6 things we learned about Hillary Clinton, Book Nerd


Hillary Clinton has been a lot of things – First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, Presidential Candidate. But through it all she’s also been one over-arching thing: A major book nerd.

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In her panel at the annual Book Expo America at New York’s Jacob Javits Convention Center Thursday night, Clinton spoke with fellow famous author Cheryl Strayed in front of a packed crowd of booksellers about the upcoming additions to her literary canon. That would be the fall-slated picture book edition of It Takes a Village and an as-yet untitled memoir. But as Clinton and Strayed talked all things politics and hiking (Strayed, famous for her memoir Wild, joked that the now famous hiker Clinton should join her on the Pacific Crest Trail), they also discussed their mutual love of books. Read more…

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eBay cracks down on ticket resellers trying to make a profit from Manchester tragedy


Tickets for Ariana Grande’s charity concert, One Love Manchester, went on sale at 10:00 a.m. yesterday. Unsurprisingly, the show was sold out in less than 10 minutes.

Demand for the ticket have been extremely high, with some going as far as submitting fake applications for the free tickets reserved for concertgoers who attended Ariana’s concert the night of the attack.

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Fans were disgusted to find tickets up for resale on websites like eBay, Gumtree, and Stubhub at values between £200 to £500 ($258 to $645). The original tickets were sold for £40. Read more…

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Rihanna was the MVP of Game 1 of the NBA Finals


Noted LeBron James stan Rihanna brought her A-game to Game 1 of the NBA Finals, even as her hero’s team fell short. 

As the Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Golden State Warriors, the singer sat court-side heckling Kevin Durant, bowing to James and dabbing at anyone who dare question her. 

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It was a delight.

Listen: Rihanna yells “BRIIIIIICK!!!” at Durant during free throw, he stares her down twice 😂 (h/t @tshent) pic.twitter.com/XYdFOv9mc3

— Rob Perez (@World_Wide_Wob) June 2, 2017

Durant vs. Rihanna is the main event. KD drills 3 and stares her down into oblivion 🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/NS3TfvINmE

— Rob Perez (@World_Wide_Wob) June 2, 2017 Read more…

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Pete Souza comes for your feels with Obama family ‘This Land Is Your Land’ Instagrams


Pete Souza has absolutely had it with President Trump and he’s not holding anything back.

After Trump announced that the U.S. was officially pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement on Thursday, a disappointed Souza shared his grief by posting a photograph of Obama’s signed Paris Agreement acceptance letter.

Now he’s coming for Trump with a series of powerful Instagram posts: photographs of the Obama family enjoying the wonders of our natural world, each captioned with lyrics from the popular traditional american song, “This Land Is Your Land.”

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WWDC 2017: What to expect


A decade ago, the late Steve Jobs stood and sat at a desk on stage at Apple’s 2007 World Wide Developer’s Conference for an hour and a half, master of ceremonies for the unveiling of OS X Leopard and, most importantly, the first glimpse of iPhone OS 1. 

No one could have envisioned what would happen with the iPhone as a development platform. Even Jobs didn’t seem to know what he was about to unleash. All he offered third-party developers was the ability to build web-based applications for the still-untested smartphone that would launch a few weeks later. 

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Lace shorts for men are the new RompHim and honestly we’re kinda here for them


Not everyone’s sold on the idea of the RompHim, a version of the hellish all-in-one garment that makes it a nightmare for women to go to the bathroom. 

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But, these lace shorts could be the solution RompHim wearers need for, um, easier access when nature calls. 

Image: kickstarter

The see-through lace shorts — designed by LA-based brand Hologram City — can be worn with matching lace shirts, creating the illusion of wearing an all-in-one. Smart! 

Image: hologram city

The all-lace shorts and shirts are double up as a breezy garment for those sweaty summer months where ventilation is oh-so necessary. Read more…

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Dear smartphone companies, please give us smaller phones


Let’s face it: Phones have gotten too large. 

Ever since the advent of the smartphone, the dimensions of our pocket-sized communication devices have increased at a rate that would suggest cargo pants are roaring back into style. Because before too long, that’s the only place your fancy new phone will fit. 

And that’s a problem. 

It’s a problem that texting is now a two-handed affair. It’s a problem, for that matter, that doing practically anything on a smartphone is a multi-handed exercise in balance and dexterity.

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Besides asking Bixby to call your mom, now you can send her money, too


You could be one step closer to asking your voice assistant to do your banking chores.

Samsung is partnering with three of South Korea’s largest banks — Shinhan, Woori and KEB Hana — to integrate Bixby, the tech giant’s voice assistant, with mobile banking, Yonhap reports. 

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Bixby — which is shipped with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 — can make financial transactions through voice command via Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass, and users who have an account with Woori Bank can make currency exchange transactions by Bixby.

Users verify who they are by using the S8’s fingerprint or iris scanner, which is integrated with Samsung Pass, the tech giant’s answer to Apple’s Touch ID. Read more…

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People want Britain’s prime minister to stand up to Trump, not hold his hand


Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement has left most world leaders with their heads in hands. 

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In the UK, the leader of the country’s opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn dubbed the decision “reckless and “regressive.” He couldn’t resist a dig at Prime Minister Theresa May in the process. 

She’s been branded “weak” and “spineless” following her responseAccording to a statement, the Prime Minister told Trump of her “disappointment” in a phone call, but did not sign a joint condemnation from France, Germany, and Italy. Read more…

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Cat nomming on a fancy French pastry is as adorable as you think


There are many reasons to love cats.

Their cute faces. Their sassy attitudes. Their ability to make everyday acts more enjoyable.

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Take Casper the cat for example. In this video posted to Instagram, the precious kitty takes the simple act of eating a croissant to a whole new level.

Who doesn’t like croissants? 🥐 nom nom nom #catvideo #love #catsofinstagram #keepwatchingforthecloseup

A post shared by Rukas – I’m a cat (@rukasthecat) on

Just look at his cute little mouth nomming on that French pastry. Croissant consumption has never been more adorable.  Read more…

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