There’s a new hub for student dissent: college meme groups on Facebook

There's a new hub for student dissent: college meme groups on Facebook

Nearly 60 years ago, Jack Weinberg, a U.C. Berkeley student whose arrest spurred the era-defining Free Speech Movement, made a simple, somewhat tossed-off, comment to a reporter: “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” In the process, he helped further ignite a generational wedge that sticks with us today, marking college campuses and the young people they contain as the initiators and supporters of a host of social movements, from anti-war protests to Occupy Wall Street. 

In the 2020s, there’s a new student movement afoot…online. (And in some cases, it’s the main thing keeping college students on Facebook.) Read more…

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The best podcasts to fall asleep to, for every type of insomniac

The best podcasts to fall asleep to, for every type of insomniac

I never thought listening to vivid descriptions of crime, murder, and World War II would be the solution to my chronic insomnia. But, here we are.

Nowadays, falling asleep can feel like an unending nightly battle with our phones and always-on culture. Which is why the rise of podcasts designed to help you fall asleep is so unexpected, turning a big source of our insomnia (cellphones) into the tool we need to doze off.

The most famous one, Sleep With Me, blew up over the last few years, topping Apple’s podcast charts week after week. It’s success led to a whole cottage industry of podcasts for insomniacs. Whether you prefer bedtime stories, dreamy meditations, or ASMR brain tingles, there’s a pod for you. Still others (like myself) prefer podcasts that aren’t designated for sleep at all, soothed into slumber by our unusual fascinations. Read more…

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Google to new Huawei owners: Use our apps at your own risk

Google to new Huawei owners: Use our apps at your own risk

Huawei device owners who want to use Google services like the Play store and Gmail are basically out of luck.

The Android OS maker published a post in Google’s Android Help forum Friday titled “Answering your questions on Huawei devices and Google services,” as Gizmodo spotted. Apparently, Huawei users, or people thinking about getting Huawei phones, wanted to know whether they would be able to use Google services on new devices.

The answer was an unequivocal no, at least for new devices (and maybe, eventually, for older ones as well).

“Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or providing Google’s apps including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, the Play Store and others for preload or download on these devices,” the post reads. Read more…

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‘Westworld’ hid three secret new trailers on its dystopian tech website

'Westworld' hid three secret new trailers on its dystopian tech website

No fans love a trail of breadcrumbs more than Westworld fans. And in the run-up to the show’s Season 3 premiere, HBO is taking full advantage of the fandom’s dogged treasure hunter mentality.

One fan has unearthed three new trailers for “Westworld III,” which premieres on March 15. A Reddit user in the r/Westworld community (via io9/Gizmodo) found them by scouring the real website of a (hopefully fictional) Westworld universe tech company, Incite. The Incite website and promotional video surfaced in November with the creepy value proposition “say goodbye to the chaos of today and hello to the promise of tomorrow.” Read more…

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Here’s NASA’s new idea to get its stubborn Martian drill to work

Here's NASA's new idea to get its stubborn Martian drill to work

Well over a year after NASA’s InSight lander parachuted down to the Martian surface, the space agency still hasn’t been able to drill too far into the red soil. 

NASA has tried a few different techniques to get the drill, known as the “mole,” deeper into the ground to measure the desert planet’s inner temperature —  with the greater goal of understanding geologic activity on Mars. 

On Friday, NASA announced a new idea. From tens of millions of miles away, the space agency will direct the InSight lander to take its robotic arm (which has a black shovel on the end), to “push” on top of the drill.  Read more…

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How to maximize the life of your electric car’s battery, according to science

How to maximize the life of your electric car's battery, according to science

Lithium-ion batteries are the Goldilocks of the electronics world. For the li-ion in your electric car, conditions can either be too hot or too cold, but li-ions prefer it juuust right.

A new report from the University of Michigan lays out the best ways to keep your EV’s li-ion battery happy and healthy for the longest amount of time possible. With help from the Responsible Battery Coalition, researchers compiled these recommendations by analyzing academic reports as well as vehicle instruction manuals. They came out with nine actionable guidelines, which Electrek helpfully summarizes here.

The report is a useful tool for EV owners, but it has a higher mission, too. Maximizing the life of a car’s battery helps limit the environmental impact of these vehicles, since it means fewer cars getting retired and sent through a yet-to-materialize recycling process. On the other end of the production cycle, it could hopefully reduce the need for more resource-intensive li-ions being created in the first place. Read more…

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Watch a quake startle a swarm of deep sea creatures

Watch a quake startle a swarm of deep sea creatures

The deep sea is intense. 

Earlier in 2020, a robotic ocean explorer launched by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution captured a wild event along a mountainous ridge in the Caribbean Sea, called the Cayman Rise. 

Scientists drove the hi-tech robot, Jason, to a hydrothermal vent pumping out hot, mineral-rich water. Swarms of deep sea shrimp crawled around the vent, as they devoured microbes living off the vent’s nutrients. 

As Jason filmed the deep ocean scene, a moderate 4.7 quake hit some 100 miles away. The shrimp promptly reacted to the shaking by swarming off the vent en mass. The quake hits at the 35-second mark in the video above. Read more…

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Bernie Sanders’ Nevada caucus win caused a ruckus on political Twitter

Bernie Sanders' Nevada caucus win caused a ruckus on political Twitter

Whatever you yourself may think of him, Bernie Sanders is really firing people up.

On Saturday, the would-be Democratic nominee for president logged his third winning primary season performance, in the state of Nevada. And a commanding one at that, with the Vermont Senator nabbing almost 47 percent of all the votes cast, while the other candidates split the rest.

The ascent in general of someone like Sanders, a progressive candidate whose political lean can be summed up as “democratic socialist,” has rattled the more moderate and conservative corners of mainstream media. So when the Nevada results showed voters had a strong preference for Bernie on Saturday, there was a little bit of a meltdown on TV news and social media. Read more…

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Extreme locust plague shown swarming Kenya in new video

Extreme locust plague shown swarming Kenya in new video

No, these aren’t fields blossoming with yellow flowers. It’s a swarm of ravenous locusts. 

A biologist at Penn State University, David Hughes, posted footage of locusts swarming over Kenya on Saturday. Hughes is working with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO) to research the growing locust plagues in Kenya — which the U.N. says could be the worst in 70 years.

Locust plagues, numbering in the billions of frenzied, flying grasshoppers, are essentially impossible to stop once they’ve grown wings and swarm over hundreds of square miles of land, “We’re not going to solve this problem as a human society anytime soon,” Rick Overson, the research coordinator at Arizona State University’s Global Locust Initiative, told Mashable in January. Read more…

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The 15 most underrated Netflix TV shows

The 15 most underrated Netflix TV shows

Mining for hidden gems on Netflix? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’ve been scrolling for ten minutes or ten hours, finding the right Netflix show can be tricky. You’ll pass up something perfect for you because you don’t recognize the title, watch something you hate because it had a cool thumbnail, then panic and give up.

 So, we at Mashable put our heads together to find a whole bunch of shows you’re probably scrolling past but will definitely love. Because we’ve had this problem. Also, we care.

Listed in no particular order, here are 15 of the most underrated Netflix TV shows streaming now. Read more…

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