Trump’s legal team apparently doesn’t know how to use spell-check


All across the country, middle school English teachers are crying. 

After James Comey’s jaw-dropping testimony today, President Trump’s legal team responded by dropping a few jaws of their own. Not by providing a resounding defense — that, for now, seems impossible —  but by releasing a statement that included a dramatic misspelling in the first line.

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“I am Marc Kasowtiz, Predisent Trump’s personal lawyer,” the statement reads.

Lots of crazy stuff in that statement. They also misspelled “President.”

— Matthew Nussbaum (@MatthewNussbaum) June 8, 2017 Read more…

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Twitch is (rightfully) banning people for streaming while driving


Twitch streamers who make the stupid and dangerous decision to stream while driving are being banned by Twitch.

A string of Twitch streamers who use the IRL category (which stands for “in real life” and doesn’t require streamers to be playing a video game) have been banned over the past few weeks, Kotaku noticed. Although the ban reasons listed were not specific to driving, Twitch’s community guidelines specifically state that, notably, “content that requires operating video capture equipment and a moving vehicle simultaneously” is not permitted.

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A Russia-linked cyber espionage group used a Britney Spears Instagram to spread malware


A sophisticated hacking group believed to be connected with the Russian government appears to have tested some new malware … in the comments of a Britney Spears Instagram photo. 

*sigh* 2017.

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Information technology research group ESET spotted the malware hiding in a comment that looks pretty much like any other spam on a Britney Spears photo.

ESET's screengrab of the Britney Spears comment, highlighting malware comment.

ESET’s screengrab of the Britney Spears comment, highlighting malware comment.

Image: ESET

The malware didn’t get a lot of play, but the effort seems to be a test for the cyber espionage group known as Turla, according to ESET. Once a user opens the malware link, the site asks the user to download a Firefox extension that seems harmless enough, but is actually a trojan. Once installed on the user’s computer, the trojan relays the user’s activity back to Turla.  Read more…

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Teens are coming together to send Ramadan cards to every mosque in the U.S.


Get out your safety scissors and crayons —it’s time to make greeting cards in the spirit of celebration and inclusion.

In a new campaign called Sincerely, Us, youth social change organization is encouraging non-Muslim Americans to send cards to mosques during Ramadan. It’s an effort to combat Islamophobia, and celebrate the holy month with Muslim neighbors.

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Supporters can craft a greeting card and send it to, and the organization will then send the card to a mosque in the U.S. The goal is to deliver at least one Ramadan card to every single mosque in the country during the holy month. Read more…

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‘Orange is the New Black’: Where everyone left off


How do you keep track of a show with as many characters and backstories as Orange is the New Black? It’s 2017 — you don’t have to leave it to memory. To gear up for Season 5, we run down the core characters of Netflix’s addictive prison dramedy, so get ready to play catch up and then binge away your weekend.

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Piper and Alex


They may have killed a man, but they rekindled their romance! The show has seen Piper and Alex driven mad by power and paranoia (not at the same time), and now they’ve finally decided to live clean — just before the prison begins to riot. Read more…

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The top 5 most over-the-top employee benefits from tech companies


I’ve seen my fair share of company benefits after 10+ years recruiting for tech companies. Tech Startups in San Francisco are known for having extensive benefits from daily lunches to paid gym memberships or free monthly massages. Before I share some of the coolest benefits I’ve come across, I have a word of advice for new companies… 

Before Offering

I’ve learned from experience working with small startups and from founding Betts that benefits can become a tricky subject. 

When you are deciding which benefits to offer, keep in mind that as a company scales, the cost of benefits will increase too. Covering the cost of gym memberships for 10 employees becomes a drastically different cost when your team grows to 100.  Read more…

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Curatio wants to be Tinder plus Facebook for health and disease communities


Anyone going through a health crisis or living with a chronic condition is familiar with the same struggle: you want to find people who understand what’s going on in your life, but to find those people, you’d probably have to share information about your health more widely than is comfortable. 

Curatio is trying to solve both those problems. The social app promises to be a combination of Tinder and Facebook for health—and a way to combat the isolation and stigma that can come with health issues. 

“It’s a pain point every single person has at some point in their lives, for themselves or for a family member or friend,” said Curatio founder Lynda Ganzert-Brown. “If you’re mid-stride in your career, you’re probably not going to go onto a social media platform and say, ‘I just got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.’ It’s not the same type of social experience as looking for a restaurant recommendation.”  Read more…

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Please make your day better with this supercut of a nice dad saying ‘Huh?’


Every dad has his own charming quality, like being a master of puns or always calling you ‘bud.’

This YouTuber caught onto his Kansas City father-in-law’s charming penchant for saying “Hmm?” and “Huh?” whenever he’s called.

The way he says “huh” makes you know he’s really interested in what you’re about to say. Like you can tell this dad your world of problems, and he’d be there with an open ear and an open heart. Thanks, internet dad. Read more…

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