Marvel ropes Rainbow Rowell for new ‘Runaways’ comics


Young Adult author Rainbow Rowell may not have written Fangirl and Carry On to audition for the part of comic book writer, but the role seems like a perfect fit now that we know she’ll be working with Marvel on an upcoming Runaways comic.

“This is my favorite Marvel book,” Rowell told Entertainment Weekly. “When [editor Nick Lowe] first reached out to me a few years ago about maybe working for Marvel, it was the first thing I asked him about.”

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“The characters and original story by Brian K. Vaughan are just so great and so beautifully built,” Rowell added in her EW interview. “I was really excited because I always felt like there were more Runaway stories and that book should just have kept going.” Read more…

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Leonardo DiCaprio hopes Trump will make the ‘moral decision’ to stay in the Paris Agreement


As the world waits to hear President Donald Trump’s decision on whether or not the United States will remain in the Paris Climate Agreement today, celebrity activists like Leonardo DiCaprio are weighing in the last few hours before the announcement.

On Thursday, the actor and environmentalist encouraged Trump to make the “moral decision” to stay in the agreement. 

.@realDonaldTrump, I hope you’ll make the moral decision today to protect future generations#ParisAgreement #ClimateChange

— Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprio) June 1, 2017

The president is set to announce his decision at 3:00 P.M. ET on Thursday, and White House sources have suggested that he intends to pull the U.S. from the treaty. Leaving the Paris Agreement would put the U.S. in line with Syria and Nicaragua, the only two countries who’ve rejected the treaty. Read more…

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Apple has paid out $70 billion to developers


When Steve Jobs introduced Apple’s App Store back in 2008, he introduced the developer-friendly platform with … a free backgammon game. 

Jobs called the system “pretty cool.” Maybe not the hardest sell from a man famous for talking about how Apple products would change the world.

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What he did stress, however, was the business side of the App Store. Developers would keep 70 percent of the revenue earned through their apps (Apple got the rest), with no fees attached. Free apps wouldn’t cost their developers anything.

Nine years later, Apple is boasting about just how lucrative that deal ended up being. Read more…

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‘Wonder Woman’ screenwriter wrote some kickass comics—for Marvel


Wonder Woman, by all accounts, is really, exceedingly great — wonderful, even! It delivers DC Entertainment its first likable superhero since Christian Bale’s Batman growled something about hockey pads in The Dark Knight. 

But even if it’s a win for DC, the flick is indebted to Marvel — a delicious twist that’s sort of like saying Coke owes big ups to Pepsi.

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Allan Heinberg, the screenwriter behind Wonder Woman, is known for many things — The O.C., Sex and the City, Grey’s Anatomy — but his comic book bona fides come 100 percent from Young Avengers, a 2005 series featuring a group of teenagers who model themselves after big-time heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, and the Hulk. Read more…

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Tesla fires engineer who alleged sexual harassment, wage discrimination


Tesla has fired an engineer who accused the high-tech auto manufacturer of wage discrimination and a pattern of ignoring sexual harassment. 

AJ Vandermeyden, who filed a discrimination lawsuit last fall and went public with a Guardian interview in February, was fired from her role at the company. 

“The termination was based on Ms. Vandermeyden behaving in what the evidence indicates is a fundamentally false and misleading manner, not as a result of retaliation for the lawsuit. It is impossible to trust anyone after they have behaved in such a manner and therefore continued employment is also impossible,” a Tesla spokesperson said as part of a multi-paragraph statement, copied below.  Read more…

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June 2017 is here and a new pile of video games is coming with it


Look. I’m not saying there’s a total absence of cool games get hype about in June. But 2017’s been busy. If you have a backlog, this is a good time to tackle it.

You don’t even have to ignore the games of June to do so. A lot of what’s coming over the next 30 days can be enjoyed casually, offering a nice change of pace for those plugged into investment-heavy adventures like Horizon: Zero Dawn or Persona 5.

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If you are looking for something with more meat on it, The Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV both have beefy expansions coming this month. As for what else is out there, here are some of our highlights… Read more…

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Some genius is adding googly eyes to rusty street objects in Bulgaria


Post-socialist cities like Sofia in Bulgaria, aren’t known for their architectural diversity. They tend to be a bit monotonous. And rusty. Very rusty. 

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But when you add googly eyes (aka eyebombing) to cities rumbling ruins gain a certain charm. 

OOO-ways look on the bright side of life.

OOO-ways look on the bright side of life.

Image: Eyebombing BUlgaria

Photographer Vanyu Krastev, 42, has been eyebombing Sofia over the past two years, breathing life in the most unexpected places.  

His project got a flurry of attention in Bulgaria after an article in Bored Panda and now there are much more eyeballs on it (geddit?). Read more…

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Toddler gets stuck inside a dollhouse and luckily mom’s there to film it


It might seem like scene straight out of Alice in Wonderland, but this home video shows one poor toddler in an unfortunate circumstance of being too big for her environment. 

Despite the daughter’s protests, mom captured Kylee with her head stuck inside quite the large doll house. Maybe she was just peeping in to say hello to her doll friends, and they didn’t want her to leave. Maybe she was just seeing if she could fit through. But one thing’s for sure: she’s definitely stuck inside that doll house.

“Is your head actually stuck, Kylee?” the mom asks in the video. 

“Yes!” Kylee responds with every ounce of frustration in her voice. Read more…

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Actress is forced to back out of job due to freak fidget spinner accident


It’s all fun and games until someone is injured and out of work.

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If you haven’t heard of the fidget spinner, you’ve been living under a rock. It’s the latest craze among the youths.

An Irish actress named Ayoola Smart took to her Instagram to share a picture of herself laid up in bed along with a message about her freak fidget spinner injury.

A post shared by Ayoola Smart (@ayoolasmart) on

Smart wrote, “LIFE has a funny way of happening to you. Today I very unwilling had to pull out of the play #Futureproof due to a freak accident involving a #fidgetspinner and a small child.” Read more…

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One map tells you all you need to know about Trump’s possible withdrawal from the Paris Agreement


Should President Donald Trump announce as expected on Thursday that he is withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Agreement on climate change, it’ll leave the country in a small group of strange bedfellows. 

There are only two other countries that rejected the Paris Agreement: Nicaragua and Syria. And, considering that Nicaragua didn’t join because its diplomats felt the agreement doesn’t go far enough toward slowing global warming, it means that, on this, the U.S. is most closely aligned with Syria, which is in the midst of a bloody civil war.

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