Little boy gives rude hand gesture at Pippa Middleton’s wedding, steals the show


Move aside “frowning flower girl” Grace Van Cutsem who stole the show at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding. There’s a new superhero in town and he’s a bit more mischievous. 

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Pippa Middleton married James Matthews over the weekend and one little boy completely stole the show when he appeared to stick two fingers up. 

Was it an accident? Or was this cheeky hand gesture an act of rebellion amidst the pomp and ceremony? We may never know. 

Isn’t this kid giving the two finger salute at the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews?

— Nick Spence (@Nickfromupnorth) May 20, 2017 Read more…

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This Bollywood superstar has become the most followed Indian national on Weibo


Bollywood star Aamir Khan is certainly making waves in China. 

Khan has overtaken Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to become the most followed Indian national on Chinese social media.

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The 51-year-old actor and director now has almost 650,000 fans, up against Modi’s 160,000 —  previously the highest amount of fans for any Indian national on Weibo. 

The reason for his success? His new movie, Dangal.

Smashing box office records

The movie, which is known as “Let’s wrestle, Dad” in Mandarin, is based on a true story of two female wrestlers — and has gone on to become the highest-grossing Indian film ever in China. Read more…

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Lost bunny reunited with its owner thanks to the help of Twitter


You’ve had a fairly lucky life if you’ve never lost anything as a child.

But for the rest of us who’ve forgotten something in a public place and failed to ever see it again, it can be a pretty upsetting experience as a child. 

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Fortunately, the internet can help reunite lost toys with their pint-sized owners. Case in point “Sad Bunny,” who was found travelling on its lonesome on a train carriage in Sydney, Australia. 

“I’m sad. A child dropped bunny from pram getting off at Wynyard as doors closed,” Andrew Parker wrote on Twitter Friday.  Read more…

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Elon Musk promises smoother new autopilot for Tesla cars


It’s the middle of the night on a Sunday in the U.S., and of course Elon Musk is on Twitter. 

This time, the Tesla CEO shared a couple of details regarding the seemingly never-ending rollout of the second version of Autopilot. According to Musk, new software will be deployed to Tesla cars “next month,” and the new control algorithm will offer a much smoother ride than before. 

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The new software will only be deployed to owners of second-generation (HW2) Tesla cars, as the first-generation (HW1) cars don’t have “enough sensors and computing power.” Read more…

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Justin Trudeau runs past group of prom goers, stops for the ultimate selfie


A group of Canadian teenagers got the surprise of their lives while celebrating their prom on Friday when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jogged past them and then stopped for a selfie. 

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Trudeau was jogging around the Stanley Park Seawall in Vancouver, British Columbia when he stumbled upon a group of teens dressed up for prom

Adam Scotti — Trudeau’s official photographer — captured the moment he ran past the group and posted a series of images in an Instagram gallery

“I always love to watch people’s faces as they realise who just ran past, often several paces after he has passed,” wrote Scotti on Instagram.  Read more…

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Scary video of sea lion dragging girl underwater is why you shouldn’t mess with nature


If you think sea lions are the cutest, you might think again after watching this absolutely terrifying video of a young girl being dragged underwater.

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The mobile video, shot by college student Michael Fujiwara in Steveston Harbour in Richmond, British Columbia, shows a massive sea lion swimming and grabbing bread that someone threw into the water. 

At one point, it hops up from the water really close to a little girl, who was kneeling near the dock’s edge. 

The animal suddenly leaps from the water, grabs the girl’s dress and drags her into the water. Read more…

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This K-pop band just beat Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the Billboards


This boyband just became the first K-pop group to ever win a Billboard Music Awards.

BTS beat the likes of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande in the fan-voted category, walking away with the title of Top Social Artist.

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Fans of BTS pretty much went crazy on Twitter, and #BTSBBMAs started trending. 


— 🐋 (@jeonsatellite) May 21, 2017

Get it boys. 🔥🔥 @BTS_twt #BTSBBMAs #BBMAs

— Koreaboo (@Koreaboo) May 22, 2017 Read more…

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Samsung to unveil a stretchable display soon


Flexible phones will soon take another step towards reality.

Samsung is expected to showcase the world’s first “stretchable” display panel at a U.S. tech fair this week, according to news reports from South Korea.

The South Korean tech giant will showcase a 9.1-inch (23cm) panel at the Society for Information Display 2017 in Los Angeles, which will be held from May 23 to 25, reports the Korea Herald

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The display — which could see its use on wearables, foldable phones, and in cars — would be able to bend up to 12 mm (0.47 in.) either way, and can be curved, bended or rolled. Read more…

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6 of our favorite moments from the Billboard Music Awards


The 2017 Billboard Music Awards could probably be described in a single word (“Drake”), but the night of star-studded musical performances and award distribution had plenty more to offer. Check out the six best moments from the 2017 Billboard Music Awards below.

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1. Nicki Minaj completely slaying

One of the most decorated artists in Billboard history (??) was relentlessly fierce in a performance featuring Lil Wayne, Jason DeRulo, and a handful of dancers who just. Wouldn’t. Quit. Read more…

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Fyre Festival was funny, but now it’s reportedly under investigation by the FBI


The schadenfreude in the aftermath of Fyre Festival proved too irresistible for the internet, but it’s now taken a serious turn.

We once laughed at these rich millennials, sucked into a post-apocalyptic ordeal hyped up by Instagram models and a rapper who hasn’t made anything memorable in a decade (I still love Ja Rule’s Livin’ It Up, just for the record.)

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But according to an article by the New York Times, the organisers of the festival, Fyre Media, are now really up the creek without a paddle. 

The event is now at the center of a criminal investigation, with the United States attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York and the FBI “looking into possible mail, wire and securities fraud,” according to a source who spoke to the news outlet. Read more…

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