Parkland school survivors announce upcoming book: ‘#NEVERAGAIN’


In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in February, several student survivors have become leading voices in the movement for gun control. Their advocacy has had an unprecedented effect on the national conversation. Through grassroots activism, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students have helped raise young people’s voices all over the country. Planning events ranging from school walkouts to the massive #FightForOurLives march, they’ve mobilized people everywhere to join the fight in demanding more sensible gun control.

Now two of the students-turned-activists, siblings David and Lauren Hogg, have announced an upcoming book. It’s titled #NEVERAGAIN: A New Generation Draws the Line, and it will be released by Random House on June 5.  Read more…

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Best vacuum cleaners, according to online reviews


Keeping a clean house is a job that never ends. Having a great vacuum that can handle it all is absolutely essential. 

After you’ve decluttered your junk drawers, reorganized your closet, and wiped down months of outdoor water buildup from your windows, it’s time to focus on vacuuming the rugs, carpets, cushions, and everywhere else dust, dander, and debris has been hiding.

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If you haven’t introduced your home to a new vacuum in a while, you’ll be shocked at just how many modern features that vacuums have these days. From robot vacuums that both mop and suction your floors to handheld mini vacuums that collapse down to store more easily, we scoured the ‘net to find the best options to help with your spring cleaning regime and beyond.  Read more…

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Baby tree kangaroo takes first steps, decides pouch is better than world


If you can get through this video of a baby tree kangaroo taking its first steps without losing your shit, you’re stone cold.

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo has released an outlandishly adorable video of its new marsupial resident, a little Goodfellows tree kangaroo joey who took his first steps on Wednesday.

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Yet to be named, the wee creature was born in September last year to mama Kwikila, but this is the first time the keepers have seen him roam. be1d 79f7%2fthumb%2f00001Read more…

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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is under fire for queerbaiting viewers


Viewers are not happy with Australia’s version of Bachelor In Paradise, calling the show out for queerbaiting.

Given the general lack of LGBTQ romances on screen, queerbaiting is a concern among audiences that television producers only hint at LGBTQ relationships for shock value instead of actually depicting them.

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In the case of Bachelor In Paradise, the first and only bisexual contestant on the show, Megan Marx, is shown in a early promo seemingly kissing another woman, Elora Murger, after Marx talks about how “absolutely gorgeous” she is. Read more…

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Facebook’s facial recognition features could cost it billions of dollars


If you thought Facebook was already having a bad couple weeks, a federal judge just reminded us that things could get a whole lot worse for the company.

A judge in San Francisco ruled Monday that Facebook users in Illinois can proceed with a class action suit against the company over its use of facial recognition software. The suit has the potential to cost the social network billions of dollars in fines.

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The lawsuit stems from Illinois’ strict laws around biometric privacy. The state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act allows residents of the state to sue tech companies that don’t adhere to the law, which requires tech companies to obtain prior consent before they collect biometric data. (This is likely why Google’s viral selfie matching feature in its Arts & Culture app didn’t work in the state). Read more…

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RSA security conference has few surprises on Day 2— except this dancing fox and a magician


As an expected 40,000 cybersecurity professionals gathered in San Francisco for this year’s RSA conference, discussions of “threat actors” and “advanced malware protection” filled the giant halls of the downtown Moscone Center.

But they were all drowned out by a giant fox and a magician. At least in spirit, anyway. 

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Sure, over the course of the conference’s second day, April 17, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen made fun of Congress’s apparent technological obliviousness, and Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith shouted out Signal. But while sort of interesting, these moment’s weren’t exactly groundbreaking.  Read more…

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Mark Hamill to guest star on ‘Big Bang Theory’ in ultimate nerd crossover


We’re in luck Star Wars fans, because Mark Hamill’s next nerdy adventure won’t require a trip to a galaxy far, far away. Actually, you’ll only need to walk as far as your living room and tune into the season finale of The Big Bang Theory.

CBS announced today that the legendary actor behind Luke Skywalker will guest star in the last episode of Season 11, airing on Wednesday, May 10. Fans of The Big Bang Theory were already amped for the finale, since it would feature the much-anticipated wedding between Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik).

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Listen to the moment Southwest 1380 tells air traffic control someone was sucked out of the plane


A Southwest Airlines flight was forced to make a perilous emergency landing on Tuesday when a piece of its engine broke off, shattered a window, and caused a passenger to be partially sucked out of the cabin. 

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Here’s audio of the call between the Southwest Airlines 1380 pilot and air traffic control, edited for length and clarity. The audio was downloaded from The pilot stays remarkably calm throughout the harrowing incident.

The pilot notes in the audio that the plane wasn’t on fire, however, there was only one engine functioning in what was supposed to be a twin engine plane. NBC reports that fire department officials doused a small fire on site.  Read more…

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Explosive new fried chicken ads are making us hungry


KFC’s new ad campaign for spicy chicken reimagines the flaming hot dish as, um, a deep-fried explosion.  

At first glance, the image resembles a fiery action scene. But if you look closer, you’ll notice that the glowing smoke is actually KFC’s signature fried chicken — larger than life, of course.

Awesome creative adds from KFC Hong Kong!!

— The King (@KingOfRiffa) April 17, 2018

Along with the explosion above, the print campaign features chicken as smoke clouds from a rocket during takeoff, and fiery exhaust from a race car. 

โฆษณา KFC ที่ฮ่องกง เจ๋งจังวะ 555555555555555555

— meaowgolf. (@Meawgolf_) April 17, 2018 Read more…

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