Alec Baldwin isn’t done roasting Donald Trump on ‘SNL’ quite yet


Hold on to your bronzer, folks — Alec Baldwin has confirmed that he’ll be reprising his POTUS-baiting impersonation of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live next season.

“Yeah, we’re going to fit that in. I think people have enjoyed it,” Baldwin told CNN, before noting that his busy schedule will limit his SNL appearances in the fall, prompting him to liken his upcoming guest spots to “a couple celery sticks” rather than a “whole meal.”

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One person who hasn’t enjoyed the impression is Trump himself; the president has taken to Twitter several times to decry the sketch show’s portrayal of him, saying that Baldwin’s performance “stinks.”  Read more…

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Fly the Oscar Mayer Wienerdrone to my barbecue, please


I am not immune to marketing, and as such, I feel comfortable admitting that I love the Oscar Mayer Wienerdrone.

This silly quadcopter is one of four additions to what the company dubs “the Wienerfleet.” Other Wienerfleet members include a custom Mini Cooper called the Wienermini; a remote-operated vehicle called the Wienerrover; an electric scooter called the Wienercycle; and, of course, the original Wienermobile.  

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Oscar Mayer unveiled the Wienerdrone in a very sleek, very goofy video shared Monday. 

I mean, look at this delightfully dumb thing dropping a hot dog on the ground: Read more…

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If you’re having a bad hair day, this dog’s curls will inspire you


Beachy waves are a great summer style for anyone who wants to look trendy yet low maintenance. 

If you’re having trouble getting the perfect soft curls, then Twitter user Kerbie Gibbs has the solution.

My dog’s ear is like the perfect picture to show your hairdresser if you want beachy waves and caramel highlights

— Kerbie Gibbs (@kerbiegibbs) June 24, 2017

Gibbs dog, Ruger, has a face that says, “I know I look good but it’s really no big deal.”

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The Twitter thread quickly became flooded with images of other people’s gorgeous dogs, many of whom sported impeccable ear hair. Read more…

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With every new Han Solo revelation, Lord & Miller keep looking worse


One week after Phil Lord and Chris Miller were unceremoniously fired as directors of Lucasfilm’s still-untitled Han Solo film, the public perception of what went wrong behind the scenes is going from bad to worse for the duo. And that’s partly because we’re getting one side of this story.

With Ron Howard heading to London to take over a shoot that was set to wrap in July — but now looks likely to continue into September — a slew of new accounts from insiders are making the latest Lord-Miller production look like amateur hour. 

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Sean Spicer tries to defend camera ban, and why are we even paying this guy


“You are a taxpayer-funded spokesman of the United States government; can you at least give us an explanation as to why the cameras are off?”

That was the question from CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta on Monday, at yet another off-camera press briefing held by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Spicer, unsurprisingly, didn’t really have an answer.

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The Trump White House has taken to rarely holding on-camera press briefings, a move that many (including Acosta) see as an attack on press freedom.  Read more…

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How to download the iOS 11 public beta right now


You can now take the next version of iOS for a test drive.

Apple just delivered the first public beta for iOS 11, which adds a suite of new multitasking features for iPad, a redesigned Control Center, a new Files app, and a ton of other improvements that make you a lot more productive. 

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Developers have been testing the update since it was released during WWDC earlier this month but the public beta marks the first time Apple is making it available to the public.

Of course, as with any beta, there are bound to be bugs so it’s best to install the update on a secondary device unless you’re feeling especially brave (and even then, make sure you have everything backed up, at the very least). Read more…

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Sea level rise is accelerating, with Greenland in leading role


Global sea level rise is accelerating as the Greenland Ice Sheet sheds more of its ice, scientists have found. 

Given this quickening pace, it’s possible that by the end of this century, sea level rise could threaten coastal communities around the world, from Miami to Mumbai. 

A new study, published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change, is one of a few recent works to confirm an acceleration in sea level rise during the past few decades. There had been greater uncertainty about this before, with climate deniers latching onto that and arguing that such an acceleration has not, in fact, been occurring. Read more…

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A deodorizing hanger is coming so you can officially skip laundry day


Great news, lazy people — thanks to Panasonic’s new deodorizing hanger, you can feel slightly less guilty about skipping laundry day.

The company’s new hanger suppresses odors on fabric, leaving your dirty clothes smelling tolerable again without having to immerse them in water. How? By using something they call “nanoe” technology.

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What the heck does that mean? Well, it’s basically a fancy way of describing how tiny water particles from the air are electrified and used to deodorize fabric without technically washing it.

It’s sort of like steaming a garment, except these particles are a billion times smaller. Read more…

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SNES Classic controller cables will be longer than 3 measly feet


The Super NES Classic already has one advantage over last year’s NES Classic: longer controller cables.

In a statement, Nintendo of America told us: “The length of the cord on the Super NES Classic controller is approximately five feet long, which is about two feet longer than the cord on the NES Classic Controller.”

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Controller cable length was a bit of an issue for the NES Classic, which — at about three feet in length — didn’t span the gaps between many owners’ TVs and couches. Five feet is certainly an improvement, but that’s still not very long. By comparison, the standard Xbox 360 controller has a nine-foot cable — pretty generous. Read more…

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