Chris Cornell’s last performance was a song about death


As if Chris Cornell’s death wasn’t shocking enough, it turns out the singer’s final performance included singing about death.

To close out Cornell’s last show in Detroit, Soundgarden performed “Slaves and Bulldozers,” an original song, mixed with Led Zeppelin’s “In My Time of Dying.” According to NME, this was a regular Soundgarden tradition, but it clearly takes on new significance after Cornell’s death.

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The full “In My Time of Dying” addresses Jesus, Peter, and Gabriel, maintaining a somber tone with the lyrics throughout: Read more…

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Bobby Moynihan is leaving ‘SNL’ after 9 years. Here are some of his greatest hits.


After nine seasons at Saturday Night Live, cast member Bobby Moynihan will exit the show. 

Moynihan joined the SNL in 2008 with a cast that included Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers, Kristen Wiig, and Andy Samberg. When he departs, he will leave as one of the show’s longest-running cast members.

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Beyond characters like the blubbering “Drunk Uncle,” Moynihan regularly parodied Chris Christie during the 2016 presidential campaign until a certain someone became the official Republican nominee.

Though he doesn’t have as many iconic characters as predecessors like Wiig, Moynihan was one of those cast members who was just in everything. You’ll see him in plenty of the decade’s most popular sketches, including topical entertainment spoofs from Star Trek to Star Wars. Read more…

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George W. Bush, unconcerned with politics, photobombs a sports reporter


Time for some wistful nostalgia for some other terrible, but not nearly as terrible times.

Former president George W. Bush attended a Texas Rangers baseball game Wednesday evening, and happened to be heading to his seat with drink in hand right when sideline reporter Emily Jones was live on TV.

So Bush did what any normal person would do — seize the opportunity to be on TV and make a funny face.

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A wild George W. Bush appears!

— Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) May 18, 2017

You know the current presidency is in poor shape when you see a former president that was widely ridiculed and you go, “Awww!” Read more…

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Reactions to the death of Roger Ailes are all over the map


The past two decades saw Roger Ailes rise from obscurity into perhaps the most influential and allegedly abusive person at the intersection of American politics and media. 

That rise earned him rabidly loyal fans, begrudging respect from others, and an army of detractors, which is easy to see in the comments that flooded Twitter after his death was reported on Thursday.

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Ailes launched Fox News in 1996 and turned it into a megaphone for right-wing politics in the United States. He was ousted from his job as head of the network last year after former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson sued him for sexual harassment. Other women made similar accusations, and soon media outlets churned out articles on the culture of sexual harassment (and racism) that Ailes enabled as he built his network.  Read more…

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This ‘Okja’ trailer is the giant pig monster movie of your dreams


What do you get when you combine Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead, and a big, adorable pig monster? 

We don’t quite know, but we can’t wait to find out. 

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Netflix has unveiled the first trailer for Okja, the new movie by Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho, and it looks weird and dark and sweet and funny and, above all, just freakin’ fantastic.

Newcomer Ahn Seo-hyun plays Mija, a little girl who’s befriended an enormous creature that looks sort of like a cross between a hippo and a hairless dog. It also apparently tastes like a pig, to the delight of a Mirando Corp CEO played by Swinton.  Read more…

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Artist leaves 15,000 coins along a canal and live tweets what happens


This coin social experiment has gone viral.

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A Twitter user from London named Jamahl McMurran tweeted a picture with this caption: “So my Airbnb guest and I decided to place 15000 2p coins on the canal and see what would happen…. #coinsbythecanal.”

The whole experiment came about when Jamahl’s Airbnb guest, a freelance photographer named Lana Mesic, couldn’t decide what to do with the 15,000 coins she used in an art installation.

So my Airbnb guest and I decided to place 15000 2p coins on the canal and record what would happen…#coinsbythecanal

— Jamahl (@JHM_UK) May 17, 2017 Read more…

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Solange’s inspiring letter to her teenage self left the internet in tears


“It’s OK that you don’t know what the future holds.”

For Teen Vogue’s Music Issue, singer Solange wrote a letter to her teenage self in which she expressed her desire for her teen self to not to be in a rush to grow up and figure everything out.

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The “Cranes in the Sky” singer described being teased by children and adults as a child but encouraged herself that, as she grows other, she will, “turn those words into a symbol of beauty.” She reflected on her supportive, successful mother who makes her feel “invincible” who surrounded her with other black women who make “the impossible look effortless.”  Read more…

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This new app wants to be the Uber of camping


According to a report by the Outdoor Foundation, Americans log 598 million nights a year under the stars. At an average of $40 in expenses and fees per night, that’s $24 billion spent on campsites alone. Add in all the related costs—gear, transportation, food—and the Outdoor Industry Association figures the industry generates closer to $167 billion annually.

But former investment banker Michael D’Agostino, who grew up camping on a farm in Litchfield, Conn., still calls the industry a broken business.

The tipping point came a few summers ago, when D’Agostino found himself on vacation “directly across from a campsite of 40 people at a Wiccan convention: robes and UFO spotters and streaking and all.” It wasn’t what he’d imagined as a quiet weekend with his wife—counting stars, listening to crickets, bellies full from prime steaks grilled over a man-made fire. “We definitely took them up on some mead,” he said of the Wiccans, “but we had to keep the dog in the tent—she was going bonkers—and it was kind of like camping in Times Square.” Read more…

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Harry Styles and James Corden break out into spontaneous song and it’s a problem


There are times when breaking into song is fun and playful and times when it’s completely inappropriate.

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In the video above, James Corden and Harry Styles show us some of those situations. For example, it’s not okay to break into song and dance while in the middle of an operating room or while dismantling an explosive.

Save the singing for the stage, gentlemen. Lives are at stake!  Read more…

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