an error message when trying to send emails. 

Updating to iOS 11.0.1 should fix the issue, according to the company.

As always, you can update to the latest version in your device’s main settings app Settings —> General —> Software Update. Read more…

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Mark Cuban let J.J. Barea use his plane to bring supplies to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico


Dallas Mavericks point guard J.J. Barea and team owner Mark Cuban stepped up in a big way to help Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico.

According to ESPN, on Monday, Cuban lent Barea the team plane to ferry water, food, and other necessary supplies to the island, which is reeling from the Category 4 storm.

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Barea is the only native Puerto Rican currently active in the NBA. While he and his wife Viviana Ortiz now live stateside, much of his family remain in Puerto Rico. 

In addition to delivering supplies, Barea will use the plane to bring his mother and grandmother back to Dallas with him. However his father will reportedly remain in Puerto Rico to help with relief efforts. Read more…

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‘America’s Team’ kneeled before the national anthem on Monday Night Football


The Dallas Cowboys are about as American as American football gets, and even they kneeled before their game Monday night against the Arizona Cardinals. 

To be clear, “America’s Team” — along with its famous billionaire owner Jerry Jones — kneeled before the national anthem on Monday Night Football. 

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— Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) September 26, 2017

That’s not quite the same as kneeling during the anthem. Still, some fans booed the team after the gesture was over. 

Fans in Arizona booing the Cowboys for kneeling before the anthem

— Jon Machota (@jonmachota) September 26, 2017 Read more…

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Twitter finally breaks silence on why it’s never suspended President Trump


Twitter finally has an answer for critics who claim that the social network gives President Donald Trump a pass on his inflammatory tweets.

A company spokesman said Monday that it takes into account “newsworthiness” and potential public interest when deciding whether or not a particular tweet violates the company’s rules for appropriate conduct.

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The statement came in response to calls for Twitter to take action against the president’s account for a tweet threatening North Korea this weekend. The North Korean government claimed the tweet was a “clear declaration of war,” and a case could easily be made that it broke Twitter’s rules prohibiting harassment and content that incites violence.  Read more…

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Intel introduces an experimental ‘self-learning’ chip to make robots smarter


Intel just introduced a new type of chip that could have big implications for artificial intelligence. 

The company is experimenting with a new “self-learning” chip that’s designed to learn like the human brain. 

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Called the “Intel Loihi test chip,” the processor is what Intel calls a “neuromorphic chip,” meaning it’s designed to learn from its environment. The chip could be used for an array of AI-intensive applications, but the company says it will be particularly impactful in industrial automation and personal robotics. Read more…

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Kristen Schaal’s joke on slacktivism in the Trump era is all of us


At the LA Largo at the Coronet last Thursday night, the existential terror of making people laugh for a living in this age of perpetual global crisis was on full display. 

Through a night of standup performances, the cast and creative team behind Bob’s Burgers teamed up with the International Rescue Committee to raise funds for famine relief and refugee resettlement from Yemen. 

Host Kristen Schaal (voice of Louise Belcher), kicked off the night by telling the crowd that, “We’re gonna feed some hungry refugee kids. I decided not to do the research cause I didn’t wanna get depressed. I mean, I have to be fun tonight!” Read more…

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Trump’s Howard Stern interviews have finally been unearthed, and they’re just as bad as you imagined


The man who once bragged about sexual assault also joked that he groped his wife in public, newly unearthed recordings first obtained by Newsweek reveal.

Who woulda thunk?

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An archive of Trump’s conversations with Howard Stern over several years were made public Monday. They were first made available via Newsweek from troves of audio recordings made available by the website FactBase. The conversations reveal some of Trump’s deepest insecurities (these are, obviously, infinite).

FactBase’s Trump database aims to catalogue everything the President has ever said, written or tweeted. The site’s developers had previously made a call for people to release the Trump Stern recordings. During the election, Stern refused to release any of the recordings, arguing that the candidate had appeared on his show for entertainment, not political, purposes. Read more…

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Fox News’ Shep Smith says Trump throwing ‘red meat’ to his base over NFL protests


Donald Trump may be boycotting the NFL, but he should also probably stop watching cable news if he wants to avoid criticism for trashing players who protest.

On Monday, a day after more than 200 NFL players took a knee, sat, or stayed in the locker room during the national anthem, even Fox News’ Shepard Smith is defending their right to protest. 

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Fox’s Shep Smith: It’s being framed as players attacking the anthem, troops, & the flag….that’s not what they’re doing and we’re complicit

— Media Matters (@mmfa) September 25, 2017 Read more…

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Elon Musk will give a big SpaceX talk about Mars this week. Here’s what we know


No one will ever say that Elon Musk lacks ambition.

The billionaire entrepreneur has founded multiple successful companies like Tesla and Solar City, both in the name of making humanity more sustainable on Earth. 

But perhaps his most ambitious project yet involves another planet entirely.

It’s no secret that Musk wants to use his private spaceflight company to take us to Mars. He even detailed his vision of the plan in a big presentation last year, explaining that he wants the trip to have a cruise ship kind of vibe. 

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However, some details of that red planet mission (or missions) are still somewhat fuzzy. Read more…

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