9 of the most hilariously British reactions to the heat wave


In Britain, complaining about the weather is almost as popular a past-time as drinking tea.

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This week, it’s ridiculously hot. The sun’s out, temperatures are up in the early thirties (Celsius), and us Brits are doing what we do best in times like this: moan.


I mean this is just too hot. I’m writing to the council about this.

— Ross Wight (@RossWight) June 18, 2017


It’s so hot the dog has started to melt ? pic.twitter.com/Qsl41JkQSu

— The Nut House (@TheNutHouse_) June 18, 2017


It’s so hot in London.

Like, LA hot, but zero breeze.

I’m gonna go look for a breeze.

— Ellen Rose (@icklenellierose) June 18, 2017 Read more…

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